A Year on the Path

A Westerner in the British Virgin Islands

PureInsight | October 15, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Recently, I
had some breakthroughs in my cultivation.  I have been cultivating
before, but realize that I must truly have been cultivating my
Assistant Spirit, because, prior to meeting Falun Dafa, my "spiritual
advancements" were often delusions.  I have been meditating for
more than 10 years now, but only one year cultivating Falun Dafa. 
It is a remarkable difference.

I have had some dilemmas and I realize it was due to attachments. 
I gained some insights out of compassion and perseverance in the
birthing community.  However, they were still built on

Rereading Zhuan Falun,
Master's words struck a new chord in me.  Here Master says: 
"In other words, you should pay attention to xinxing cultivation, and
practice cultivation according to the characteristic of the universe,
Zhen-Shan-Ren.  You must completely dispose of the desires of ordinary people, immoral thoughts, and the intention of wrongdoing.  ..."

Why do I have attachments?  I work as an engineer, with a good
job, yet during my work, I spend a lot of time focusing on my thoughts
about giving birth and being distracted from my work.  I realize
that in the world today, there are few doctors that are supportive of
natural birth.  They themselves trust technology more than the
human body.  However, they also do not have comprehension of the
true nature of the human body.  I myself was born a premature
baby, seven weeks early, and I have realized in my later life that my
premature birth has had an effect on my health, as well as that of my
mother's.  I suffered from a mental illness up until a few years
ago, perhaps reflecting my long separation from my mother at birth in
an unhealthy state.  While I now look upon my lesson as something
I had to learn to overcome so that I could understand Falun Dafa, I
also look at it as something that I need to look after, so that my own
family does not suffer.  Also, out of my compassionate heart, I
have been planning to create a center for learning about birthing and
infant development, so that people can become better educated.

However, even through all of this, I am finding I have many
attachments.  In our life as practitioners, we have a future ahead
of us that is nothing of this "ordinary world."  It will be very
different; we will not have to have worries about our health. 
Tonight, I sat contemplating whether my idea to create an education
center and to keep educating about birth was an idea centered in
attachments, or something that I should continue in my
compassion.  In sitting and sending forth righteous
thoughts,  I realized the power I had in myself.  I can
overcome any obstacle.  I realized that everything external, all
the additional ideas I have for "compassion," perhaps are just
reflections of a search for fame and the want for an everyday job
different from my profession as an engineer.  Or perhaps I have
learned my lessons from my search and, realizing I have reached a new
level, all my old understandings are poor dharma.

In my inner search regarding birthing, I came to see that when women
have innate trust in their bodies, and they have good karma, then they
will birth well.  Master Li has shown me his strength. I have seen
my family change and I have seen our whole family develop good
karma.  I feel strong in anything once again.  

Sending forth righteous thoughts is indeed something we can use for any
compassionate thought we have.  We can see the evil that keeps
others from gaining their own insights and destroy it, as it is truly
the negative karma and evil that binds us and keeps us from insights
and learning the power of Falun Dafa.  We do not need to do so
many things in our lives for others to see, we simply need to destroy
the evil that prevents others from attaining their own views.  If
we do not know what evil to eliminate,  just sitting there with
straight hand in front of our chest and lower hand supporting will
create our path. We will soon see what there is to eliminate.

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