Annie's Incredible Story (1)

Hang Ming

PureInsight | November 7, 2005

[] More than ten years have passed since I came to the United States. During this time I have met hundreds of people I had predestined relationships with. I am very grateful to them for keeping me company, encouraging me when I encountered tribulations, sharing my joy and happiness, and celebrating amazing times when we encountered miraculous things in our lives. Indeed, I have learned a lot from my friends

I met Annie this year in New York during the large parade, in support of 4 million Chinese people withdrawing from the CCP. Since then I have had a feeling of kinship with her, like being sisters. Feeling the lingering excitement, I invited Annie and some other friends to my house. After dinner we shared our personal story of getting on the cultivation path. Annie also shared her own experiences, which I thought were rare and incredible, so would like to share it with more people.

Annie was born in the city of Nanjing in southern China in the 1960s. She had strife with her Mom since she was very young. Each time she saw her Mom she would say, "My Mom threw me in the garbage can and you just picked me up. You are not my Mom." Annie's Mom suffered poor health and many illnesses. Her father worked as a diplomat overseas, so her parents took Annie to her grandparents in Shanghai, who then raised her. Annie said that she didn't know when the resentful relationship with her mother originated; her relationship with her father, though, was very good and loving. Her father treasured her so much that he did everything she wanted and gave her everything.

From the time Annie was quite young, she longed for a world of fairly tales and freedom without any restrictions. But her family was very strict with her and so she just hoped to leave home as soon as possible and live an independent life. When she was 26 years old she got married and had two lovely twin babies. Within a few years the marriage broke up because of conflicts in the couple's personalities.

One day at the beginning of the New Year after getting divorced Annie went shopping.
An old man sitting along the roadside with a small round hat on his head suddenly called her and wanted to tell Annie her fortune. Annie said she didn't believe in fortune telling, but the old man replied if his prediction was wrong she wouldn't need to pay; but if it were correct, he would ask for 2 Yuan. Annie said once again that she didn't believe in these things. The old man pointed out one thing Annie was concerned about at that moment, which shocked Annie. The old man said, "Fate cannot be predicted too far ahead, only one year ahead." So, Annie curiously listened to the old man's talk. The old man slowly got out a pile of cards asking Annie to pick any three, and then he explained the three cards for a while. Annie left, half believing and half doubting: can three cards determine a year's fate? After walking several steps Annie suddenly remembered that she hadn't paid the old man and turned around but found the man had already disappeared. She pondered and pondered this, but found no answers.

Three quarters of the year had passed and what the old man had predicted had become true! Do people really have pre-determined fates? Is that fate predictable? Faced with these questions Annie started to read Zhou Yi, Bagua and any books on techniques that predict the future. Do gods really exist? After encountering the old man, Annie felt that people's fate seems to be controlled by something in an unseen world. But who is controlling all these? Many people worship this or that, but which is the best? Annie thought that no matter what, she needed to worship something, something of the highest level. Each time Annie prayed she had only one thought: asking the greatest god in the universe to tell her why she was so lonely, why she didn't like complicated relationships among people, how to free herself from all these things, what her future was going to be and what would happen after she died.

One day on a trip to Southern China, Annie met a young woman at the airport. They got on the same plane, sat next to each other and talked very congenially. The woman was quite excited when she found out that Annie was the program host of a radio station from which she knew Annie's voice without ever having seen her face. She often invited Annie to get together with her business friends. One time during a dinner, Annie noticed a person whose ear lobes were very large so she casually said he had lucky ears. Hearing that, the person started bragging about all the good luck his ears had brought him. He mentioned that a senior adviser in his company was a professor of astronomy in some renowned university in Nanjing city and could accurately predict the future. Annie was so curious that she asked to get introduced and get to know the professor. The person with big earlobes said he would tell the professor Annie's birth date and name, and if fate was good, she would get a reply in three days; otherwise, she shouldn't ask anything further.

