Any Attempt to Suffocate the Truth Is Bound To Be Futile

PureInsight | March 19, 2006

Considering the CCP's Evil Behavior Outside Of China

Zhou Zheng



During the Period of the Warring States in ancient China, King Zhuang
of the state of Qi was murdered by Cui Shu, a royal counselor. Cui Shu
ordered the country's official historian Taishi Bo to lie and record
that the king had died of malaria. Taishi Bo refused to follow Cui's
order and insisted on recording that "Cui Shu murdered King Guang." Cui
Shu was very angry and killed Taishi Bo. Taishi Bo had three younger
brothers, Zhong, Shu, and Ji. After his death, his brother Zhong took
over the role of the official historian and wrote the same sentence in
the country's history book. Cui Shu then killed Zhong as well. Shu then
stepped up and became the official historian. He still recorded the
same words as his two elder brothers had done. He was also killed by
Cui Shu. The youngest brother Ji then took over the job and wrote the
same sentence as his three elder brothers.

Cui Shu took the official history record and asked Ji, "All three
brothers of yours have been killed for this reason. Why do you not
cherish your life? If you agree to change this sentence, I will pardon
you." Ji said nobly and calmly, "Writing down the exact facts is the
responsibility of the state historian. If I shirk my responsibility in
order to live, I would be better off dead!" He also said, "Even if I
don't record the facts, someone else in the world will record it. Even
if I change my record, it won't protect your reputation. It will only
make those who know the truth laugh. Therefore, I have to record the
facts even if it means I will die over it. I hope you will think over
the matter carefully."

Cui Shu gave the official history record back to Ji and let him go.

Ji left with the book in his hands. When he was close to his office, he
ran into Nan Shi. Ji asked him why he had come. Nan Shi answered, "I
heard that your brothers have all been killed. I was worried that no
one would be around to record what had happened, so I came over." Ji
showed him what had been recorded in the history book. Only then did
Nan Shi leave with a peaceful mind.


From the day it was founded, the Epoch Times newspaper has been telling the truth. Therefore, it is considered as a needle in the eye of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

There are two ways to solve the problem. One is to use the method that
the CCP has been using for decades, which is to kill and eliminate the
newspaper. The other way is for the CCP to admit its mistakes and
correct them honestly.

However, just like what has been pointed out in "Nine Commentaries on
the CCP," the nature of the CCP evil specter determines that it is
impossible for the CCP to acknowledge its mistakes. It knows that
everyone will look down upon it if all the things that it has done to
deceive and torture the Chinese people over the last several decades
are exposed to the whole world.

Therefore, CCP has been utilizing various means to suppress and block
the passage of information into China. Since it can not arrest, beat
and send the people outside of China who dare to tell the truth to
labor camps like it does to courageous people inside of China, the CCP
has sent out numerous spies overseas to fish for information and to
deceive and threaten people.    

But evil will never triumph over good. The CCP's ploys not only haven't worked, they have made the Epoch Time
grow bigger and stronger and attract more and more people to read the
newspaper. In addition, about 8 million Chinese people have withdrawn
from the CCP and its associated organizations after they learned the
truth about the CCP.

Evil, indeed, is evil. It can not bear it any more when it sees its
evil act have failed and also been exposed. Thus, it thought of a way
which it considered to be the most effective way to deal with the
problem, which in reality it turned out to be a most stupid way. That
is why it attacked Li Yuan, the technical director of Epoch Times in
his Atlanta home and stole laptops with confidential information about
the newspaper.

However, has the attack stopped the Epoch Times from continuing to tell the truth?

No, not at all.


There is an old Chinese saying, "the net of justice is wide." There is
also a Chinese idiom, called "a heavenly robe is seamless."

When it is time for gods to punish it due to its evil doing, not a
single being will escape from its fate. No matter what it does, all of
its attempt to escape will be futile.

