Photos of the Grand Rally and Parade Held in Los Angeles: the Paradise Marching Band Displays Invincible Might Once Again

PureInsight | March 7, 2006

[] On Feb. 26,
2006, along with people from all walks of life in Los Angeles who
support democracy in China, over a thousand Falun Gong practitioners
from all over the world held grand rally in Los Angeles Chinatown to
support the eight million Chinese people withdrawing from the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP), to call on more people to resist the CCP's
violence and disintegrate the CCP by withdrawing from it.

After the rally, over two thousand people marched in the grand parade
along the main streets of Chinatown, and the scene was magnificent.
Sections within the parade included torture exhibits, people carrying
wreaths to commemorate the felled Falun Gong practitioners, banners
calling for an end to the persecution and true justice for those who
carry it out, waist drum players, and the dancing heavenly beauties.
Especially eye-catching was the Paradise Marching Band composed of over
200 Falun Gong practitioners that played powerful and touching
melodies. Some people burst into tears upon hearing them.

Some Chinese audience said, "It is true that when people are unified with a single will, they are as strong as a city wall!"



















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