The Importance of Resolving Things Without Delay:The Setting Back of Hong Kong's Article 23

Wei Zhen

PureInsight | August 4, 2003

[] After the impressive 500,000-person rally protesting Article 23 in Hong Kong, the legislation was postponed. I believe that most of us have procrastinated after that. Today, news reports disclosed that the Hong Kong government would propose enactment of Article 23 again in September. I asked myself, "What are we missing?"

I remember that on the second day of the evil head's trip around Texas, on its way to College Station, many practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts close by. We mentally shouted Fa-Rectification verses towards the evil's head. On its return trip, many practitioners attended its route at many locations. Practitioners sat outside its hotel in the heavy rain and kept on sending forth righteous thoughts continuously for four hours. Instead of feeling uncomfortable we improved by the hour.

At that point, the cunning evil retreated in order to advance at a later time. Abruptly the dark clouds over the hotel scattered. The wind died down and the rain stopped. Two giant rainbows appeared in the sky.

I was happy and told other practitioners to look at them. The faces of those practitioners close to me also showed their joy. They pointed to the rainbows and exchanged thoughts merrily. Instantaneously, sending forth righteous thoughts was replaced with joy. Practitioners who had been sitting in the rain for four hours stood up, stretching, sharing experiences, some going to the bathroom, others looking for something to eat.

Suddenly the wind returned and metal bars next to me fell over and hit my arm. I was very happy and was busy looking for my camera. I did not realize that it was Master's kind hint. After a while, the dark clouds returned. Practitioners were tired and sleepy, and we were not in the best shape to send forth righteous thoughts.

Later on when a practitioner recollected the method of eliminating evil at close quarters, in places such as in Germany, Iceland and Russia, he found similar incidents happening over and over again. At critical moments, when all practitioners were trying hard to send forth righteous thoughts, good news was announced: The head evil was vanquished. Practitioners were happy and the word spread to everyone. Then after the excitement passed, practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts again.

Master once mentioned in a lecture that in Malta the head evil's power was almost totally eliminated because of the practitioners' sending forth righteous thoughts. According to that practitioner, the interval between sending and stopping and sending forth righteous thoughts again was only a few dozens of seconds. But the evil recovered. As we recollect these incidents, we realize that every time when "good news" was announced, it was actually the most critical moment for the evil. It is obvious, when we were sending forth righteous thoughts as one body, even a minute's relaxation lets the evil escape.

Why were our attachments used by the evil over and over again to its advantage? I know now that what I lack is "Having forged an adamantine will" (from Teacher's poem Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions). As I have not forged such an adamantine will, I let my attachments of complacency, laziness and the pursuit of comfort rule me when I received the pleasant news. It was only a few minutes, and I now regret it deeply.

Today, Article 23 is againtesting our tenacity. Have we asked ourselves what our goal is concerning Article 23? Do we just want it to be postponed or laid to rest? I did not ask myself this question. We should use Article 23 in our attack on the source of all evil. We should not procrastinate. We should not be happy about small gains. The fundamental issue is that the evil has yet to be eliminated. Therefore, what are we happy about?

An everyday person's motto is, "the fighting spirit awakened by the first drumroll is depleted by the second and exhausted by the third." Without the diamond-solid will, we are human in the eyes of the evil. They will take advantage of our loopholes and "test" us over and over again, and we are actually giving them the tool, the respite, to survive.

I understand that for a cultivator the heart has to become immovable. Today I would like to publish the photo of the rainbows discussed earlier (At the time I found my loophole I felt very bad about it and did not want to face it). The reason being is I hope that all of us will remain calm and firm when we receive next time such or similar "good news". Whether it is about Article 23 or suing Jiang, let us eliminate evil without delay.

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