The evil CCP specter has been doing all kinds of evil things for many
years. It has turned down opportunities that history has given to it to
repent time after time. Now it is too late for it to mend its ways. No
matter what kind of disguise, lies, or violent suppression it uses, it
is useless. It can only help people to see its nature more clearly and
speed up its own demise.


During the Han Dynasty, a senior official named Yang Zhen was in the
charge of Jing County. He promoted Wang Mi, a young scholar who had
just passed the civil service examination, to be the head of Cangyi
City. One day, Yang Zhen was passing through Cangyi. Wang Mi brought 10
pounds of gold in the middle of the night to thank Yang Zhen. Yang Zhen
refused to accept the large gift. Wang Mi said, "Now it is midnight, no
one will know. Please accept it." Yang Zhen answered, "Heaven knows,
the earth knows, you know and I know. How can you say that no one will
know? Why don't you take the gold with you?" Wang Mi was very
embarrassed and took the gold back.

There is a famous Chinese saying, "If you don't want others know about
something you've done, the only way is not to have done it in the first
place." The CCP thinks that its lies will make people forget its
killing history. It thinks that brainwashing people will make them
follow it in a dazed state. It thinks that it can shut ordinary
people's mouths by giving them small benefits. It thinks that it can
bind ordinary people's hands and feet with violent suppression.

Once when the former Chinese dictator Jiang was hosting foreign
dignitaries, he was annoyed by the endless and persistent questioning
of reporters from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.  Because his
answers made no sense, he ran out of words. His face turned red, and he
became very angry. He shouted out slang from his native Yangzhou City,
"Those who are quiet get to make a lot of money." Doubtlessly it was
the true manifestation of his mind.

But the CCP evil specter has forgotten one fundamental point – Heaven is watching above.

Thus, Heaven sent down "Nine Commentaries." Its spread has removed dust
from the Chinese people's hearts and awakened many Chinese people.

People have come to understand why the CCP would lie and cover up every
time it did bad things in the past years, why ordinary citizens would
be carted away before they reached the Appeals' Office to air out their
grievances, and why finally there are strong voices coming out of China
after so many years' silence under the CCP's brutal rule. Human rights
attorneys Gao Zhishen and Yang Zaixin started peaceful hunger strikes
to fight for human rights.

"Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil." The CCP has
determined its own fate. The heavenly principles are powerful and no
one can escape from them.


Xu Jia began to drive the carriage for Lao Zi when he was very young.
It was agreed that his payment was to be 100 coins per day. After Lao
Zi quit his official post and was going to leave town, Xu Jia came to
ask for his back wages. Lao Zi said, "I am going to visit several
countries near the western sea. Why don't you go with me? When we come
back, I will pay you in gold." Xu Jia agreed. When they got to Hangu
Guan near the border, Xu Jia didn't want to go any further. So he broke
the agreement. He went to the local magistrate and tried to sue Lao Zi
for his back wages. 

Lao Zi told Xu Jia, "You have been serving me for over two hundred
years. You should have died a long time ago. I gave you a Taixuan life
seal so that you could survive to date. How could you sue me rather
than thanking me?" As soon as his words ended, the Taixuan life seal
came out of Xu Jia's mouth. The red ink on the seal still looked fresh,
whereas Xu Jia quickly became a pile of white bones in one instant.

Lao Zi's associate Yi Xi knelt down and kowtowed to Lao Zi, begging him
to forgive Xu Jia and give him back his life. Lao Zi returned the life
seal to Xu Jia. Xu Jia came back to life instantly. Yi Xi paid Xu Jia
his back wages and asked him to leave.

Every single human being's future depends on his or her own choice.



After Li Yuan was beaten and robbed by the CCP secret agents, the
founder and master of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, stated: "And this
especially holds for all who participated in and planned the Atlanta
incident: the good fortune in their lives will be completely taken
away. Starting from this moment, they will pay for their sinful karma,
[the misery of which will leave them] wishing they were dead. In rapid
succession they will die and descend to Hell. The same fate awaits each
and every CCP secret agent, in China or abroad, who fails to repent and
change his or her ways."

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