Another World Underneath a Drop of Water: (Part 3) Physicist Comments on Finding that Water Crystal Formation Reflects Thoughts

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PureInsight | February 3, 2003

(Please note: Accompanying photographs are courtesy of Dr. Masuru Emotos's books, Messages from Water and More Messages from Water, published by Hado Publishing.)

[] The water crystal experiments carried out by Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan have produced enthusiastic responses among readers. We subsequently interviewed several people in scientific circles and invited them to talk about the significance of the experiments. Below is an interview with physicist Dr. Li Chunbing. We welcome everyone to join us to explore this fascinating experiment.

Zhengjian Reporter: What do you think is the most important message from the experiment of "the message from water"?

Dr. Li: The most spectacular part is that a water crystal can reflect "thought" with its formation. That is, a phrase, an image, or a piece of music can lead to particular shapes of water crystal. In other words, water responds to words, images, and sound with different formations of water crystal. From the photographs of different formations of water crystal we can easily see that mind and matter are one thing. It appears that there is a mind inside a matter. For example, a word carries a thought, which manifest itself in the formation of water crystal in the water crystal experiments. This proves that a matter has life and thought of its own, and that a thought has its tangible representation. Matter and mind are one body with two kinds of manifestations of the same substance.

Photo 1:
Left: Water Crystal Exposed to Word, "Angel"
Right: Water Crystal Exposed to Word, "Devil"

Photo 2:
Left: Water Crystal Exposed to the Song Entitled, "Silent Night"
Right: Water Crystal Exposed to Heavy Metal Music

In each experiment, the water has been exposed to different kinds of messages. Although each water crystal still shares the same chemical structure, they are actually different from one another in the thought and spirit they carry. These experiments have proven that water is a form of life, and this also applies to every word, every shape of object, and every single sound, for everything has a mind. Perhaps someday we will even be able to say hello to them once we have acquired higher abilities of observation.

Reporter: A lot of photos of water crystals from the experiments have been published. Which photograph do you like best?

Photo 3:
Left: A Picture of Chamomile
Right: Water Crystal Exposed to a Picture of Chamomile

Photo 4:

Left: A Picture of Fennel
Right: Water Crystal Exposed to a Picture of Fennel

Dr. Li: The flower photos are inspiring. You can see that after being exposed to the pictures of chamomile and fennel, the formations of water crystals completely resemble the respective shapes of the two flowers. That a water crystal simulates the shape of a message it is exposed to is solid proof that every particle carries the whole image of a matter.

This hologram vision is visible only at a micro-level. We cannot see the "thought" with our flesh eyes because "thought" exists at a micro-level and our eyes do not. If we can find a way to see things at a micro-level, we will be able to see "thought."

Reporter: This experiment differs from other sophisticated science experiments in that very few specialists were involved but a world of attention was drawn to its results. What kind of impact do you think the experiment results will bring to the public?

Dr. Li: We can see clearly from the experiment on water crystals that a kind thought makes things beautiful while an evil thought mutilates things. The greatest part of a human body and everything else in the world is made of water. It follows that our kind thoughts will improve the external environment, as well as ourselves. If we always keep kind thoughts, we will purify our own body, and thus become beautiful and healthy. If we always keep kind thoughts, we will also purify the environment and people around us. Our kind thoughts can improve everything in this world. It is mind-blowing to see this philosophy clearly in the water crystal experiments. The most direct way to purify the world is to keep kind thoughts. It would have a tremendous impact on the world if the public could see that point.

Reporter: Dr. Masaru Emoto has already done an experiment where a group of people sent kind thoughts such as "thank you" and "love" to a bottle of severely polluted water. The water was purified quickly. In addition, Dr. Emoto has recently invited the whole world to send kind thoughts to water on earth at set times on a regular basis. What is your comment on these experiments?

Dr. Li: Indeed, Dr. Emoto has conducted many experiments where a group of people sent kind thoughts to water together.

