Strengthen the Task of Clarifying the Truth in Spreading the Fa Globally to All Levels of Governments

Hwa Wen

PureInsight | September 9, 2002

After reading a July 30, 2002 article from, “Let the Truth Be Disclosed to the World”, I suddenly realized an evil arrangement by the Old Forces. That is they intend to spread the evil poisonous deceit from Mainland China into other countries and places overseas to allow people from those other countries and places to unknowingly commit sins toward Dafa. German policemen prohibiting yellow colored clothing and the refusal of entry to Dafa disciples by the Icelandic government are just two examples. The evils fulfilled their sinful arrangements because of the loopholes within our task of clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa to the corresponding government of each country. If the governments of these countries cannot correct their mistakes in time, they’ll be considered a part of the 20% of lives directly taking part in the persecution Dafa by high level beings in the cosmos. Then what’s awaiting them is elimination. With this realization, I felt deep regret.

No matter how meticulously the Old Forces arranged the head of the evil’s last trip to Europe, all along I firmly believed Teacher arranged everything on a higher level. It was Teacher’s arrangement to give overseas disciples a good opportunity to send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil at close range. Yet, why were the Old Forces so “foolish”, since they clearly knew the head of the evil was going right into the place where Dafa disciples were sending righteous thoughts? I didn’t quite understand. Now I just came to the realization, “You know, when this evil sees that it’s going to be eliminated it runs totally rampant. It is bad, it is venomous, and it is evil. And just like poison, if you want it not to poison people, it can’t do that--that’s just how it is…” (From “Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference” in Guiding the Voyage) The evil saw the loopholes within our clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa to the government of each country—so it dared to go there. Teacher also used the evil’s arrangement to temper our overseas disciples. I very much regret not doing well, as the evil found the loopholes.

In the past, my understanding of the task of spreading the Fa to the government was extreme and incorrect. In the eyes of the Buddha Fa, I thought everyone was born equal, no matter whether you were a president or a common person. I should not have had an everyday person’s idea of classes or ranks to view things, thus, the attachment of unfairness showed up in me. Later, after learning the Fa, it became clear that top governmental officials represent not only themselves, but, to a broader extent, represent many more sentient beings. It is not an accident that a person is elected as president or appointed as minister by the masses. In another dimension, perhaps, he represents the choice of many more lives.

When we began spreading the Fa, oftentimes, we promoted it on the street. Comparatively speaking, it’s much easier to disseminate flyers on the street than talk face to face with governmental officials. If we avoid the important and dwell on the trivial, spreading the Fa to the government at a slack pace, our process of Fa-rectification work will be obstructed. For example, the point of view of a government is like the roots of a big tree, and the citizens are like the leaves. With our present manpower and material resources, it will be a long-term process to change each leaf. If we are able to concentrate our power to make better roots, this will transport a positive message to each leaf. Thus, all the leaves are changed. Of course, we need to pay great attention to all the tasks we are engaged in, such as: sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the consulate, spreading the Fa on the streets, doing exercises in the park, revealing the truth to the Chinese people and the government. We need to do each project well. Nevertheless, the European trip made me realize that we need to accomplish in suffocating the evil, spreading the Fa, revealing the truth globally, and not allow any loopholes anywhere. Each country in the world has its own function in the Fa-rectification, so we need to seek priority in spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth to each government.

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