Eliminating My Fear By Clarifying the Truth over the Phone

PureInsight | July 23, 2006

[PureInsight.org] When I
decided to write down this article to reflect my experience, I had the
same feeling as when I called to clarify the truth. I had to encourage
myself to express my will.

In the past, I've read quite a number of experience sharing articles
from practitioners who call people in Mainland China to clarify the
truth to them. The articles that I read on Dafa websites were all
written by fellow practitioners who had been making the phone calls for
a long time. Some people had been making the phone calls for three
years, two years or around a year. But when I decided to write down
this sharing, I had only one or two weeks' experience. Since I didn't
have a lot of time, I only made one or two phone calls a day. The main
purpose for me to write down my sharing is to express some of my
thoughts and let practitioners know that clarifying the truth over the
phone is not as difficult as I had thought.

If we think something is difficult, that very thought might magnify
itself more and even become an obstacle that stops us from learning how
to do it. Master Li once said "... ...thoughts that emanated from one's
brain are a type of matter, so it is something that exists materially" (Zhuan Falun).

Those fellow practitioners who are able to converse smoothly to people
in Mainland China over the phone all started with their first phone
calls. They overcame the barrier of fear and moved forward step by
step. Of course, we, too, should step forward. In the beginning of this
learning process, it is inevitable that our experience with the phone
calls we make is less than ideal; otherwise, how could it be called
learning? As long as we are willing to call more and learn more, we
will naturally gain a deeper understanding of how to respond to
people's answers in better way. That is what's called "wisdom comes
from experience!"

When I made my first call and then the second, the actual conversation
was much easier than what I had imagined. Although I didn't express
myself very clearly, the person on the other end thanked me after I was
done. When making calls to clarify the truth, we can either read the
script (provided by fellow practitioner) or, of course, we can choose
our own way to convey our message.

Take, for example, one time I was "calling to spread the truth about
the persecution" and it turned out that the supervising police officers
with whom I spoke were actually not all that vicious. One time when I
called, that police chief answered and said, "What does your call

I said" I heard you've taken a person named xxx into custody. What is his condition now?"

He replied, "There is no such a thing."

Then I said, "Please allow me tell you some news for your own
reference." Without waiting for him to agree, I proceeded to read from
my script, "Overseas media often report on the illegal arrests and
inhuman torture of Falun Gong practitioners in China and that this has
caused many deaths..."

After listening, he replied "I know about all these things, stop
talking about this!" His tone of voice sounded somewhat melancholy or
even heavy-hearted. I continued to read my script to him, but he seemed
too upset to listen anymore. At last, he said "I know about all these
things.  Don't say anything more." So I hung up. Some policemen
listened to everything that I wanted to say and even wrote down the
website I gave them to find out more about the truth. Of course,
sometimes I'd come across some unexpectedly evil communist party
members whose brains were filled with evil CCP propaganda and who
refused to listen to me.

Once one man told me he had read Zhuan Falun
and knew about the Fa. He then said he knew an assistant from a local
Dafa Assistance Center and that they are on pretty friendly terms. The
assistant had mentioned to him about quitting the CCP. But he said
everyone has different beliefs and perceptions and in every country
people get killed. To him, there is no country without injustice and
persecution, etc. He was convinced that killing and execution, such as
what have been by the CCP, is considered a normal part of any society
and there was nothing wrong with it. I interrupted him then by saying
"but of all places in the world, only China would kill Falun Gong
practitioners who believe in a righteous faith." He paused a bit and
said "Ahh…., that's right, but people have their ways and that doesn't
affect my life. Why should I care that much about them? ". All of the
sudden, there was static interference, and his voice was breaking up.
So we stopped our conversation.

The secret to getting rid of your fear when calling people to clarify
the truth is that the more you do it, the less you are afraid because
your confidence grows. The more you are reluctant to call, the more
your fear increases because your confidence decreases. As long as you
have the heart for it, your confidence will increase and, as a result,
you can suppress your fear. Fear is also considered a type of
attachment. When I made my first call to clarify the truth, I heard
that policeman on the other side of the line was vicious because
another practitioner had left a note by that number saying "this
policeman is vicious." However, when I called him, I found out he was
not only not vicious but also willing to listen to me. As Master has
said, "All of you are already aware of the principle of
mutual-generation and mutual inhibition. If you are not afraid, the
factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist." (Essentials for Further Advancement II)


Fellow practitioners, do you choose to let your fear grow or diminish?
Don't think too much. The more you think, the more you don't dare to do
anything. Let go of your attachment and try it yourself. Let's learn
and support one another!

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