Photo 5:
Left: Tap Water from Tokyo
Right: Tap Water from Tokyo after a Group of People Sent Kind Thoughts to It

At 2 o'clock of February 2, 1997, 500 people from all over Japan, upon the invitation of Dr. Emoto, sent kind thoughts toward a bottle of tap water in Tokyo on Dr. Emoto's office desk. Everyone was asked to think the same thought, "The water is now purified. Thank you." This affectionate message was sent at the same time from 500 people all over Japan. The photo on the right was taken right afterwards. No man-made processing was done to this photograph at all. Even though the research team had expected this result, all the members of the team were moved to tears when they saw the photograph.

Photo 6:
Left: Water from Kobe, Japan after the Earthquake
Right: Water after Exposed to Kind Thoughts

The photograph on the left was taken three days after an earthquake occurred in Kobe, Japan. It was a deformed water crystal from tap water in Kobe. The water seems to express in mutilation the feelings of panic, grief and terror that the local people experienced during the earthquake. Everyone who has seen the photograph was shocked to see the feelings expressed by water. Yet people in Kobe received a wealth of concern and help from their fellow citizens on Earth afterwards. Three months after the earthquake, the research team took another photograph of the same bottle of water (shown on the right), which then expressed the same beauty as that in the blessings and concern toward people in Kobe, Japan.

Dr. Emoto often tells a story of a group of people sending kind thoughts together. When Apollo 13 landed on the moon, the crew experienced some technical problems that caused damage to their oxygen tanks. They were not supposed to be able to make it back to earth alive under the circumstances. However, the entire world watched the expedition and prayed for them. In the end, the crew made it back to earth safely. Dr. Emoto believes that it was the work of sending kind thoughts as a group. Dr. Emoto regards it as a global activity where the world, regardless of race, belief, and country, sent benevolent thoughts together simultaneously.

It follows that collective benevolent thoughts are very powerful. If we combat a calamity with kind thoughts as a group, the calamity will be dissolved. When it comes to destruction, violence and slaughter that plagues this world, we are able to stop them if we send benevolent thoughts to eliminate them.

Reporter: Do you see any potential area for further exploration?

Dr. Li: Although I don't have an insider's view of the experiments, I think the mind activities of the research team may influence the results of each experiment. Since water is found to be sensitive to thought, it must also be sensitive to the thought of the researchers. I believe that the researchers would need to keep a clear mind to avoid shaping the results to their likings.

On the other hand, if we keep our mind peaceful, I believe the water that surrounds us will become very clean. I think the clarity of water will reflect the clarity of our tranquillity. If we sit in meditation in a high level of tranquillity, we should have more impact on water. Here, I would like to explain quickly that there are different levels of tranquillity. The process of eliminating interfering thoughts and attaining a higher level of tranquillity is essentially a process of cultivation. I would bet that the experimental results would be astonishing if a genuine cultivator sits in meditation next to a brook.

I would also like to add a comment on the activities where a group of people send benevolent thoughts together. These activities are short-lived and, hence, yield temporary results. It is more important that we keep benevolent thoughts at all times because each of our thoughts influences our body and everything that surrounds us. It is only when we continue to eliminate bad thoughts, discipline ourselves with high moral standards, and learn to lead peaceful lives will we be able to purify our own bodies and our environments, as well as to attain and maintain world peace. This is the true way of life taught by the saint.

A Chinese proverb says, "Water is a mirror of the heart." From Dr. Emoto's experiments, we now have a clear understanding that pure water is a product of a pure mind. A mind that resists kind thoughts has no power to improve water. It follows that group activities of sending benevolent thoughts can improve the environment on a small scale -- temporarily. The overall environment can be improved only when everyone embraces benevolence and enhances moral values. Now we have seen how a benevolent thought is capable of purifying water. The next subject in our discussion will be how to purify a mind.

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