Stories about Clarifying the Truth to Christians in Canada

Wen Xiong, Meng Yuan

PureInsight | July 30, 2006

[] On July 15,
Falun Gong practitioners gathered in front of the Canadian Parliament
to commemorate July 20, clarify the truth, collect signatures, and call
for the Canadian government to investigate organ harvesting from live
Falun Gong practitioners and help end the persecution.  On the
same day, many Christians from all over the nation came to pray for
Canada.  The prayer ceremony was broadcast live on TV.  Many
Christians came to our booth.  During our interactions, we
clarified the truth to them with the guidance from Master's article
"Broad."  I'd like to share some stories of our experience.

1.    "I'm sorry, my lord, I haven't been a good representative of yours."

There are many pure and kind people among Christians.  For
example, several middle school students wanted to sign their names on
our petition when they read the exhibit board and received flyers from
me.  One girl kept saying "This must be wrong" when signing her
name.  Another two men started signing their names without asking
much.  One said, "I have been to China.  I saw an elderly
woman meditating on Tiananmen Square.  She was beaten and taken
away by the police.  Was she Falun Gong?"  

There are also some Christians who have certain misunderstanding
towards us.  They argued that their God was the true God and the
only God.  Some even behave quite badly. I was distributing flyers
on the street when a young man saw a Christian taking my flyer. He
grabbed it over and tore it to pieces, shouting, "You don't need this!"

Dafa has its compassion as well as majesty.  I couldn't let it
go.  I said to him seriously, "Why are you doing this?  You
don't like it.  But it doesn't mean that others don't like
it.  If you really don't want your friends to read it, you can
return the flyer to me.  Is your behavior taught by
Christianity?"  He was stunned.  At this point, loud music
was playing, but my voice seemed to be very clear.  Not only was
he listening to me, passengers on the street also stopped to
watch.  A number of people surrounded me.

I continued:  "I have read the Bible.  Jesus teaches you to
love people, to solve problems with compassion.  Therefore I
respect your Lord very much.  Maybe you think believing in God is
the only path to the heaven.  If you are truly kind to others, you
shouldn't behave so aggressively. Instead you should show your kindness
and beauty in your heart."


At this time, the Christian looked ashamed.

"From your behavior just now, I cannot see the love your Lord teaches
you.  I believe Jesus will be sad when he looks at you because you
didn't display the love a Christian should have.  If you really
want me to feel the magnificence of Jesus, then display your kindness."

"You have seen these exhibit boards.  The persecution of Falun
Gong in China not only targets us, but also everyone who has a belief
in Mainland China.  Your brothers and sisters in China maybe are
enduring this as well.  (I pointed to the exhibit board regarding
"Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.")  Please pray for
them, not only for us, but also for your brothers and sisters.  In
addition, please pray for those who participate in the persecution,
help them abandon their crimes soon and become good people again. 
Save their hope of salvation."

Upon hearing this, the Christian was quite moved.  He sincerely
prayed for us.  The first sentence he said was, "I'm sorry, my
Lord.  I haven't been your good representative."

I was so happy.  He learned the truth and even started looking
inward.  I accepted his prayer and wished him a good future from
the bottom of my heart.

Other Christians who were listening to us were deeply touched as
well.  One of them passed the truth to other Christians in his
group.  He told me later on, "I feel sad that my companions
misunderstand you.  Some are very unfriendly to you."  I was
touched by the enlightenment of a life that has understood the
truth.  I said, "It doesn't matter.  At least we have
you.  You will help us remove this separation.  Right?"

 "Yes.  Yes.  I will!"  He returned to his friends happily.

2.    "I will pray for you."

I saw a young woman standing a long time next to our exhibit
board.  But she had an indifferent look on her face.  I
approached her and asked her why she wouldn't sign her name on our
petition.  She said, "This is of no use.   No human
tactics can end this persecution.  You should believe in
God.  God and Jesus will help you end the persecution."  Then
she told me a lot about how Christianity was the only righteous belief
in the universe with a long history and how she didn't believe Falun
Gong.  I didn't rebut her.  

