Having Faith in Master and the Fa, the Path in Front Will Become Broader and Broader

A Dafa Disciple from Toronto

PureInsight | February 19, 2006

[PureInsight.org] I have been on the path of cultivation for six years.
Looking back on the path I have walked through during the past few
years, all my thoughts can be condensed into one sentence: "Having
faith in Master and the Fa, the path in front will become broader and

(1) Inside a small family is an enormous universe

As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I would like to share some
understanding on how to balance family and Fa-rectification work.
Participating in Fa-rectification requires each Dafa disciple in the
Fa-rectification period to be whole-heartedly devoted to it, because
nothing else has ever been so important in history. This reasoning is
easy for me to understand, but, for my husband who doesn’t cultivate,
it has been difficult. During the past five years, my husband has gone
from misunderstanding and creating tribulations for me at the beginning
to not only being able to understand but also quietly supporting me in
his actions. Many practitioners have said to me that although he is not
cultivating yet, his behavior is truly like a person "who doesn’t
cultivate yet is already in the Dao." Looking back, his change has been
closely related to my cultivation process.

When I just started to cultivate, my wish and determination to reach
consummation exceeded everything else. However at that time, my husband
suddenly showed a strong desire for us to have another child. I felt
that it was more than I could bear. While growing up in Mainland China,
I had developed many notions, such as, "it’s the best for a woman to
have only one child,"  "having children is a burden and a lot of
trouble, as it will interfere with my career and my cultivation," etc.
So I found numerous excuses to persuade my husband to drop the idea of
having another child. But no matter what, it became a major source of
conflict between the two of us, and it was hard to overcome it. Finally
one day I measured my heart according to the Fa and asked myself what I
was actually afraid of. I realized that I was afraid of bringing
trouble for myself, afraid of the hard work of raising another child,
afraid of fellow practitioners’ misunderstanding or laughing at me. I
was afraid of this and that. Digging deeper into my heart, I found that
my biggest problem was still not having faith in Master and the Fa. I
realized that nothing was accidental for a cultivator, and it’s so even
with trivial things. Especially when it comes to major things that have
to do with the family of a cultivator, everything is in the control of
Master. If I want to decide everything for myself, isn’t it not having
faith in Master? Digging out this fundamental attachment of mine, I was
truly shocked. So I became determined to listen to Master. I told
myself that no matter what the result was, as long as Master arranged
it, I would accept it. My change made my husband very happy, so my
cultivation environment stayed peaceful for quite a while. I had a lot
of time to study the Fa. My improved understanding of the Fa during
that time laid a solid foundation for my participating in the
Fa-rectification later on.

After the Fa-rectification started, the primary conflict between my
husband and me was on whether I needed to get a job. In April of 2000
when our second child was only four months old, my husband asked me
every day to go out to find a job. Many times, the tribulation for me
appeared enormous. At that time, I thought, "If I must work, I will
just go to work. Since he doesn’t speak any English and can only do
low-paying manual labor work, he is under a lot of pressure. If I also
make some money, he won’t bother me." So I asked fellow practitioners
to help me find a job.  However at that time, a lot of
Fa-rectification work needed to be done. I was also taking care of two
kids, a five-year-old and a baby, and doing all the housework. In
addition, I needed time to study the Fa and do the Falun Gong exercises
too, so I didn’t have much time left. It was very clear to me that if I
went out to work, I wouldn’t have time to take care my family and my
own cultivation, let alone participating in Fa-rectification

Trying to understand the tribulation, I realized that while we have to
conform to the state of ordinary people’s world to the maximum extent;
it doesn’t mean agreeing to other people’s demands blindly. In fact, as
a mother and wife, arranging and taking care of four people’s
lives  is in itself already a fulltime job. It was not reasonable
for me to take another job. Moreover, if I went to work, we would have
to send the kids back to China and get the grandparents to take care of
them, as many other Chinese immigrants do. I understood that not
fulfilling the obligation of taking care of and raising one’s own kids
and regarding making money as the most important thing are also the
thoughts of morally weak humans. Understanding from the standpoint of
Fa, I also realized that many warped things in this human dimension
need to be rectified as well. The gods have arranged a human being’ s
family structure with the man being strong and the woman being gentle.
The husband has the responsibility of taking care of the family. The
wife’s job is to provide companionship to her husband and raise the
kids. In my opinion, if a family follows such a structure, it conforms
to the principle of Dafa in this human dimension, and it will surely be

Although I understood the Fa principle, it was still very difficult to
truly put it into action. The reason for this being difficult is that I
also had numerous deteriorated notions and attachments that are hard to
get rid of. For example, my journey on the path of Fa-rectification was
very difficult due to my desire to outdo others, not admitting defeat,
and my stress over our lives as new immigrants etc. In the beginning, I
couldn’t solidly and whole-heartedly devote myself to assisting Master
and Fa-rectification. I did volunteer work for a while, and then
studied for a certificate so I could get a good job later on.  The
minor tribulations from my husband were also coming one after another.
Finally one day I came to realize that all these tribulations were
present because I couldn’t let go of things in my heart and didn’t
wholeheartedly believe in Master and the Fa. I was supposed to be a
fulltime wife and mother, and as long as I truly fulfilled the
responsibility of this role well, I would have already harmonized with
the Fa principle in this human world. The time left should be
completely dedicated to the Fa-rectification work that a Dafa disciple
is supposed to do. Since then, no matter what my husband said, it no
longer could move my heart. I thought that many of his words weren’t
even his at all. I often said to him with a smile, "The job I do best
is to be a housewife." At the same time, I also continuously told him
about the structure of families of humankind that the gods have
arranged for us based on my understanding of the Fa. Over time, it has
gradually changed  him and encouraged him to bravely take on the
responsibility a man is supposed to take.

