My Experience of Memorizing the Fa

Lin Li

PureInsight | March 12, 2006

[] Over the
course of one month of memorizing the Fa, I realized many things. The
more I memorized the Fa, the more principles of the Fa were shown to
me. When I study the Fa now, it feels the same way as I felt before
July 20th, 1999 Since July 20th, 1999, especially
in recently years, I rarely had the feeling of "Oh, how come I just
noticed this sentence?" when I studied the Fa. Even since I started to
memorize the Fa, many new principles of the Fa have been revealed to
me. I saw many sentences that I did not see before. It seems that I
have just obtained the Fa. I felt that this book is so good that I just
want to read it every day. Now, I want to memorize the Fa every day.
During the process of memorizing the Fa, the peacefulness I feel keeps
all other distracting thoughts from my mind. It makes every cell in my
body memorize the Fa. All my brain and heart are memorizing the Fa.
When my heart is very calm, right after I memorize the first sentence,
I can memorize the next sentence quickly. The speed of memorizing the
Fa is very quick. I obtained the Fa in 1996 and have been reading the
Fa for 10 years. In fact, I realized that all my bodies in different
dimensions had already memorized the Fa, only the body on this
dimension has not. Our master has pushed us from the micro level to the
macro level. Now we are approaching the final stage of the Fa
rectification. I realized that the Fa rectification is close to the
surface. So the surface part of our body has to memorize the Fa and to
assimilate the Fa.

I usually do not have time to study the Fa during the day. In the past,
when I studied the Fa at night, I felt very sleepy even before I
finished one chapter. I always felt sleepy no matter whether I started
earlier or later in the evening. I always fell into sleep during the Fa
study, and would go back to study it again after I woke up. The process
would repeat several times every night. Sometimes, I could not even
finish one chapter. I used more time to do Falun Gong exercise than
studying the Fa. I usually do the Falun Gong exercise for two hours.
But I could not guarantee I would study the Fa for two hours. After I
started to memorize the Fa, I can spend more than two hours to memorize
the Fa. I can memorize the Fa until 12 o'clock before sending the
righteous thoughts. At that time, my mind is very clear and
concentrated. There were no distracting thoughts. I do not feel sleepy
at all.

All five people in my family are practitioners. Now my husband and my
three children have started to memorize the Fa as well. Some Dafa
practitioners in my area also started to memorize the Fa. In order to
do the three things that Master told us, we have to study the Fa. I
hope that the practitioners who have not started to memorize the Fa
will start to do that. Let's melt the Fa into every cell of our body
and the bodies in all dimensions.

Please allow me to use Master Li's words from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa
to encourage everyone, "Those of us who have the ability, who are in
their prime, excepting people who are older or who have poor memory,
should try to memorize the book. Perhaps what I'm suggesting is high - my
requirement might be really high. But in many regions a lot of students
have memorized it very well. When they study the Fa they don't even
need the book - they recite it from memory."

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