Inspiration from Dream: Historic Oaths and the Three Things

PureInsight | January 7, 2007

[] I had a dream
one night. It was about the responsibilities that are written in the
oath that I must complete during the Fa Rectification period. 
When I have completed a task or fulfilled a responsibility, a red thumb
mark will be printed in the column by the name of the task in the list
in the oath.  Those tasks and responsibilities that have not yet
been completed have blank spaces next to them, waiting for the red
thumb marks to be imprinted.  The sentient beings associated with
these blank spaces are waiting to be saved.  Those sentient beings
from the original heaven have been anxiously waiting for their Lords to
remove their attachments, assimilate to the Fa and be rectified along
with the new universe.  They are also anxiously expecting their
Lords to concentrate on studying the Fa, cultivating themselves well
according to the Fa and improving themselves to meet the requirements
of the Fa.  They are also anxiously expecting their Lords to help
those people who have left Dafa because of their wrong understanding
about it.  They are expecting their Lords to suppress their
selfish egos in order to get along with all practitioners and march
forward hand in hand.  No practitioner will be left out of the Fa
and all of us can go back to Master, who has been expecting us, upon

Through this dream, I have a deeper understanding of the intention and
connotation of Master's new articles "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" and
"To the Australia Fa Conference."  I also understand the
requirements set forth in the two articles that practitioners must
fulfill their tasks and do the three things well.  Master has
rapidly facilitated the Fa rectification.  The pleas from beings
to return to the original heaven upon Consummation have been pressing
and pressing.  We must cultivate more diligently because we have
no other choice.  We must fulfil the three things and our own
responsibilities.  We will then be able to consummate without any

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