Our family has walked step by step in this way until today. With
protection from Master, my husband works diligently every day and takes
care of the four people in our family. We even managed to invite my
parents to come to Canada to visit us and do some sightseeing. I have
seen self-confidence and happiness come back to my husband’s face day
by day. I have realized that true happiness for a being is to get what
he deserves and what the gods have arranged for him, and anything more
or less than that will bring him suffering. The gods are compassionate;
therefore, the life that follows the gods’ arrangements will definitely
be the happiest. My true experiences in the past several years have
proven that acting according to the principle of Dafa is for sure the
best. If I had not accepted the second child peacefully back then, I
would have to work in order to conform to the Fa principle in this
human world, and I would not have necessarily had this much time to
participate in the Fe-rectification as I do now. If I had not put down
the attachment of worrying about whether my husband is able to support
our family and rushed about to find a more stable living arrangement,
it would have been hard to have a harmonious family environment today.
It is because I have taken everything around me as cultivation, looked
for answers from the Fa, and at the same time broken through all my own
notions and followed what Master has told us, that I have been able to
verify that Dafa is correct and scientific, and created a good
environment for myself to better participate in the Fa-rectification as

My understanding of Master’s lecture in Chicago last May is that
practitioners who cultivate with supernormal capabilities have special
responsibilities in the universe. In fact, the path of each
practitioner also has its deeper and broader inner meaning in the
universe and in the Fa-rectification. My path has been arranged this
way and it should inevitably have its deep meaning behind it. The
boundless Fa principles that I have enlightened to have made me sigh:
inside a small family truly is an enormous universe. In fact, no matter
how different each person’s path is, one thing is sure, and that is
"Having Faith in Master and the Fa, the Path before you will become
broader and broader."

(2) Our faith in Master and the Fa is tested while clarifying the truth

The federal election in Canada was about to take place. Every Canadian
practitioner was trying to take the opportunity to clarify the truth
about Dafa to the candidates. One day a practitioner told me that the
Minster of Canada Heritage was going to participate in a campaign event
for a candidate in his party, and the event was focused on issues of
women. Although I had thought that my English was not good enough to
participate in clarifying the truth to government officials, I didn’t
give it a second thought and went with the practitioner. I didn’t think
about what I should do and say. I just had one thought that I should
clarify the truth in order to save more sentient beings.

It was not easy to get there. We got lost. After one hour, we still
couldn’t find the place where the activity was being held. The other
practitioner and I both had very calm minds and continued to call other
practitioners to ask for the address while we kept on looking. Maybe it
was because we had passed the xinxing test and Master had seen that we
were indeed trying to save sentient beings and not approaching it as if
it was just a chore, he guided us to the conference place. Our car
stopped right in front of the meeting location without our being aware
of it.  

Although we came late, when we sat down, we noticed that the meeting
had just started to hit upon the main point. The minister was a
powerfully-built black woman and she was just beginning to tell her own
story. She said that she had immigrated to Canada more than forty years
ago. At the beginning, she worked as a nanny, then became a nurse, and
moved to do volunteer work in the community of poor people, and so on.
She told the audience how she got where she was. Then people started to
raise various issues that women were facing. The candidate was also a
woman, and both she and the minister tried to give people satisfactory
answers. As a cultivator, I knew that all those answers wouldn’t really
solve the problems. While I listened carefully to them, I thought in my
mind that as a Dafa disciple I know the true answer and I should tell
them and help them. Once the thought came out, what I wanted to say
naturally lined up in English in my mind. I raised my hand to share my
thoughts. I said, "I have noticed that no matter what countries we are
from, what languages we speak, no matter how different we look and no
matter how old we are, as women, we all face the same problems and
challenges, including school, career, work, family and community
safety, etc. The minister’s personal story has given me lots of ideas.
In only forty years, our living environment has undergone tremendous
changes, but I think the most fundamental change is in our hearts. When
I listened to the minister’s story, I felt that her heart forty years
ago was very peaceful. She was just naturally facing the arrangements
in her life and tried her best to do her job, so what she received is a
natural result. However, people today always think about how to get
what they want in the fastest way, which imposes many intangible
pressures for themselves. This is all because we have too many
attachments." Then I told my story of the past several years as a new
immigrant, and how I have overcome many tribulations in my life under
the guidance the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and
Forbearance," and how much joy I have in my life now. At the end, I
said that the true happiness and sense of safety actually comes from
our inner hearts. When we really learn  to think of others, take
less and give more, our lives and community will become better. Later
on, the other practitioner also shared the magnificence of Dafa with
her own experience.  

