Experiences in Clarifying the Truth to Mainland China by Phone Calls

The Telephone Group

PureInsight | March 19, 2006

[PureInsight.net] (Los Angeles Fahui, 2006) 
In "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005," Teacher said, "The goal of
your clarifying the truth is to save as many sentient beings as
possible, and those who have been poisoned the most severely are none
other than the Chinese people. Superficially speaking, what Dafa
disciples are doing is counteracting the persecution, but in reality
your greatest duty is to save sentient beings, and that is the true
embodiment of validating the Fa. The persecution that has been
perpetrated upon Dafa disciples and upon the people of China was
launched by the wicked Party in mainland China, and this means that you
need to focus on mainland China, to focus on the people of mainland

In "Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago," Teacher mentioned, "What
lies before you is not merely personal cultivation or saving a few
people. The entire human race is before you, and the Chinese people, in

Everyone knows that the main body of Dafa disciples is in mainland
China and the most serious persecution and poisoning have been
happening in mainland China. Sentient beings are waiting to be saved by
quitting the CCP. Facing 1.3 billion sentient beings in China, the
responsibility on every Dafa disciple is very great.

Phone calling is one of the most convenient, effective and
straightforward methods to clarify the truth. It directly frightens
evil and least involves a specialty or technology. If we coordinate and
act as one body, we can make fuller use of it. Following we'd like to
share with everyone some experiences.  

I. The Little Helper is a pretty good
helper in clarifying the truth and saving people, and he is an
implement of Fa to eliminate the evil and to save sentient beings

He, the Little Helper, is a small automatic telephone that can
automatically make phone calls and play prerecorded truth recordings.
He can purposely spread the most important news to sentient beings in a
large area and short time. Specifically, once these brief
truth-clarifying messages, along with our righteous thoughts, are sent
they can break the blockade by the evil and the longstanding evil
fields on large scale. They can remove people's fear of the CCP and
help sentient beings to recognize evil and regain a new life, and lay a
good foundation for clarifying the truth with the manual phone and
other forms.

He can also test and filter the effective phone numbers for us,
providing convenience for future manual dialing by reducing time and
increasing efficiency.

The Little Helper can record every call reaction and time duration,
thus allowing us to directly choose the effective numbers and make
calls to clarify the truth to those sentient beings with some
understanding. This rapidly enhances the local positive field, boosts
the speed and effects of truth clarification, avoiding many previously
encountered problems such as invalid numbers or hang ups,  which
cost time and manpower, allowing only a few calls to be made in a day.
However after the complete and systematic call by the Little Helper,
all the above mentioned problems can be improved to some extent. For
example a person who has listened to the phone call before will be
moved deeply in his mind because the call carries the power of Dafa.
Sometime he is even shaken ultimately; some of them will press the
button to quit the CCP. Even if someone did not quit the CCP
immediately, it'll make the follow up truth clarification much easier.
If the shaking up of people expands rapidly in an area on a large
scale, then in this place every phone ring means news for quitting the
CCP and about the 9ping; or advice on "Heaven will eliminate the CCP,
withdrawing from the CCP will protect you from being eliminated"; or
exposing the evil nature of the CCP, and the like. Think about it,
everyone, can the field of evil still exist?

Example 1: A practitioner used the Little Helper together with the
manual phone call to clarify the truth and advise people to quit the
CCP. In one night, as many as 300 people learned the truth and some of
them pressed the key for quitting the CCP.

Example 2: Practitioners in the calling group also found out by
accident that it was extremely effective in clarifying the truth to
practitioners' friends and relatives to whom practitioners found it
hard to clarify the truth. They often listened to the recordings
carefully. We realized that, this happened because when we clarified
the truth to our friends and relatives with attachments to
sentimentality, we had gaps, and the evil can easily take advantage of
our gaps.

On the contrary, the Little Helper only follows instructions. The
recordings were made by practitioners with the righteous thoughts to
save sentient beings. So the Little Helper delivers only righteous
thoughts and truth, no matter who listens to it. It only sends out
sharp swords and Fa-implements, full of courage, and sweeps away all
obstacles, no matter where it is.

Example 3: A lady in mainland China gave us very positive feedback. She
said she was truly grateful to the practitioners who made phone calls
to China to clarify the truth. She said people in her department
received phone calls from overseas almost every day (because they had
caller ID). They were mostly recorded messages. The voice was quite
pleasing and the contents were also good. People loved to hear them.
She said, "I really like to hear them. But it will cost you a lot of
money. Sometimes they are the same messages. So I wanted to hang up to
save your money. But the manager in our department does not allow me to
hang up. Every time, he would shout, 'Was that Falun Gong? Put it on
speakerphone.' When he is around, I just have to put it on the
speakerphone. She also said, "We know everything. It's like listening
to a radio. If we don't receive your calls for a few days, we feel
something is missing. We always wait for your calls."

