Thoughts about Life: Kindness Can Transform an Enemy into a Friend

Guan Ming

PureInsight | July 2, 2006

[] If one is
selfish and has a strong competitive mentality or jealousy, it is very
easy to make enemies.  Once one realizes that one has made too
many enemies, one might not know how to turn an enemy into a
friend.  Actually a human being is fundamentally sincere and kind.
A kind heart filled with sincerity and compassion has the power to
resolve any hatred in the human world and easily change an enemy to a

In 1754 Colonel George Washington stayed in the city of
Alexandria.  It was the election season for the Virginia state
assembly. A man named William Payne was running against a candidate
George Washington supported.  One day Washington and Payne had a
fierce argument regarding election issues.  Washington's remarks
made Payne furious.  Payne then hit Washington so hard that
Washington fell to the ground.  The troops rushed from their
barracks, and would have made short work of Payne had Washington not
pacified them, assuring them that he knew the proper course to take to
take care of the problem.


The next morning, George Washington sent a note to William Payne asking
him to meet Washington at a local hotel. William Payne arrived at the
hotel feeling very nervous. He expected another nasty physical fight to
take place. When he entered the room, instead of pistols, he saw a
decanter of wine and two glasses on a table. "Mr. Payne," said
Washington, "to err is human. I was wrong yesterday, but you had
already taken action to preserve your reputation. If you think you have
received sufficient payment, let us shake hands and be friends."

After that, William Payne became a very loyal supporter of
Washington.  Washington's magnanimity has left us a good
example.  Those who are narrow-minded always want to revenge on
others, thus make hateful feelings grow worse and end up with more
enemies.  The light of pure kindness is the most effective weapon
to disintegrate hatred.

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