Behold, the Great Law

An Australian Falun Dafa Pract

PureInsight | January 17, 2005



Behold the sky awakening
now, weaving worlds anew.
From clouds converging
until its final departing,
come light upon peerless

Dawns aflame above
every shadow's demise,
here, countless beings
rejoice. With the great
falun turning, transforming
all, realms of the infinite

The Great Law

The dawn of Ages unfolding,
a call from fathomless heights.
Inside the heart of origins,
transcending every horizon,
come seed to flower and far

From darkest waters to
luminous fields, shores to
widest worlds. Through shadows
of mortality, reflections under the
eyes of infinity, such gold above
grandeur, the "Great Law" abounds.

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