After only one day Annie got a reply and was invited to the professor' house to get the result. There, the professor told Annie, "Your fate is very special. In the numerous fortune-readings I've done in my lifetime, you are the fifth person with this special fate. One of those four people is the xxx's royal concubine called xx who is living overseas; another one is the famous actress called xxx who went to England. As long as you follow my prediction, your wish will be fulfilled for sure." Annie made it clear that she currently had a boyfriend from South Korea, but the professor said, "That predestined relationship won't be fulfilled and the heaven's arrangement cannot be violated. Your true predestined husband has to be found across the ocean, which is not South Korea. The age difference between you and this true husband of yours is rather significant, so the predestined relationship is rare. This person is rich in field, house and palace." (Annie's current husband is indeed an American businessman who does real estate investments). The professor continued, "This trip of yours needs the help of a man of distinction who was born in the Year of the Tiger, 1950. You will find him among all your family members and friends."

Annie had never thought of going overseas and worried about how she would survive as a single woman without the help of family and friends. The professor said, "You don't need to worry. An honorable person's trip will enjoy favorable circumstances and before long, you will have new life there like a fish entering the water."

After returning home, Annie counted every single one of the people she knew and couldn't find the person who matched the professor's description. Annie, however, at a party did meet a Chinese American born in 1950. Annie was quite excited and told the person immediately that he was the person of distinction she was looking for, which was destined in her fate. The person thought it was interesting and asked why. Annie then told him what the professor had said. Unexpectedly, this person said he believed in fate, too. He said that following instructions from an honorable person earlier in his life, he had risked his life to swim across the ocean from Mainland China to Hong Kong and later immigrated to the USA. Many of the people who had made the same trip as him trying to swim to Hong Kong had been shot and killed by the Chinese border control but he survived. Since Annie said he was the honorable person forecast in her fate according to a man of superior attainments, he accepted this readily and then asked Annie what she was looking for in the future. Annie replied that the world outside was splendid but also had limited choices. She did not like untrusting human relationships filled with unpleasant surprises and her wish was simple: to find a husband who truly loved her and have a complete family would completely satisfy her. If one's fate is truly unchangeable, Annie decided, she would bet this one time to see the result. Soon, the Chinese American completed all the documents needed for Annie to come to the USA.

During the US visa application process, Annie followed the professor's guidance and chose a certain month, a certain day and even a certain time, without the slightest deviation. Annie was in line at the US consulate, allowing more and more people to go ahead of her; and only when the favorable time had come did she go to the window to present her documents. The strange thing was that the official responsible for issuing a visa asked only two or three simple questions and gave Annie the visa to the USA in less than a minute. The type of visa she got was also rare at the time, allowing her unlimited travel between China and the USA for six months. All her friends were astonished when they heard this. Later on the professor gave Annie further advice, telling her to leave China before May 2 of that year.

Before leaving, Annie saw herself in an elevator while she was half asleep and half awake. The elevator rose up and when the door opened, the golden Buddha Mi Le smiled at her and then disappeared gradually.

Annie got on the airplane as scheduled and flew to the USA. When looking through a Chinese-English dictionary on the plane, Annie saw a golden dragon appear on the page. After Annie arrived in the U.S., she went to register at the school that she had enrolled in. The night she arrived at the school, Annie saw in a dim light an eastern god, glowing with golden light, hovering in the middle of her room and telling her something she did not fully understand. Later on when Annie attended a church close to her community she mentioned this experience to two priests and discussed the image and clothing of the god. As she described the god she had seen and what the god said to her, the younger priest murmured, "Annie, you indeed saw a god. God has made his presence known!" The priest was moved so much that he could not stop crying.

Later on Annie found an after-school job at a French cosmetics store, and a middle aged American man often visited the store to buy perfumes. Annie remembered meeting this American man by chance three times in an elevator. When in the store to buy things this man always liked to come to her and chat with her. He told Annie that his wife had passed away and he even demonstrated the gesture of an angel flying in the sky. Annie's English was not very fluent then and she took his words "die" as "dance." She thought he was asking her if she was a nightclub dancer. Annie was quite angry; she thought he was looking around for woman to have a good time with and regarded her as a bad woman. Later when Annie asked her classmate, the classmate said that was not dance; instead, he meant that his wife had passed away and gone to heaven. Realizing the truth, Annie calmed down and started to accept his invitation for a date. She asked him for his birth date, information on his name and other data and faxed them back to the professor in Mainland China. The professor replied, "He is indeed your fated husband. Be sure, don't let him slip away."

