Teacher's Enormous Grace Is Greater than Heaven--To Our Grand and Merciful Teacher

Guan Ming

PureInsight | February 19, 2006

[PureInsight.org] There is an
old Chinese saying, "One misses his/her family even more when special
holidays are near." As the Spring Festival for celebrating the Chinese
New Year is approaching, the Chinese people who live outside of China
and are scattered around the world will certainly miss their relatives.
My case is different. Ever since I started on the path of cultivation,
my ordinary human sentimentalities such as special gratitude or hatred
of certain people have gradually faded away like smoke or clouds. When
I interact with my relatives and close friends, the way I feel is
described best by another ancient Chinese saying, "Relationship between
gentlemen is as light as water." When it is the Chinese New Year, like
other Falun Dafa disciples all around the world, the person that I miss
the most is my benevolent and merciful Master.

At one point in my life, like a lost lamb, I didn't know how I should
lead my life and where my place was in a society where the morality was
declining daily. I drifted along aimlessly in a life where I was
accumulating and paying back my karma. Trapped in the human world's
enticement of fame, fortune, love and lust, I could only trudge along
in the darkness and it was as if I was moving along in a dark, bitter
ocean without being able to see any light of hope. I waited and waited
until the Great Law of the universe was finally being spread widely. I
feel so fortunate that I was able to receive a copy of Master Li
Hongzhi's book Zhuan Falun.
Falun Dafa is like a shining lighthouse that illuminates my returning
path towards my origin. Its broad and profound Fa principles answered
all my questions and confusions that I had in my life.

I became a completely different person after I obtained Dafa. I went
from being slick and sly and willing to do whatever it took to look
good to being honest and upright. Because I cultivate truthfulness, I
consider it shameful to tell a lie and realize how precious it is for
people to treat one another with honesty. I stopped being a selfish
person who was willing to hurt other people to benefit myself. Instead
I became a person who considers others' interests first and try to be
selfless and have no sense of self. Because I cultivate compassion, I
am proud of being kind of others and gradually put down my notion of
being selfish. I used to lose my temper and get angry easily. Now I
have an easygoing temperament and tolerant of others. Because I
cultivate forbearance, I've learned to forgive other people's mistakes
and tolerate others, thus elevating my spiritual realm. I have already
practiced Falun Gong under Master's guidance for about 7 years. Even
though Master is not with me, all the huge changes I have seen in
myself took place as I assimilated myself to Master's Dafa. Whenever I
did a good deed in the world, or thought of others, or forgave someone
or understood others' difficulties, I thanked our grand and merciful

There is no room for sentimentality between a Master and a disciple.
But Master's graciousness is greater than the whole universe. As a
disciple, I will remember forever the enormous kindness of Master. Our
grand and merciful Master cares for every human being under the Sun and
with a Buddha's heart guides people towards kindness. Master has
devoted tremendous amounts of himself in order to save all beings in
the universe.  At the moment of waving goodbye to the past year
and welcoming the New Year,  I wish to join all the Dafa disciples
around the world and offer the highest respect and deepest gratitude
from the bottom of our hearts to our great and merciful Master!  

Written at the Chinese New Year's Eve of Bingxu Year

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