My Understandings about Righteous Thoughts and Tolerance after Participating in Truth-Clarification Activities in Hong Kong

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | July 16, 2006

[] After
attending the parade in Hong Kong at the end of April 2006 to celebrate
the withdrawal of 10 million people from the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) and its affiliated organizations, I went back to Hong Kong once
again in early June. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. We spent the day
in the busy Causeway Bay area where crowds of people come and go. I
sent righteous thoughts, distributed Fa-clarification materials and
participated in an enactment of the CCP's live organ harvesting. 

I. See through the interference. Do not to be confused or puzzled by it.

In the organ harvesting enactment, I played the role of the buyer for
the organ. I held money in one hand and received an organ in the other.
A fellow practitioner next to me played a hospital worker who takes
money and hands out organs. Another practitioner played the doctor
doing the operation and a fourth practitioner played the practitioner
whose organs were being harvested while he was still live.

In less than an hour, a police officer came and set up a camera to take
photos. At first I thought that our enactment attracted his attention
because it was so meaningful. But in a short while, a group of police
officers arrived. They told us they had received more than 20 
phone calls complaining that our enactment was unsettling.

Due to language barrier (since we are not from Hong Kong, we don't
speak Cantonese), the police officers pulled out a notice that read
something like "... unhealthy enactment... according to Article XXX of
the Law of Hong Kong..." A local Hong Kong practitioner arrived to talk
to the police officers.  Practitioner A told me: Send forth
righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind the police officers. I
constantly sent forth righteous thoughts while observing the
surroundings. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind, "What if they arrest
me and detain me in the police station? Can I still go back to work in
Taiwan tomorrow?" "How can I explain this to my Mom who doesn't quite
understand what cultivation practice is yet and worries about my safety
in Hong Kong?" I told myself not to think about such things, and
continued to send forth righteous thoughts. Practitioner A reminded me
again at this time, "Each and every righteous thought of ours manifests
as a mighty battle between the righteous and the evil in heaven."
Practitioner A's firm righteous thoughts showed me what the state of a
God is supposed to be and what righteous thoughts really are. So we
continued our enactment and didn't move.

I remained motionless in my enactment. Due to the language barrier I
couldn't talk with the Hong Kong police officers even though I wanted
to. I wanted to write something down as a way of communication and ask
them not to misunderstand our good intentions. In a moment, a
practitioner came to relieve me. To my surprise, she also said, "I want
to write something to the police officers!" I immediately put our
thoughts into action. We started to look for a piece of paper. I almost
decided to use the paper in my purse that had my itinerary and local
contact person's information on it because the backside of it was
blank. Fortunately the practitioner reminded me better not to use that
piece of paper out of concerns for security. Otherwise it would have
been disastrous.

After we found a piece of paper, the two of us began to write furiously
and focused all our compassionate thoughts into the tip of the pen.
What I wrote was, "Dear Hong Kong police officers, our enactment was
not meant to be unsettling, we just wanted to present a fact. This is
an actual event, a person who was alive being dissected against his/her
will and his/her organs extracted for sale, that has been repeated for
thousands or even ten thousand times, and is happening right now as we
speak. The CCP is making a huge profit from it. The purpose of our
enactment is to expose the fact to the world's people and hope they
would uphold the justice and stop the persecution."

Upon finishing, I tried to hand it over to the police officers. Two
different police officers in blue uniform refused to take it. I didn't
give up, and finally a police officer read it. He found a police
officer in white clothes to translate for him, and the translation was,
"We understand your intentions. But we have received civilians'
complaints, so we have to fulfill our duty to stop your enactment. If
we ignore their complaints, according to the Law of Hong Kong, they
could turn us in." I became puzzled, "Neither the police officers or we
were in wrong, so whose fault is it then? What shall we do now?" A
local practitioner from Hong Kong approached the group of police
officers and me. She told me that it was good that I expressed my


Later on practitioner B from Taiwan told me that I should have
exchanged my idea with the coordinator practitioner in Hong Kong before
I wrote the note to the police. It didn't occur to me until he reminded
me, "Alas! How come I didn't think of it! We are one body!" A few
minutes later, practitioners from Hong Kong suggested that we Taiwanese
practitioners should take our luggage and leave. I suddenly understood
that they were being considerate of us and didn't want to involve us in
the trouble created by the Hong Kong police. But I could still feel
elements of interference behind the police officers.