Ten months later, the American boyfriend bought her a newly built condo with a private swimming pool near a well-known sightseeing beach. When he took her to look at the place, Annie was again quite surprised; she had already seen this place several months ago in a dream.

After they got married, Annie's husband didn't let her continue studying at the school. Several months passed and Annie felt lonely and bored and started to complain about her husband's decision. Annie's personality was simple and straightforward. One day she even packed her bags and planned to leave home. That night, a child's voice said to her in English, "I'm between your two bones." Annie told this to her husband and said she might be pregnant. Her husband couldn't believe he would have a baby because it had been several decades since his last one was born. The next day he took Annie to the doctor for an examination. Annie was indeed expecting a baby!

One day Annie dreamed that above the ocean were two golden suns. One of them fell in front of Annie, and at that moment a transparent shade slowly landed on this sun and a bowl of noodles was between the sun and the shade.

Several months later Annie thought to herself, "I already had a son; and it would be nice to have a daughter. "But that night the same child's voice said in English, "I'm a boy." The next day her husband took her to the clinic for another examination and the fetus turned out to be a boy.

In this boundless universe, anything can exist!

When the baby was born, the doctor let Annie hold him and let them be together alone for a while. Annie heard someone say in English, "Thank you." Looking around, Annie couldn't tell where the voice had come from.

The next day mother and baby left the hospital and went home. In the morning when Annie woke up she heard the newborn baby said in English "pacifier, pacifier." Annie didn't know the meaning of this word and quickly went downstairs to ask her husband. Her husband explained to her what a pacifier is. Annie told him that was what the baby had said. Her husband couldn't believe it and thought it was a fairytale! Newborn babies can talk? Her husband was puzzled, too.

Later, Annie's mother came to the USA to help take care of the baby. Annie's husband noticed that although she was old in years she had very few wrinkles on her face and was always energetic. He found this hard to understand and joked with Annie, "Your Mom looks so young; she should find a husband here." Annie's mother said that this was because she practices Falun Gong and often reads a book called "Zhuan Falun."

Annie's older son always liked to read this book, but the grandma didn't let him, thinking that the child was too young to understand. After several rounds of argument, both Annie's son and grandmother came to her to tell on each other. Annie thought it very strange: why is a child so interested in a book for adults? So, she borrowed the book form her mother and started to read. When she had read only several pages, Annie felt pain in her abdomen. But she thought the book was interesting, so she continued. Reading for a while and going to the restroom, back and forth this way, she finished the whole book in one day. She felt her whole body was light and clean, and the abdominal pain also disappeared completely. She told her mother that this book is no problem for children to read and she should not stop him.

Several months later Annie's mother was going to return to China. Annie hoped she would leave the book with her, but the mother only had this one, so she took it back with her. Annie didn't think [about it] much after that.

One day Annie noticed that her hair started to fall out badly. She visited American doctors for sometime but received no results. She then decided to go to China town to find Chinese doctors. Passing a Chinese bookstore Annie went in looking for a book on food therapy. Her older son told her that there was "Zhuan Falun" there. Annie went to the inner part of the bookstore and found there was golden color everywhere on the bookshelves. It seems that Annie was born with some abilities that she could see many things other couldn't. She would feel cold all over her body when being in a bad environment or around bad people, and feel warm if it was the opposite.

Annie happily bought Zhuan Falun, thinking her Mom wouldn't need to mail it over after all. She followed the contact information attached in the book and found a nearby practice site. Some practitioners there patiently taught her the exercises. From a young age Annie learned things very fast, but once she got it, she would ignore it and the learning wouldn't last. It made her nervous to discover that practitioners practiced the exercises two hours every day. She wondered if she had that kind of persistence. She learned the first set of exercises and left in a hurry, with the excuse of "having to take care of the kids."