I took a step back and said, "We all have freedom of belief. 
Everyone can have his or her choice.  However, it is wrong to
persecute people who have a belief like what the Chinese Communist
Party does."  She accepted that. However, she repeatedly
emphasized that we should beg for ending the persecution from the
God.  To her, only God has the power to the persecution. She and I

I said to her, "Jesus teaches people to become kind and care about
other people.  You should also do something to help those who are
persecuted.  Don't you think so?"  She said that I was
right.  However, she thought that if the persecuted people could
covert to Christianity, then the persecution would be resolved. 
She thought the persecution came from not believing in Jesus.

I shared a lot with her, "In China, Christians are experiencing similar
persecution.  Falun Gong doesn't follow one single God, but the
principles – Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance.  We hope all the
brutal things in Mainland China will end.  It's been 7 years since
the persecution first started. We have been appealing peacefully. I am
a victim of the persecution.  I have been tortured by the Chinese
Communist Party and thrown into a labor camp.  Even so, I am here
to peacefully call for an end of the persecution.  Why?  Our
goal is to end the brutality not to incur more brutality.  Two
thousand years ago, didn't Christians go through similar persecution?"

She nodded.  I continued, "The early Christians were persecuted
not because they didn't believe in Jesus.  On the contrary, they
were persecuted because they persevered in their belief in Jesus. 
I admire them very much.  The reason Christianity has been able to
spread and prosper is precisely because of their faith and sacrifice."

She nodded more.  I went further, "However, why did the
persecution against the early Christians last two to three hundred
years?  It is because not too many people at that time stood by
them.  Therefore these kind and noble people sacrificed their
lives!  Now we are in a modern society.  We should understand
better what human kindness is and what a proper human society is
supposed to be.  We should do something to protect it.  We
shouldn't allow the tragedy to happen again!"

She was moved.  However, she didn't think that collecting
signatures was a good way.  She still wanted to rely on the power
of God to solve human issues.  So I thought of a solution for her,
"Do you want to pray for the end of the persecution?"  "I
do!"  She was happy to have found a way that could help us and fit
her principles.  She gave me a hug with much excitement.

3.    "I also want to sign my name."

An old woman came to our exhibition board.  I clarified the truth
to her when she was reading the board.  When I saw that she was
sympathetic, I asked her to consider signing her name.  She
refused.  So I directly asked her to pray for us, to pass the
truth to her fellow Christians and ask more to join the prayer.  I
told her, "I believe in the power of our heart.  If a lot of
people think that the persecution is evil from the bottom of their
hearts and are eager that the persecution should end soon, then it will

She accepted this idea immediately and asked me, "Can I pray now?"

 "Of course."  

So she took my hand and shouted in public:  "Lord! 
God!  Jesus!  Such a brutal persecution of Falun Gong has
occurred in China.   Kind people are slaughtered. 
Please take care of the place.  Please take care of those who are
persecuted.  The Chinese Communist Party will surely
collapse!  So many people are killed just because of it! 
Those people should live in peace... Amen!"  She prayed for a long
time.  At the end, she said to me, "I also want to sign my name."

4.    "Do you need water?

An organizer of the Christian gathering passed by our place many
times.  She learned the truth.  She not only supported us,
but also helped us pass the truth to her fellow Christians.  She
told them that Christians in China were experiencing similar
persecution, and the Falun Gong practitioners came for not only
themselves but also for Christians persecuted in China.  All her
friends agreed with her.

I continued clarifying the truth to her and said to her, "Your activity
today seeks to improve things, and yet many people seem to be
indifferent to the persecution in front of our eyes."  

She explained, "Yes.  But the purpose of this activity is to pray
for Canada.  We have been praying for you other times."

I said, "Canada is a part of the world.  It is not possible for
Canada to be good when another part of the world is not good?"  

"You are right.  What can I do for you?  Can I bring you some
umbrellas?  You guys have been sitting under the sun for so long."

I said, "It's OK.  Our suffering is so trivial compared to that of persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China."  

Then she said, "Then I give you some water.  It's really too hot."

It was indeed very hot.  Fellow practitioners had been sitting
under the sun for many hours.  Helping practitioners will also
result in future blessings for her.  So I happily accepted her
kindness.  She then went back and gave a whole pack of water to
Falun Gong practitioners.  She also told the volunteers in her
group to bring water to Falun Gong practitioners as well when passing
water to Christians.

From this experience, we learned that when we display Dafa's compassion
and majesty with our cultivation state and demonstrate the broad mind
of disciples of Dafa of the universe, our respect and understanding of
other people's beliefs can eliminate their resistance towards Dafa and
earn their understanding and respect.

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