Assimilating To the Fa

A Practitioner from Montana

PureInsight | March 19, 2006

[] (Los Angeles Fahui, 2006)
There has been a lot of talk recently about memorizing the Fa.  I
am one of those people who have always had difficulty memorizing. 
I can do it but it takes me a very long time.


I have been diligently doing my best to memorize Zhuan Falun
for a while now.  I thought if I keep it up that it would become
easier.  I did not experience that and it just took me forever to
memorize one page. I would get very frustrated but I didn't quit. 
One morning I asked Master for help.  Right after that I
experienced a miniature Falun entering my brain.  I shook all over
from it.  The next morning I got the insight that the method of
assimilating to the Fa does not matter, it's that you do it in whatever
way that works best for you.  I started reading Zhuan Falun
without the idea of memorizing.  I carefully read every word and
kept rereading it.  I could feel my cells reaching out and
absorbing the Fa.  Now my intent is not to focus on memorizing the
Fa, but to assimilate to the Fa. I may only get through three or four
pages a day, but this is really working for me.  In fact I went
back to reading regularly just to see what it was like, and I didn't
get a good feeling at all and went back to my slow, careful way to
assimilate to the Fa.

I am experiencing some amazing things and even my sending forth
righteous thoughts has taken on another level.  One morning while
sending forth righteous thoughts I had a very wonderful feeling come
over me and I saw myself turn into a Buddha.  All of a sudden I
was sending forth righteous thoughts from my Buddha self and not from
my physical self.  I was just immersed in the energy for quite
some time.  I think it was Master's way of encouraging me.  

In the past year I have been more diligent in seeing things from the
Fa's perspective.  As Master mentioned in one of his lectures, if
you can take a step back in a conflict, it gives you room to buffer the
confrontation (not his exact words).  This has worked so well for
me with my husband, to not react, but to take a look at the situation
from the Fa's perspective and act accordingly. It has to do with
letting go of self.  I do not try to defend my position anymore,
or try to get even with him like I used to.  When he says
something that is really irritating to me, I just let it roll off me
and not give it any energy.  It immediately dissolves.  I
also keep reminding myself to remember how trivial human emotion is and
that it really makes no difference from the Fa's perspective.  I
am so much more tolerant of his ways of thinking than I used to be, as
I can compassionately put myself in his position instead of letting my
ego take over and get the upper hand.  Now I don't give him any
reason to argue and I rarely get irritated with him anymore, and as a
result our marriage has become so much more harmonious.  If you're
kind and considerate how can a person get angry with you?  I can
feel my little self dissolving and my true self taking over.  It's
a slow process but I can feel it happening.  I can feel the power
of my true self.  

Another thing the Fa has done for me is it has helped me to balance my
every day life.  As long as I fit in my study, exercises, sending
forth righteous thoughts, and spreading the Fa, everything else falls
into place.  I don't push anymore to get things done.  I let
it happen naturally and I just work at a consistent pace.  We're
all so busy now but I don't get overwhelmed like I used to as I know
Master will arrange for me to get what needs to get done if I am
persistent.  I don't project so much any more on how I think
things should get done or turn out, but I let it play out on its
own.  It saves a lot of frustration.  Also this helps you to
not have ups and downs but to stay at a steady pace, giving up the
notions of how you think things should be done.

My husband likes to spend time with me in the evening watching
educational programs that he has recorded.  During that time I
make flowers.  At least I feel I'm accomplishing something for
Dafa.  Throughout the day I am always thinking of ways to do more
work for Dafa.  It is always a priority, but I also have to be
respectful to my husband's feelings and needs so he doesn't feel left
out.  As long as I am present with him when he wants my attention,
things flow very well.  I think my husband can feel the compassion
of Dafa.  He seems to be much more appreciative of things I do now
more than he ever has and thanks me for it.  He used to have a
temper and was short fused and was critical of Dafa, but he has
mellowed quite a bit.  Dafa seems to have defused his
temper.  He has even told me how much he respects what I am doing
and standing up for what I believe it.


I work at an airport and I have clarified the truth to my
co-workers.  However the real impact seems to be my interactions
with them.  I am always being tested and sometimes it is difficult
to stay out of the politics and gossip at work.  I try not to
speak ill of anyone.  The other day a TSA employee asked me how I
liked my boss, who is the Airport Director, as she didn't like him and
was complaining about him.  It was a good test for me to not get
into that kind of interaction and I just said I was fine with
him.  She also made the comment "well you would get along with
anyone", which I took as a compliment.  

I think that a practitioner's kindness, compassion, pure heart and
great forbearance can melt anyone and has the greatest effect on family
members and co-workers.  By not thinking of personal advancement,
but focusing on saving sentient beings, no matter who they are, and
improving your family and work environments is assimilating to the Fa.

I am eternally grateful to our Master for leading me and guiding me
with his unending compassion.  Dafa has given me the peace that I
have always hoped for. 

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