Understanding of Life: Form a Good Predestined Relationship with a Compassionate Heart

Guan Ming

PureInsight | July 2, 2006

[PureInsight.org] A human's
life lasts for decades, and each person has a different fate. Some
people's lives are accompanied by bad luck and, to those, living is
sometimes worse than dying. In their entire lives, they might
experience just a few days of ease and comfort. For some other people
however, it is as if they have lucky stars watching over them all the
time. They live happily and securely with the company of good fortune.
For human beings, as soon as they run into bad luck, most people would
blame heaven or other people, and very few would introspect to see if
they have done any wrongdoings themselves. As a matter of fact, if a
person holds compassion in his heart all the time, treats others with
honesty and sincerity, he is able to form good predestined
relationships with lots of people in the world. In that case, he might
be able to live out the rest of his life free of bad luck and have
ample food and clothing.

There is a famous hotel called Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New
York. The first General Manager of the hotel, George Bert, used to be a
lowly hotel clerk somewhere else. In a chance encounter, his compassion
enabled him to form a good predestined relationship, which then changed
the rest of his life.

It was a stormy night many years ago. As the hotel clerk, Gorge Bert
was on duty behind the counter that night. An old couple walked in
asking for a room. Gorge Bert told them that, a group attending a
conference had booked the entire hotel and all other hotels nearby were
sold out as well. But seeing the old couple feeling so anxious and
helpless, he told them sincerely, "Sir, Madam, in a night like this, I
really hate to see you leave and find no other place to stay. If you
don't mind, you could stay in my room at the hotel for the night. It's
not a luxurious suite, but is clean enough." The old couple accepted
his offer after discussing it. The next day, when the old couple wanted
to pay him for the room, he refused firmly. He said sincerely, "I gave
my room to you for free. I have earned overtime pay for being here last
night, and that included the cost of the room."  Before they left,
the old gentleman told Bert softly, "An employee like you is what an
employer wants the most. Maybe one day I will build a new hotel for

Bert thought the old man was joking, so he only smiled at him politely,
and forgot about it before long. A few years later, Gorge Bert was
still working as a clerk at the same hotel. One day he received a
letter from that old gentleman inviting him to Manhattan with an
airplane ticket attached. When he arrived in Manhattan, he met the old
gentleman in front of a luxurious building located at the Fifth Avenue
and the 34th Street. Looking at the surprised Bert, the old
gentleman smiled and explained to him, "My name is William Waldorf
Astoria. This is the hotel I built for you. I believe you're the best
candidate to manage the hotel." Therefore George Bert became the first
General Manager of the hotel. He didn't let the Mr. Astoria down. In
just a few short years, he turned the hotel into one of the foremost
hotels in the entire U.S.  

From this story we can see that, the god of luck smiles upon people
with compassion. There is an old Chinese saying, "More friends more
roads, fewer enemies fewer walls." If a person holds compassion and
mercy in his heart, then he has no enemy. Wicked thoughts incur bad
luck, and good thoughts form good predestined relationships. The will
of heavenly lies in fair return. People of the world, please do not
ignore that.

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