I had never imagined that I could speak in front of so many people with
relatively fluent English, yet I noticed that everyone was carefully
listening to me and nodding their heads in agreement. The minister and
the candidate voiced their agreements with what I said and praised my
English too. After the meeting, they both came to shake hands with us
and thanked us for our speeches.

I was very happy that I was able to let so many people know about the
beauty of Dafa face to face, and I was also deeply touched by how I was
able to unconsciously break through my long existing notion that "my
English is not good and I can’t clarify the truth to English speakers".
This notion had restricted me for a long time. I have come to
understand that clarifying the truth is also another way to test us to
see if we truly believe in Master and the Fa. In fact, when we are
truly doing it for others, Master and the Fa will give us wisdom and
ability. If we clarify the truth just to validate and prove ourselves,
we would be restricted and interfered with by tribulations. We should
think wholeheartedly for others, learn to listen to others, understand
their feelings, care about their sufferings, and sincerely want to help
them break free from the sufferings. Having this kind of compassion,
what we say will naturally convince people the truth that "Falun Dafa
is good."

(3) Opposing the old forces’ interference still relies on Faith in Master and the Fa

In order to clarify the truth and save more sentient beings, Dafa
disciples have thought of many ideas, among them is running a media
outlet for ordinary people. I have been taking some responsibilities of
reporting, producing and coordination in the media outlet. Because the
media’s impact is big, it appears that the interference that
practitioners involved in the media face is also severe. During a
period of time, due to various reasons, practitioners doing the media
work stopped doing so, one by one. The interference also manifests
itself in the ordinary human state. When one faces it, it is hard to
recognize the interference.

More than a month ago, my husband said to me excitedly that the owner
at the car repair shop that he is working in asked him if he would like
to take care of the place. The boss is too busy to take care of the
business, but does not want to sell it. There is no need for us to
invest any money and no contract to sign. My husband could keep
whatever money the shop makes.  My husband said that it was best
thing for us and asked me to promise right away that I would help him
take care of the shop six days a week. Upon hearing this, my first
thought was that our media outlet needs somebody who can freely go
anywhere during the day. I am the only one left and I cannot leave like
this. Thinking about this, I said automatically, "No, I don’t have
time." My husband’s eyes became big. He looked at me with an
unbelievable expression, and what came after that was a string of
criticism. My heart stayed unmoved all that time. Almost all the
practitioners who participated in media work immediately had very good
opportunity for full-time jobs in the human society. I understood that
these were all also tests. However, this kind of so-called test towards
individuals is actually the interference with Fa-rectification and
saving sentient beings. My work in the media outlet that Dafa disciples
established in ordinary peoples’ society is also a normal job in the
society. The temporary difficulties that it s facing are ones that an
ordinary business must face when it just starts up, and it is perfectly
understandable. I was righteous and noble when explaining to my husband
that I already had a job and it is a job with bright future. I told him
that I shouldn’t give it up just because of some difficulties that the
media outlet is facing in the beginning stage and I was not making any
money from it yet. He was able to completely understand and accept my

I was able to stay unmoved by self-interest not because our financial
situation was good. In fact, we couldn’t even afford the airplane
tickets for our children to go back to China and visit our families
there in the summer. I did it because, in my heart, I kept a solid
faith in Master and the Fa. It turned out that my husband’s boss was
just talking; the business was eventually sold after all. My husband
doesn’t seem to mind that I am busy everyday doing the things that I am
supposed to do.

In the past several years, the evil has maintained a tight control over
the financial situations of practitioners. I deeply realized that in
order to break through this interference, we have to stay unmoved by
the surface illusion and at the same time be good at recognizing it and
opposing it with righteous thoughts. One time, my husband’s supervisor
suddenly purposely created trouble for him, causing him not being able
to receive overtime pay. It would have affected our family a lot and
our income wouldn’t cover our budget. If it were at a time of person
cultivation, I would have told my husband that it was his own
tribulation and advise him to just take it lightly. However as a Dafa
disciple of Fa-rectification period, I thought that what the supervisor
did was illegal and was causing difficulties to our lives and making it
harder for me to devote myself  wholeheartedly to saving sentient
beings. I felt that it was not done by a human and for sure had deeper
factors behind it, and I shouldn’t accept it. From the perspective of
the human world, the justice and law should also be upheld. So I
encouraged my husband to overcome his fear and righteously and nobly
stand up for his own legal rights. I wrote a kind letter to his
supervisor and hoped that she could realize and correct her mistake.
Once the righteous thought came out, the evil was instantly eliminated,
and the problem got solved perfectly. The supervisor did not make any
more trouble for my husband, and even gained some respect for

Having undergone all these, my faith in Master and the Fa has been
further strengthened. My path of saving sentient beings has become
broader and brighter, while my family is also supporting me and
assimilating to the Fa unknowingly. I have actually gained many
understandings in my cultivation, but thousands of thoughts of mine can
be condensed into one sentence: having faith in Master and the Fa, the
path in front will become broader and broader.

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