Schoolteachers in Yunlin and Jiayi Counties of Taiwan Warmly Welcome a Falun Gong Seminar

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | July 30, 2006


Falun Gong Seminar for Schoolteachers Leads People in Yunlin County to Health

Since 2003, a Falun Gong seminar for schoolteachers has been held
during the winter and summer break every year in Yunlin County of
Taiwan. This year, sponsored by six schools including Kohu Elementary
School and Gouba Elementary School, the seminar was held for five
consecutive days, from July 3 -  7, at the Anqing and Sihu
Elementary Schools. The seminar was recommended by 10 middle school and
elementary school principals. About 100 teaching and administrative
staff members, as well as ordinary citizens, attended the seminar.  

According to Mr. Chen Yingcong, principal of the Guilin Elementary
School, the region has hosted a number of Falun Gong seminars with
active participation from local people of both genders, all age groups,
and all walks of life. But most of the past seminars were held for only
two days. This time the seminar was specially arranged to take place
over five days. This way, all nine videotaped lectures were played
along with practicing the five sets of exercises, as well as experience
sharing. On the final day, attendees all gave high marks to Falun Dafa
and the seminar sponsors on the evaluation sheet.

The oldest attendee of the seminar was 75-year-old Mr. Cai, a retiree
from Taitang Company. According to Mr. Cai, in the morning of July 3rd,
when he passed by the Anqing Elementary School, he saw some people
putting up Falun Dafa banners. A lady among them invited him to attend
the seminar. Mr. Cai attended the seminar for all five days without
missing a single day because he had felt the seminar filled his heart
with tranquility and compassion.

According to Ms. Yan from Dongnan Middle School, a co-worker
recommended the seminar to her. As a new practitioner she had already
come across many xinxing
tests. For instance, one day, a man of her dreams showed up in her
dream. Because she remembered she was a practitioner, she passed the
test of lust easily. In another instance, she had ordered a copy of the
pocket-sized book Zhuan Falun.
When the book order came in, someone who had not placed an order got a
copy of the book instead of her. She was able to maintain her xinxing
and didn't become upset. She simply put in another order. She did
receive the book. But later on, she felt regretful that she hadn't
given the book to someone else because so many people had wanted the
book and weren't able to get a copy. She felt that she had failed the
test of altruism.

Mr. Xu, a business owner in Douliu City, shared his story. He used to
indulge in alcohol, lust, pursuit of money, and anger, and didn't know
what cultivation practice was until just a month ago. He almost paid a
huge fee to learn another kind of Qigong right before he obtained a
copy of Zhuan Falun
by chance. The first time he finished reading the book, he gave up his
craving for betel nut. The second time he finished reading it he gave
up smoking. His wife had joined many different Buddhist temples. But it
wasn't until she started practicing Falun Gong and cultivating
Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance along that she found true happiness.
Now they're living a wonderful life.

Schoolteacher Cai from Dounan Elementary School said, "From the seminar
we have learned that many kinds of unhappiness were caused by our
attachments. We can only raise our xinxing
by examining ourselves instead of blaming others." The seminar has
benefited many people's body and mind, and Falun Gong has brought many
people in Yunlin County health.

Spreading the Good News about a Falun Gong Seminar in Jiayi County of Taiwan

On July 5 and 6, 2006, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance Summer
Education Seminar for Schoolteachers" was held in Buxin Elementary
School in Budai Town of Jiayi County. More than 60 schoolteachers and
administrative staff members from all over the county attended it. Some
were from the nearby Haiqu District, and some were from the far away
mountains, such as the Zhongfu Elementary School and the Zhiqi Middle School.
After the seminar, everyone said that trip was fruitful and well worth


During the two days, besides the sponsor playing Mr. Li Hongzhi's
videotaped lectures, practitioners also taught the attendees the five
sets of exercises. Moreover, the sponsor invited three Falun Gong
practitioners from different fields to share their experience of
cultivation practice from the professional angles. The attendees all
found it very interesting and gave warm feedback. Professor Ai
Changrui,  a professor at the Zhongzheng University Enterprise
Management Department, gave his new perspective on life after he began
to practice Falun Gong. An elementary schoolteacher highly praised his
talk by saying that he had never heard of such inspiring and profound

Mr. Ai Changrui analyzed human life from the angle of management
science. He said, " The goal of science is to make people's lives
better, but the goal of religion is to provide the best living
eternally, which is not limited to one lifetime. We should learn to
look at life in the context of a long period of time. The development
of today's science is only several hundred years old so how could it
compare to five thousand years of Chinese culture?" Mr. Ai said he had
changed his way of thinking after he started to practice Falun Gong,
and suggested that a more accurate way for a person to look at the
things around him is not to be limited by his visual senses. He also
shared his story about how he got to know Falun Gong. He said he
normally did not watch TV. But one day when he turned on the TV, the
news program was doing a report on how Falun Gong practitioners in
mainland had made an appeal in Zhongnanhai, the central government
compound in Beijing, on April 25, 1999. The reporter especially
mentioned that when the Falun Gong practitioners left, there was not a
single piece of garbage found on the ground. He was very shocked. This
made him enter the door of cultivation practice. He also asked
everybody to think about Why Falun Gong has appeared in today's time
and why the audience members were given the opportunity to learn about

The Kouhu Middle School principal, Mr. Wu Yanmen, is a psychologist by
training. With a strong Taiwanese accent, he talked about many real
"miracles" that have happened to Falun Gong practitioners around him.
The most appealing story was about his sister's daughter in Beijing.
Before becoming a Falun Gong practitioner, she had negative opinion of
Falun Gong. One day while criticizing Falun Gong, her jaw was suddenly
dislocated and her mouth wouldn't close. She regretted what she had
said and her jaw recovered in no time. But a few days later, she would
once again say some bad things about Falun Gong and dislocate her jaw
right afterwards. After it happened four times, she suddenly realized
what was going on and called Mr. Wu in Taiwan asking for some Falun
Gong materials. After reading them she said," Falun Dafa is good!" The
lecture hall became very quiet, and one can tell from everyone's face
that they were deeply touched.  

The third speaker was Ms. Chen Aiying from Xingjia Elementary School in
Jiayi City. Her talk was titled "Falun Dafa can harmonize everything."
She illustrated how "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" had guided
her in getting along with her husband and children and harmonizing her
family. She also talked about how she had combined Falun Dafa's inner
meanings with her everyday teaching so as to help her students enter a
positive cycle through which their schoolwork was improved along with
the improvement of their morality. Her sincere manner of speaking
brought a peaceful atmosphere to the attendees.

At the end of the seminar, a schoolteacher from Zhiqi Middle School
thanked the Falun Gong practitioner hosts and said, "Falun Gong is
really wonderful. How can I get started?" A practitioner told him, "You
will know as soon as you finish reading Mr. Li Hongzhi's book, Zhuan Falun."
The two-day seminar has attracted many people with predestined
relationship to come across Falun Dafa, and has spread Falun Dafa even
further in Jiayi.

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