Insights from a Dream: Sending Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate Evil and Save Sentient Beings

PureInsight | July 9, 2006

[] The following is an experience that a new practitioner in Mainland China had in a dream.  

One  morning, she woke up and cried: "I am frightened!"  I
asked her what had happened to her.  She told me about her
dream.  I believe that her dream might increase  many
people's awareness and warn our Dafa practitioners to be more
diligent.  So I asked her to write down her experience in the
dream.  The following is what has happened in her dream:

Master has said many times, "Dafa disciples are magnificent."  I
have a better understanding about what Master has said through a
dream.  Although it was a dream, it looked like a real situation.

In the dreamland, I stood on a square (there is actually such a square
in real life).  People dug to build a fountain on the square and
dug out a flat piece of ground.  Strangely the flat ground was
moving up and down, like a human's chest, regularly breathing in and
out.  When one listened carefully, one could hear a sound of
snoring.  It was so odd that people stopped digging.  A fence
was built around the flat ground for people to view it.  

About 100 meters away from the square, people were digging the ground
for another construction project, and dug out another huge object that
looked like a foot. Another fence was built around it for people to
view it.  The huge object was said to be a work of art.  When
I saw these two things, I suddenly realized that it was like a human
being was sleeping there - it could be the evil king.   

While I was thinking of that, I found myself arriving on an open
field.  It was a huge and endless piece of land, like a boundless
ocean.  I saw many Dafa disciples and many other people kneeling
on the ground stretching as far as the eye could see.  There was a
huge flower rotating in the sky as large a half of a sky.  Our
lofty and dignified Master sat on the flower.  There were many
pure lotus flowers surrounded the huge flower.  They were so
colorful and bright that you could feel a sense of magnificence.  

Then I saw the evil king wake up.  It rapidly stood up from the
ground. The sky turned murky over a dark earth and a lightening broke
through the sky.  The Earth was shaking.  The evil king was
very huge and its features were ferocious and horrible.  It roared
monstrously. Suddenly, many evil beings who looked like humans
appeared. They looked very strange and monstrous.

At that moment, I found myself back on the open field.  I saw many
Dafa disciples kneeling on the ground.  They were knocking their
heads on the ground and said to Master, "Please pardon us.  Master
has passed on us the excellent Dafa, but we did not cultivate
ourselves.  We beg Master to reverse the universe and turn back
time to enable us to re-cultivate from the beginning.  We want to
follow the path of the cultivation."  All of them, including some
government officials, knocked their heads against the ground until the
skin was broken and bleeding.  They looked wretched and miserable.

In a flash, I was back to the square.  I walked close to the
fence.  I heard a snoring sound, which was made by the evil king.
I instantly felt scared.  I was a bold person by nature, but I was
scared at that moment.  Was I afraid of dying?  My answer was
no.  Rather, what I feared was a miserable death, dying with a
broken and damaged body after being stomped by the evil king. When the
thought appeared in my mind, I saw a huge hand being bent backward and
backward till it was bleeding and then broken.  Upon seeing the
scene, a thought appeared in my mind that I preferred to die with a
whole body.  As soon as the idea flashed in my mind, I saw myself
lying in a coffin, with my hands in good condition and undamaged. 
A short while later, it appeared to me that my original thought had not
been right and I was a Dafa disciple.  Since I did not fear death,
why was I still afraid to die with a damaged body?  That thought
was not mine.  I would not have done such a thing.  I wanted
to get up and became a real Dafa Disciple.  I wanted to chop
demons and eliminate evil.  As soon as I thought in that way, I
found myself back at the square.  I saw some fellow cultivators
talking to each other.  One of them tried very hard to persuade
the other, "It is not easy for us to cultivate ourselves to become
gods. We should not die this way.  All of us must immediately go
home to practice the exercises and send righteous thought."  At
that moment, I heard someone talking to me in my mind, "It is now too
late to think of practicing the exercises and sending righteous
thoughts.  What's more, human beings are not the ones who
cultivate, the gods are.  When the gods arrived on the Earth, they
brought the human beings 'Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance.' Some
gods lost themselves in the dreamland of the human space and forgot to
return to their original homes."  I told them that it was too late
to cultivate to return to their original homes.  I also thought
about myself.  I had been too lazy to practice Falun Gong
exercises.  I was scared about my future as those lost divinity
beings did.  I had been very lazy in cultivation and what would I
become because of it?  I was so scared that I could not stop

At that moment, I heard a very loud firecracker.  I was worried
about the loud noise, because it could awake the evil, which would eat
all of us.  While I felt anxious, I also felt hungry.  I saw
my colleague YY taking his girlfriend on their way to escape.  I
stopped him and asked him to give me some money for food.  He said
in a hurry, "Money is of no use right now.  No matter how much you
have, there is no food there for you to buy." He immediately ran
away.  I then thought about going home, and next I was right on
the stairs which led to my home.  A woman blocked my way out
there.  She looked like a human in the human space, but was an
evil being with a horrible appearance in the other space. 
Something looked like dark mud was dropping from her body.  I
concentrated on sending righteous thought to eliminate her and she

At that moment, I also saw many Dafa disciples fighting with evil
beings.  Some fellow practitioners stood on lotus flowers and
threw out huge Fa implements that looked like bayonets to stab the evil
ones.  Some fellow practitioners sat on lotus flowers holding
their hand in the jieying position
and sent out Fa wheels to kill evil.  Some fellow cultivators were
flying around to kill evil by using some other Fa implements. But some
of the practitioners sat on the flowers without any response. 
Some wanted to copy other practitioners but couldn't jump up and
fly.  The objects I threw out were small knives as thin as a
pencil. I was so anxious about it that I was thinking I should home
hurriedly to practice Falun Gong exercises.  In a flash, I was at
home.  The moment when I began to practice the meditation, someone
awakened me.  When I woke up, everything that happened in the
dream was so clear that it looked like everything had just happened a
moment ago.

Everyone was given only one chance to cultivate.  So we must
treasure the opportunity.  We are very lucky to have the
opportunity to cultivate, because some of the people on earth don't
have such an opportunity. We are indeed very fortunate. If we miss our
chance, it means that we would have waited hundreds and thousands of
years in vain. If we do not save sentient beings, they will become
pitiable and miserable without having any chance to be saved. 
Therefore, we must cultivate ourselves well henceforth, as well as well
clarify the truth and save sentient

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