When overseas practitioners made phone calls to China to clarify the
truth, the relatives of Dafa practitioners in China saw lights in the
dark and felt relieved. The phone calls helped those with predestined
relationships to obtain Dafa, helped to save the sentient beings and
helped those policemen with consciences to choose a bright future for
them themselves. The phone calls powerfully frightened the evil. The
wicked policemen and evils saw the impending ending of Jiang's regime.
Some of them did not want to be scapegoats any more. They wanted to
leave themselves a way to escape. The phone calls helped to reduce loss
for Dafa caused by the persecution of Dafa practitioners. It has played
a crucial role in the Fa-rectification process.

II. Calling with the Little Helper is
a cultivation process during Fa-rectification. It's more than just the
simple operation of a piece of equipment

To do it well, we must always keep in mind that we are Dafa disciples
in the Fa-rectification period to save the sentient beings. We are
disciples walking on the divine path. Here are some experiences of
practitioners that illustrate this point clearly.

Example 1: When I checked the calling records of the Little Helper
every day, I felt very happy. Sometimes in one night, dozens and even
hundreds of sentient beings heard the news about the "Nine
Commentaries" and "Quitting the CCP." Some pressed the key on the spot
to quit the CCP. Some even left voice messages. When I found that some
people listened to our message without quitting the CCP, I couldn't
wait to call them back to further clarify the truth to them. When I
called them back, some of them quit the CCP. One day, a practitioner
found that one person pressed the key to quit the CCP without leaving a
voice message. So she called back. It was a student dorm. Several
students shared the room. She didn't know who had pressed the key. So
she clarified truth to everyone. In the end, four people quit the Youth

Example 2:  Experience sharing from a developer of the Little Helper: I
use the Little Helper through an internet phone. My PC was not stable
and often froze every two or three hours. If I were not there, the
Little Helper would stop running. Fellow practitioners sent forth
righteous thoughts for me to eliminate all the evil that interfered
with the broadcasting of the Little Helper. It really works! Now the
little helper and phone number filter program work very well. The
record shows that how well the Little Helper works corresponds to the
strength of the five periods of sending righteous thoughts every day.
Without righteous thoughts, the Little Helper won't work.

I realized that every phone call is a sharp sword. It hit towards the
evil dragon in another dimension. Whether it works or not does not
depends on the internet phone company operated by the everyday people.
It depends on the righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples. Let us, the
practitioners around the world, act better as an one body and use our
righteous thoughts to make the Little Helpers work well. In another
dimension they are our thousand swords.

Example 3: Much interference and many difficulties appeared during the
installation and using of the Little Helper. Almost every installation
of a Little Helper has a cultivation story. Here are some examples:
Suddenly the PC could not get on the internet. The CD drive suddenly
does not work. The USB device could not be pulled out from the PC
outlet. One practitioner had received the Little Helper, but still did
not install it for two months. On the surface he did not have time, but
in fact the evil from another dimension was preventing him from
installing it. A practitioner forgot to check whether he still has
money on the phone card. Because of the lack of money on the phone
card, two months of work of the Little Helper was wasted. Some
practitioners worried about this or worried about that. Once he/she had
righteous thoughts, everything worked. Actually, the individual
practitioner's every thought plays an important, decisive role.

One practitioner is very busy. She is working on several Dafa projects.
She always wants to broadcast news of the Nine Commentaries to Chinese
people using the telephone. Once she heard of the effectiveness of the
Little Helper, she wanted to install it right away, because saving
Chinese people is most important. She doesn't know much about computers
and her PC is old. Whenever her PC has a problem, she tries to fix it
or asks for help, whether it is in the morning or at night. With her
righteous thoughts, her old PC and the Little Helper finally
functioned. She ran the Little Helper for 16 hours every day. A
thousand phone calls were finished in several days. She also promotes
the Little Helper to other practitioners. The Little Helpers have been
installed one by one in our area. The Little Helpers are like
Fa-instruments with superpowers that bring about a big impact during
the Fa-rectification period.

