The Evil Spirit is Like the Evil Magic Ring Where One Thought Determines if One Becomes a God or a Ghoul

Si Ming

PureInsight | March 5, 2006

[] The Lord of the Ring
Trilogy has won a large number of Oscar awards. The movies are about a
prophecy that has a high degree of realism. As many commentators have
pointed out, the Middle Earth depicted in the movies is a realistic
portrayal of the Middle Kingdom in the real world. The evil specter of
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operates like the evil magic ring. It
has been attempting to swallow the righteousness of the land and the
compassionate light of the human spirit there with violence and

In the Lord of the Ring
movies, owning the evil ring didn't mean that the person would become
the master of the evil ring. The exact opposite is true. Anyone who put
on the ring under enticement or fear would immediately become a slave
to the evil ring, just like Gollom who was both very hateful and yet
very pitiful at the same time. His soul had become a slave to the
spirit of the evil magic ring, and at the end he fell into the burning
volcano along with the ring.   

In the real world, those people who finally climbed into the highest
leadership positions of the CCP are not the real masters of the CCP
either. Just as what has been said in "Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party," "The leaders of the Communist Party, while acting as
the gurus of the cult, serve only as the mouthpiece of the evil specter
and the Party. When their will and purpose are in line with the Party
and can be used by it, they will be chosen as leaders. But when they
can no longer meet the needs of the Party, they will be ruthlessly

Along with the publishing of "Nine Commentaries," a major historical
play about the elimination of the CCP by the gods is taking place in
the Middle Kingdom. As the last president of the CCP, because of the
missions that heaven has assigned to him in history, Hu Jingtao could
potentially play the role of Frodo, the person who eventually destroyed
the ring. Wen Jiabao, the only person that Hu can rely on in the high
level of CCP, is playing a role similar to that of Sam's. He has been
trying hard to keep the country's economy, which faces collapse at any
time, going and winning some precious extra time for

On the other side of Hu and Wen, Jiang Zemin, the former CCP leader who
was forced to step down, and his mouthpieces in the Standing Committee
of the CCP Politburo are playing the role of Gollom, who had completely
fallen under the control of the evil magic ring. They stand nearby and
are ready at any moment to grab the "evil magic ring" either openly or
secretly. From time to time, they even pretend to have come to their
senses, and proclaim their loyalty to Hu. For example, the foreign
media has widely reported that Zheng Qinhong, a loyal follower of
Jiang, has formed an "alliance" with Hu. His real purpose is to lead Hu
to a dead end.

The ancient Chinese considered the establishment of the country to be
an "instrument of the gods." Therefore, anyone who wanted a political
career openly talked about his desire to obtain "the instrument of the
gods.' However, Hu has to clearly realize that the government that is
controlled by the CCP is not the "instrument of the gods.' Instead, it
is a completely "evil magic device." In contrary to the "instrument of
the gods," which could only be owned by people with high virtue, the
person who wants to hold the "evil magic device" that is the CCP must
eliminate all of his humanity and conscience. Those people who still
had some consciences left, such as Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, two
former leaders of the CCP, would fail the test set by the "evil magic
device" and lose their power.  

However, there is a difference between Hu Yaobang, Zhao Ziyang and Hu
Jingtao. Currently, Hu is living under the celestial climate of
elimination of the CCP by the gods. The righteous forces have clearly
gained the upper hand in both China and abroad, in people's hearts and
in the gods' wills. Evil, which might appear to be strong on the
surface, can no longer hide the fact that it might collapse at any
moment. The gods have arranged a not-so-difficult path for Hu to
destroy the evil ring. What will happen to him depends on his one
thought. Will he be like Gollom and die together with the evil CCP and
fall down into the endless hell along with it? Or will he be like Frodo
and walk the path of a god, and thus return to his own origin with
other gods? This is a choice that Hu must choose for himself. 

Of course, no matter what choice Hu makes, it will not affect the
eventual realization of the gods' will. Hu and other people within the
CCP who still have some consciences left must remember, "The time that
the gods and people have given to you is limited".

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