Fast Improvement from Cultivating Together in the Group

A Boston Practitioner

PureInsight | December 10, 2006

[] (New England Fahui 2006)
From my daily life, I realize that how my child behaves is just like a
mirror that reflects my shortcomings in my cultivation. When I use this
mirror to look at myself, the surrounding environment changes
accordingly. For example, during group Fa study, my child used to make
some noises, sometimes quite loud. It was to no avail when I tried to
make every effort to stop his doing that. However, when my heart was
not moved, the child soon became quiet to study Fa. I understand now
that the moving of our hearts facilitates the things around us. At the
moment we find our own problems, our surrounding changes immediately.

When someone suddenly accused me, if I started to defend myself
according to ordinary peoples' rules, we all got into conflict. If my
heart was not moved, no matter what others said, their attitudes turned
around in a short time. This is just like what Master told us in
"Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference": "just by remaining
unmoved you could handle all situations."

Before I came to Boston, I basically practiced by myself. I was the
only practitioner in the city where I lived. There were only three
practitioners around in nearby cities. We seldom had time together.
Dealing with ordinary people every day, my words and behavior were no
different from theirs. Although I was studying the Fa every day, it was
very hard to find my attachments. Since coming to Boston, I am under
the environment of group practice and Fa study and I feel that I have
improved much faster. In this environment, fellow practitioners' high
levels of cultivation and behavior made me see where I fall short. It
is easier to see my attachments and shortcomings, it motivates me to
get rid of the attachments and make up my shortcomings.

During a long period of my practice, I did not do the exercises as much
as a practitioner should. In Boston with the environment of group
practice, my situation has gotten better. obviously. Master told us in
"Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New
York":"But you should try your best to advise them to take part in
group study sessions, because the group study environment is
indispensable for your helping each other improve, it is essential.
Why, back early on, did I ask people to hold them? Because the form of
cultivation that this Fa takes dictates that it be done this way. Why
did the people in the past have to leave the secular world to
cultivate? They knew there was a problem: when they were back in the
secular world and interacted with ordinary people, they became like
ordinary people and couldn't stay diligent. Moreover, they cultivated
their subordinate souls. That is why they left the secular world and
grouped themselves together. The cultivators could help each other
improve and see how they compared with others, they always had things
to share that were specific to cultivators, and they formed a
cultivators' environment."

"Without that environment, well, think about it, it's the same with
today's Dafa disciples. When you go back out there into ordinary
society, you are in the environment of ordinary society. If you don't
seize the day [to cultivate], then today you might feel like reading
and so you read a little, but tomorrow you might get lazy and read
less. So without that environment it's hard to stay diligent. After
all, it's human beings who are cultivating. So with human laziness and
all kinds of disturbances affecting people in this world, it's very
hard for you to see on your own where you fall short. And in
particular, if on top of that you aren't diligent, you don't read the
book a lot, or you don't comprehend the Fa very well, you won't be able
to see your attachments at all. That's why you have to participate in
group study and exercises."

My son has changed a lot in this environment as well. He studies the Fa
and does the exercises more actively. Sometimes he comes back from
school and said to me joyfully: "Mommy, I obtained a lot of merit
today." I asked, "How did you get it?" He told me, "Almost everyone in
the class today gave me some merit: some of them made fun of me and
others said bad words about me." I was so happy for him and I felt it's
so fortunate for a being to obtain the Fa.

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