From the practice we learned that the Little Helper is really
effective. However, it's just a helper, and cannot replace making phone
calls in person. But it can help to improve the effectiveness of
clarifying the truth. Especially to those practitioners busy doing many
truth-clarification projects, the Little Helper is truly instrumental
in helping us to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Because
it's automatic, the time spent on it is minimal every day, just a few
minutes to get it started. However, the impact it has is tremendous,
for at least a few dozen to over 100 people could hear the major part
of the truth every day! We also realize that every project is very
important, and none of them can replace the others. If we can
coordinate them well, the effectiveness will be big. In the practice we
have even clearer understanding of Master's teachings that when Dafa
disciples are well coordinated, the power of Fa will be enormous.

III. Clarifying the truth by telephone is a cultivation path of validating the Fa

From a practitioner of the telephone group who has very strong
righteous thoughts and is very good at clarifying the truth by
telephone: "At the beginning, my home phone seemed heavier than a
thousand pounds. I always forced myself to make the phone calls. My
whole body was shivering, but only my voice was not trembling. After
fewer than 10 phone calls, I had to go to the toilet once or twice for
diarrhea. I felt powerless and needed to eat immediately after the
phone calls. Otherwise, I would faint. In such a way, my cultivation of
clarifying the truth by making telephone calls started. After one month
and through attending telephone Fa studies, my diarrhea condition
improved a little. However, I was still very nervous. Sometimes, I even
felt my heart in pain. Whenever I was hung up on or criticized, I
always took a deep breath and said to Master's picture, "Master, please
help me." Then, I would muster up the courage to make another phone

This is why making phone calls are so difficult. Why does nothing
happen when we make ordinary phone calls? We understand that clarifying
the truth by telephone is a Fa-rectification action. In the human
world, we are clarifying the truth and explaining the reasons. In other
dimensions, it is a universe-shaking fight between the good and evil.
The evil forces interfered with us with all they could and performed
the final struggle before their deaths. Our fears and degraded
condition just limited our capability. Thus, a simple telephone call
became very complex and difficult beyond imagination. Actually, what
Master taught us is the Law of the Universe, and we were all pushed to
our positions. If we could really behave like Dafa disciples, a heart
unmoved subdues ten thousand hearts attempting to move. We understand
the truth-clarifying process is a process to completely get rid of our
attachments and to improve our xinxing. Our righteous thoughts are
continuously purified and strengthened while we are clarifying the

"Believe in Master and believe in Dafa. Firmly remember that we are
Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period and believe in "When
Disciples Have Sufficient Righteous Thoughts, Master Has the Almighty
Power to Turn the Cosmos Around" (Hong Yin II)"

Here is a testimonial from a practitioner in a forced labor camp about the effect of the truth-clarification phone calls:

"After several of us practitioners were illegally sent to a labor camp,
we started a hunger strike. We were mentally passive and almost lost
our righteous thoughts. One day, a practitioner passed a paper slip to
us. On the paper slip, it read: the information about your arrests has
been publicized on the Minghui Net.
Overseas practitioners will use the methods of phone calls and mails to
rescue you. Upon hearing this message, all of our practitioners were
encouraged. Our righteous thoughts were strengthened, and we started to
look inward to examine our shortcomings. The next day, we heard the
phone in the 610 office ring. At the beginning, they would pick up the
phone, but later they simply did not pick it up. The phone kept ringing
and ringing intermittently, and this situation lasted for several days.

After 20 days, we walked out of the evil's den. The head of the 610
office told us, "I don't want to do such things. I know you are good
people. I believe there must be some reasons that so many people are
learning this exercise. I don't want to carry out this task any more,
even if the upper management didn't agree to change my position."

This incident proves the power of telling the truth over the phone.
This also proves that if even the other end doesn't pick up the phone,
the righteous thoughts in the sound of the rings can eliminate evil.

As Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa
Conference", "Never mind that the evil beings are so rampant, they're
all quaking with fear and trepidation, they're afraid. Of course,
before being completely cleaned out the wicked beings will still direct
evil people to do bad things. The evil people lose all rationality when
they're being controlled by the evil, but once they calm down they're
afraid. Every phone call from our students shocks them to the point
that they can't sleep at night, they're that afraid."

At this last phase of the Fa-Rectification process and at this most
critical time, the sentient beings are waiting to be saved by quitting
the CCP. There are 1.3 billion sentient beings in China waiting for us.
Numerous beings from our world are waiting for us to collect and save
them. I believe that the Little Helper was developed because Master and
the Fa are compassionate to all sentient beings and this is a favor to
us. With our purified righteous thoughts and compassionate hearts,
let's use this utility well and save more lives.

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