Nana's Fairy Family (3): Beibei, the Cultivated Infant

Yang Ning

PureInsight | June 18, 2006

[] One night
while I was sleeping, I felt very warm so I went to my Mom's room and
slept on the floor. After quite a while, I still felt uncomfortable so
I got up. I was very surprised! How come a baby was sleeping on her
tummy next to my mom? The baby was in a red bellyband (a piece of
diamond-shaped cloth to cover the front with add-on strings tied at the
neck and back), she had two pigtails on her head pointing up. She was
sleeping on her tummy next to mom. I was so frightened, but I dared not
to wake my Mom up. So I ran back to my own room to sleep.

The next day, after my Mom came home from work, I carefully asked her about it. Mom told me, Teacher had taught in Zhuan Falun
that through cultivation practice, many living beings, including
Cultivated Infants, would be developed in our cultivators' body. The
Cultivated Infants are playful and running around joyfully. Then I
stopped worrying.

From then on I often played with the Cultivated Infant. I named her
Beibei, because she's a fairy baby. She often came into my dream.
Sometime she was wearing a bellyband, and sometimes she came to me with
her entire body translucent with a small tail like those little dwarfs
in the cartoon movies wearing pajamas with a tail. She would carry me
on her back and fly to heaven. Before she came, it was the unicorn who
carried me to the heaven. Now Beibei has come to me, so from then on it
was she who took me to heaven. In heaven, Beibei would often take me to
a Japanese teriyaki restaurant and order her favorite food such as
roast meatball string bamboo wheel, black wheel and Tianfuluo. The boss
of the restaurant would greet her warmly, saying, "Hi, Little fairy
grass, long time no see!" It is as if they have been good friends for a
long time. Strange enough, he would call me by a Japanese name "Yumi."
Beibei would introduce me to him saying I was her sister "Nana."

Beibei takes me everywhere in heaven, but how come she hasn't taken me
to our home in heaven yet? I couldn't help asking her about it, but for
a few times she would do nothing more but just answer "OK".

A note from Nana's Mom: Later on Nana found an image on the Internet.
She said that it looked just like Beibei. She told us it was the image
of Beibei when she was little. She had a pair of wings in her back.



(To be continued)

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