After I left, I shared my understandings with practitioner A, "The Hong
Kong police officers were doing their job..." She replied, "Evil is
using the police to do things that are correct on the surface. But are
they really doing the right thing? Are human beings supposed to
cooperate with gods' actions or is it the other way around?" I suddenly
understood what righteous thoughts are and what a state of god is.
Teacher has said, "A god wouldn't pay any heed to what a human being
said about him--you can't affect him. He wouldn't in the least try to
figure out how what you do relates to him. He pays no attention at all,
because you cannot affect him. Gods can control the human mind and lead
humans to do certain things, not vice versa. How could human beings
possibly affect gods?"(Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006)

Later on, when I asked what had happened after we left, I was told that
as we left, the Hong Kong police officers left too. What made them
leave? I don't quite know. But I indeed have felt that Dafa
practitioners' righteous thoughts were powerful. Just like Teacher has
said, "When Disciples Have Sufficient Righteous Thoughts, Master Has
the Almighty Power to Turn the Cosmos Around." (Hongyin II- Master and Disciples)

After the incident, we shared understandings with the Hong Kong
practitioners. A Hong Kong practitioner asked me before we started,
"Were you afraid?"

I said, "To be honest, I was a little afraid. But I told myself not to retreat, that I must persist."

The Hong Kong practitioner told me, "When you felt your righteous
thoughts weren't strong enough, you could tell us that you needed to
rest, so as to let us maintain a pure truth-clarification field."

I suddenly realized that I had been blocked by my notions. I truly
appreciate the Hong Kong practitioner's reminder and realized that I
should strengthen my Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. In
the experience sharing, from what the Hong Kong practitioners said, I
realized I had other omissions. But I understood that sharing
experiences and understandings was not to "determine" who was right or
wrong, but instead to improve coordination among practitioners so as to
achieve a common understanding and remove any gaps among us. If the
whole body improves, then interference can be changed into something
good that we use to improve ourselves, provided that we completely
oppose all the old forces' arrangements.

II. Quietly support and tolerate practitioners without creating any gaps

Before we boarded the plane back to Taiwan, practitioners from Taiwan
shared in-depth understandings about the incident. In the conversation
that lasted for more than three hours, fellow practitioners' tolerance,
patience and company made me strongly feel that, even though I hadn't
done well, I wasn't pushed out of the group. Instead, I was given the
opportunity to understand that practitioners are one body. I could feel
fellow practitioners reaching out their warm hands to someone like me
who has shortcomings so we can advance diligently together.

After returning to Taiwan, I shared my experiences about the trip to
Hong Kong with local practitioners. The feedback from our local
practitioners was surprising. "We should all look from within and find
our own omissions from what you have told us."

Compared to my fellow practitioners' compassion and efforts to look
within, I realized where I had fallen short, and warned myself, "when a
practitioner next to me does something wrong, what should I do for
him/her? Shall I tell him/her that he/she is wrong and I am right? Let
him/her know that he/she hasn't cultivated well enough while I have so
as to create the result that a gap is formed between us and he/she is
excluded? Who wants to commit wrongdoings deliberately? How should I
face a practitioner who hasn't done well for one time? I think it is a
part of our cultivation practice."

Teacher has taught that, "In spreading the Fa and saving sentient
beings these years, I have actually included people from all social
strata and professions, and I have not treated anyone differently than
others. When being saved by Dafa, all beings are equal, including those
who are in very bad professions, such as secret agents."(Eliminating
the Evil) Teacher has treated those who are secret agents with such
compassion. How kindly has he treated practitioners who had taken a
detour, failed to advance diligently or committed wrongdoings? For our
practitioners, if one were not to treasure a Dafa practitioner, a
particle of the Fa, would he possess real compassion?

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