Another World Underneath a Drop of Water: (Part 1) Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto

A Zhengjian Reporter

PureInsight | February 3, 2003

[] In May of 2002, a reporter from interviewed Dr. Masaru Emoto, the president of the IHM Institute and the author of "The Message from Water." The son of Dr. Emoto was present and served as the translator.

R: Zhengjian Reporter

E: Dr. Masaru Emoto

R: Dr. Emoto, I read your book "The Message from Water." I feel it is very unique. You brought up several very meaningful topics. At the end of the book, you wrote, "If water did not originally exist on earth but came from the outer space, then it means that our existence also began in outer space." Could you please elaborate on what you meant?

E: Five years ago, an asteroid that carried ice came down to earth. Researchers from the University of Hawaii measured it and found that it weighed 100 tons. Each year tens of millions of such large pieces of ice fall to earth from outer space. If we calculate the amount of water that they carry, people will see that it is very possible that the water on earth originally came from outer space. Researchers from the University of Hawaii said that maybe at the beginning there was no water on earth and the water came to earth from outer space. Many scientists and researchers don't agree with this theory, but I believe that it is correct.

R: Since water came from outer space, then life also came from the outer space. Is this what you think?

E: Yes, of course.

R: At the end of the book, you said, "Where is the final destination of this chaotic world? How did human beings come to existence? What is their history? What will the future look like?"

E:I think that human beings are the water itself. The human body is the clothing that we wear on this planet and, on other planets, the clothes might look completely different. Water is scattered over the entire universe. I believe that the earth is like the kidney of the universe. A lot of water from the universe came to this planet. It must be purified and go back to other planets to purify those planets. Those planets need purified water.
Water is just ourselves. We human beings must purify ourselves. The reason that we came here from the universe is to be purified. Then we must go back to the universe. Other planets are waiting for us. They are saying, "Come back! Come back! Hurry up and come back! Hurry up!" But we still remain on this earth and keep being reincarnated. We can't continue being incarnated like this. We must graduate and go back. We the human beings are just like water. We need to go back to other planets.

R: But the reality is that this world has become dirtier and dirtier.

E: If we continue to live like this, the planet Earth might
encounter catastrophes and might come to an end. If we don't change our ways, we might have a huge flood, like what happened in Noah's Ark.

R: Then how can we avoid such catastrophes from taking place?

E: It is very easy. Love and gratitude, toward each person, every single thing. If 10% of people can do that, then there won't be a catastrophe.

R: Why 10%?

E: Experiments have shown that if 10% of a bacteria colony contains good bacteria, 10% of it is bad, and 80% of it is neutral, the whole colony is good, and the good bacteria will triumph.

The son of Dr. Emoto added, "Dr. Emoto did experiments with water by putting two notes on a bottle of water. One says, "Thank you!" Another says, "You are dumb!" The water formed beautiful crystals, which proves that "Thank you" triumphed over "You are dumb." That is why Dr. Emoto is trying hard to find 10% of people on earth who have righteous thoughts. There will be peace on earth as long as there are 10% of such people."

E: The Chinese people are very important. There are so many of them. I don't understand why the Chinese government changed the Chinese characters. (He saw the Chinese newspapers that the Zhengjian reporter held in her hand). This is OK. These are traditional Chinese characters.

R: Why do you think there is a difference between simplified Chinese characters and traditional Chinese characters?

E: Based on the way that water crystallized, the Chinese character is very good. I use traditional characters to do my experiments. The crystals formed are very beautiful.

R: Did you compare traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese characters in your experiments?

E: Not yet. I want to give it a try. A written language is a life, a life that is alive. It is the most important characteristic of humankind. I am Japanese, and I really like Japanese characters. If someone forces me not to use Japanese characters, I won't be able to live. I really don't understand the Chinese government.

R: After performing your water experiments, in what ways do you think about humankind differently?

E: Where we came form, why we are here, and where we are going are important mysteries, mysteries that should be unveiled. Experiments through water can enable us to unveil these mysteries.

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