Some Thoughts after Reading ";Tranquil but think not, Mystical wonders will come out";

PureInsight | July 16, 2001

I feel that the Primordial Spirit (yuanshen) of a person is like a mirror, and his thoughts are physical substances. These thoughts are just like clouds surrounding the Primordial Spirit. When a person reaches a tranquil state and purifies himself of strange thoughts, all the clouds will disappear, and the characteristics of the universe will shine through like rays of sunshine to the mirror. A reflection will be formed in the person’s head, and the person will then understand some part of the “mystical wonders” of the universe. When one is meant to understand some other “mystical wonders,” the characteristics of the universe will then reflect the truth about these other matters to the same mirror. But if a person is very self-centered and comes up with all kinds of different thoughts, these thoughts will act like clouds to cover up the characteristics of the universe and reject the truth. The more thoughts that a person comes up with, the more the truth of the universe is covered up. At the present time, layers upon layers of thought karma have covered up the Primordial Spirits of most people and made it difficult for them to see the truth. The thoughts that come into their heads are usually manifestations of their own attachments or thought karma.

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