Discovering My Own Attachment through the Sickness Karma that a Fellow Practitioner is Experiencing

A Taiwanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 2, 2006

[] Several days
ago a fellow practitioner told me that another practitioner is dealing
with the tribulation of severe illness karma. I immediately thought to
myself, "Hasn't he been very diligent? He has not behaved in such and
such a way."

At that time another thought occurred to me. I realized that I hadn't
learned about the practitioner's situation by accident and I must
search inward first. Hadn't I been pushing the practitioner toward
danger and toward the old forces myself? It was because I had treated
him as a "celebrity" and thought he shouldn't experience such a
tribulation because he is a very well known expert in the field and has
a lot of knowledge in the area. The old forces precisely focus on such
human thoughts of ours. Precisely because we have such human thoughts,
the old forces have been able to use our gaps to persecute Dafa


I was very shocked by my discovery and the realization that I am
partially responsible for what the practitioner has been experiencing.
I began to search inward even more carefully. I realized that when I
participated in the group Fa study sessions, I always looked around to
see if certain "important people" were present. If they were not there,
I would feel very disappointed and want to leave early. It was probably
because I wished they would be there to listen to my good experience
sharing and give their stamps of approval for my ideas and plans. To
me, if they gave their stamps of approval, other practitioners would
also give theirs because those practitioners were "important figures."

Once I participated in an all-day group Fa study session. The
organizers divided people into many smaller teams during experience
sharing. I hadn't signed up for it ahead of the time. When I arrived, I
went to the registration desk to sign up. At the registration desk, I
saw the name list of each small team. Practitioner A was in the first
team. He has cultivated very well so I wanted to join the first team.
Then I saw that Practitioner B was in Team #3. His cultivation
experience sharing is always very inspiring and so Team #3 must be a
good team to join team. Then I saw that Practitioner C was in yet
another team. He has participated in many Fa-rectification activities,
and his sharing must be brilliant! I didn't know which team I should
join. Fortunately, I realized that I was exhibiting a lot of
attachments which were all dirty. So I decided to let go of my
attachments and joined a random team. Even though I had made the right
decision at the time, the reality is that I still possess those human
attachments and have been quietly pushing certain practitioners to the
other side of danger one step at a time. How terrifying it is!

After I heard about the illness karma of the practitioner, I realized
that I could no longer behave as I had in the past, thinking that those
were practitioners' own tribulations or they were taken advantage of by
the old forces due to their own attachments. In reality, Dafa disciples
are one body and I am inside of it and a part of it. I hope those
fellow practitioners who are experiencing illness karma will be able to
blaze through the tribulations and rejoin the immense current of
Master's Fa-rectification. Let us return to our real homes together!

In addition to recognizing my attachments that have been exposed, I must cultivate solidly and remove them.

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