That same night Annie had a dream, in which a person wearing yellow clothes came to her room to teach her the five sets of exercise until she remembered them all. The next day when she again went to the practice site, the practitioner who taught her the exercise told her, "First you just follow along with everyone else and after we finish I will continue to teach you. When doing the fourth exercise, Annie suddenly remembered the scene she saw the previous night and told that practitioner. The practitioner was surprised and said that he must be Master, must be Master, and that Annie was a person with a predestined relationship!

When Annie played Master Li Hongzhi's lecture video at home for the first time, her six-month old baby suddenly crawled out the basket he was in and came to the front of the TV screen. He held onto the TV and stood up. Looking at the video he said: "Buddha." All the family and friends who were present saw and heard it. Annie's husband repeatedly said, "I heard it. I heard it. This baby can talk!"

For the first time in June 1999, Annie attended the Fa Conference in Chicago. During the experience sharing conference Annie saw many extremely beautiful sylphs flying about prior to Master Li Hongzhi's coming to the conference. What a beautiful scene in the human world!

Since Annie started practicing Falun Gong her personality changed greatly. She became more understanding, kind and easy-going. Her husband was so delighted. The interesting thing is that Annie's husband can also discern some things others cannot. He said, "Teacher Li's picture in the Falun Gong book can move, but pictures in other books won't move, no matter how you look at them."

Annie's husband, because of his business, often meets Chinese people. When mentioning his wife, he would proudly tell them she was Chinese and practiced Falun Gong. Some Chinese people made this or that comment on Falun Gong and he would say, "I do not know details about Falun Gong, but Falun Gong did change my wife [for the better]." Hearing this, those people had nothing to argue with.

After the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's rogue regime started persecuting Falun Gong, Annie's mother was forced to give up the practice. Several years later when she came to the USA to visiting her daughter again, Annie noticed that her mother had aged a lot in only a few short years. Mother naturally talked about how the CCP and Jiang's regime persecuted Falun Gong. Annie felt this really hard to understand, that at this time they still forcibly controlled people's minds. How could it be allowed!

When Annie was married the first time in China, she had given birth to twin boys. On the day the babies were born, the weather was also extremely unusual. An old man working in the hospital said, "These two sons of yours are the babies of distinction. When they were born the heavy snow suddenly stopped and two bright stars appeared in the sky." Unfortunately one of the twin boys died later on. After Annie moved to the US, she brought the remaining son with her. He also started to practice Falun Gong. One day the child had a dream and told Annie after waking up, "Mom, it seems that I came from the Falun world. I had my father and mother in the Falun world. I remember when playing with a group of kids, father and mother told me that I could play anywhere except for one place. But I was too curious and went there to have a look. It turned out that there was a blue ball there. I touched it once; suddenly, lots of heavenly generals and soldiers appeared. One of the heavenly generals said, "You violated the rule here and will be punished to spend 30 years on earth." I was so scared and called for Master. Master came and said, "You violated the heavenly rule and have to follow the general's order. But you don't need to worry; you will have your father and mother on earth, and there will be a star going down with you." Later, the child said that Annie's baby born in the USA is the reincarnation of his twin brother who had died ten years ago.

When we finished having listened to Annie's story we all fell silent. It is quite true that the heaven and earth are so vast, the universe is so immense and the Buddha Fa is so boundless. How many mysterious areas, phenomena and natural laws there are that we human cannot understand and recognize! We should never use the current science to measure the unlimited world, which humans cannot reach. "No matter how advanced the science is, its present theory will never be able to encompass everything and include the numerous matters and phenomena beyond our understandings."(Master Li in Lunyu) Only by breaking through the present understandings and barriers can science truly make great advances.

After my meeting with Annie, my mind became a lot more open. I am able to accept things I still do not understand and cannot see. I feel nature is so broad, while a human is so tiny. The universe is filled with legends. Treasuring all these legends, one's mind will be opened, giving one a sense that so many things are interesting. Narrow minds tire people out, while an open mind makes people feel the lofty heaven and broad earth, and that life is fascinating. I used to pursue the so-called truth in life; now such pursuit seems to be "digging into a bull's horn." Material truth is limited; only material truth and spiritual truth combined are the actual truths of nature.

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