Studying the Fa in Prison

PureInsight | December 3, 2006

[] I obtained
the Fa while in prison.  This sort of out of the ordinary
cultivation path created all sorts of difficulties for my cultivation.
The hardest was being unable to study the Fa because I didn't have any

The only Fa I could study was what fellow practitioners could recall
from memory.  At first all I had to guide my cultivation was
"Lunyu."  When I studied the Fa each day I recited "Lunyu," over
and over again.

When some fellow practitioners would leave, other new practitioners
would arrive.  When practitioners saw my situation they would be
concerned about my cultivation so they would write down for me all of
the scriptures they could recite from memory.  Each time it was
like receiving a treasure, I kept them with me always.  Whenever
there was time I would pull out the scripture to memorize it. 
Later I was transferred from prison to prison, and encountered many
different practitioners, so I was able to collect more
scriptures.  By that point I already had complete copies of Hong Yin and Essentials for Further Advancement, and I was able to recite all of them.

The longer I was in the detention center, more and more police officers
knew I practiced Falun Gong.  This led them to keep a closer watch
on me and they also called me mean names. Body searches became more
frequent as well. Life became more challenging.  Without paper and
pen we used discarded toothpaste boxes for paper and would find
something hard enough to carve writing, otherwise we would use
fingernails and write up against the wall.  When we split our
fingernails, it was piercingly painful.  We were unlikely to get a
hold of new scriptures in a timely fashion, and as soon as we got a
copy we would quickly memorize it in case the police confiscated the
text.  Ms. Xu knew I obtained the Fa in a detention center, so she
was concerned about me in many respects.  She was very worried
when she realized I had cultivated for so long yet never read Zhuan Falun.   

Later the police separated us and put us in different prison buildings. Ms. Xu, through some special method, had someone bring Zhuan Falun
to the prison, after which she requested the police place us together.
They would not agree, so at this Ms. Xu went on hunger strike.  On
the third day of her hunger strike, the police finally agreed to her
conditions, and allowed us to be kept together.  Finally, after a
year of cultivation, I saw and held Zhuan Falun for the first time.  When I first saw Zhuan Falun
I cried without stopping. Like a snapped a string of pearls, my tears
flowed out stopping.  It was like seeing a long lost relative. I
was unwilling to be separated from Zhuan Falun
Every day I carried it with me, afraid it might leave me.  I
thirsted to read and read it.  In order to give me an opportunity
to read Zhuan Falun, Ms. Xu suffered greatly.

Although those conditions have passed, sometimes, when I don't pay
close attention to Fa study, I recall the difficulty of studying the Fa
when in prison, and feel I have no reason to not make diligent progress
now that I am out.

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