My Understandings on the Title "Dafa Disciple"

PureInsight | June 6, 2005

[] Our esteemed Teacher has said the following in "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa," "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples have enormous responsibilities, and the meaning of that title is extremely vast."

Fa-rectification is constantly upgrading our comprehension and understanding of the title, in turn, deep understanding of the title of "Fa-rectification period Dafa Disciples" will help us keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification better. Therefore, these two complement each other.

Every fellow practitioner calls himself or herself a Dafa disciple. Since we are the disciples of Dafa, particles of Dafa, why do we still feel that we cannot keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification? When a person moves, everything in his body moves, then why do we feel that we cannot keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification? What is the reason?

In my humble opinion, the reason is that although we treat ourselves as Dafa disciples, in reality we are still lagging behind what the title "Dafa Disciples" represents. We are still cultivating ourselves and trying to shorten the distance between who we are and what we should be, and assimilating to what the title "Dafa Disciples" represents while validating the Fa.

Just like a river flowing rapidly to the sea, there are many things in the river flowing along with the water downstream; some are sand, some are stones, and some are other things. They will all eventually sink down to the bottom. Even if they're also water, some may get stuck in a lake or something. Only those who make it to the sea have returned to their home and will never dry out.

Among the countless future beings in the new cosmos, how many will have been taught by the Lord Buddha in person in the human world? They will have been created by the fundamental law of the cosmos, and therefore will have been the supreme beings in the cosmos. The title "Dafa Disciples" will certainly be a supreme title carrying unsurpassed glory and be respected by all beings in the cosmos forever. Isn't the path of our returning to our true selves a process of cultivating toward this title, the tile of "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples?"

When we consider ourselves as Dafa disciples, have we thought about how we will become such beings and the significant mission this kind of being would be carrying?

The title "Dafa Disciple" is gained through cultivation, and through validating the Fa while keeping up with the progress of the Fa-rectification. It absolutely cannot be granted to someone who stays at home immersed in human conventional thinking.

In my humble opinion, the reason for having Dafa disciples in the human world, besides consummation through our personal cultivation, in a much bigger sense is to have us save sentient beings in the human world. Dafa disciples need to lay out a path of cultivation practice for the future in all kinds of complicated human world environments.

In my humble opinion, this requires Dafa disciples to unleash a force of validating the Fa in the human world that corresponds to the Fa-rectification in the cosmos. It requires the portion of Fa particles who have truly assimilated to the Fa and are qualified for the title of Dafa Disciples to form one body and to establish the magnificence of validating the Fa in the human world.

But if there is a big percentage of practitioners who think they are entitled to be "Dafa Disciples" simply because of timing, we will not be able to form a strong force in the human world in connection with the Fa-rectification in the cosmos. There will be restraints in many aspects and thus the standard of Fa-rectification cannot be met.

Let's take today's party withdrawal trend as an example. So far, there have been only 20,000 people quitting the party every day, far from Dafa disciples' bringing about a mighty force in the human world. In this aspect, many Dafa disciples in China are restrained. It is reported that many of them are staying at home "being" Dafa Disciples, not caring much about the progress of the Fa-rectification. When they carry strong human notions, tangled by worries of being political, they, in fact, cannot break away from the thoughts of party culture, and therefore cannot sense the responsibilities and mission of being a Dafa disciple. Still, the mentality of fear is a main obstacle. Some people actively study the Fa and practice the exercises at home, feel pretty sure of being entitled to the position of Dafa Disciple, but are very numb when it comes to what the title of Dafa Disciple means.

In the article "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference," in answering a practitioner's question of whether or not practitioners' not doing well will affect the overall progress of the Fa-rectification, Teacher said, "The progress of Fa-rectification isn't affected, but Dafa disciples' validation of the Fa can be, it can hamper things. The reason being, in those cases, other places are fully cleaned up while in that place [that lags] the evil still has an effect, the persecution can't be ended, and the evil can't be cleared out. You know, nowadays people are sliding downhill faster and faster, and the morality of people today has declined horribly. If that didn't come to a stop, then human beings really couldn't be kept anymore, despite whatever one may wish."

Lately the evil party lured Kuomintang leaders to visit China, and deceived people in Mainland China once again. A "patriotic enthusiasm" surged throughout the whole nation, in fact, is used to charge up the evil party in an attempt to extend its life. This kind of extension plays an important role in keeping the persecution [against Falun Gong] from ending soon and allowing the human morality to slide down and so on.

Taiwan doesn't directly have the evil, but it doesn't mean the cultivation environment in Taiwan is not difficult. In fact, it is the old forces that have arranged such a "soft" environment, and if the practitioners do not do well, it will help extend the evil's life all the same. Of course, essentially everything has something to do with cultivation practice. Cultivation practice is serious, and we are supposed to help end the persecution. But the attachments that we fail to get rid of have enable the old forces to take advantage of our loopholes to extend the persecution.

From this incident, I have seen the direct relationship between Taiwan's cultivation practice environment and the persecution in Mainland China, and I have understood the meaning of "entirety." Failing to clarify the truth thoroughly to the western society, the unusual silence of the western mainstream regarding "the Nine Commentaries" as well as "the party withdrawal trend" have provided excuses [for the old forces] to extend the persecution. In short, in my humble opinion, everyone belongs to the entirety. A loophole in anyone will surely become a loophole in the entirety and affect the validation of Dafa.

Thousands and billions of years of waiting were exactly for saving sentient beings and accomplishing our mission at this historical moment. Every cultivator who carries the tile of Dafa Disciple should truly be worthy of this title of Dafa Disciple.

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