Reincarnation: Those with Preordained Karmic Affinity Meet Again

Jing Ran

PureInsight | January 21, 2007

[] In this
society, we each have many friends and we also encounter people of
every profession. Some, perhaps, become intimate friends, others, just
strangers we pass by. Ultimately, what is the reason?

This is a true story:

Because I had just started a job, everything felt new and different. I
still remember those three days clearly.  We didn't leave until
midnight so my colleague, Wang Liang, walked me home.  It was very
dark out, but because I am not an ordinary person I wasn't afraid in
the least.  But he insisted on walking me home, even though he
didn't usually take this route. I had no choice but to appreciate his
kindness and thank him.  I felt he was a very good person, very
kind-hearted.  He walked with me all the way to a large
intersection right near my home, only then did he ride off on his
bicycle.  I felt that we definitely had some positive karmic
affinity from the past, otherwise why would we feel so familiar with
one another just as soon as we met.  

In this life this is the first time we have met. Furthermore, I have
not thought hard about predestination since my youth, this time around.

A few days later, in my dreams I returned to my previous life during
the time of the Republic of China.  I lay deep asleep along with
my younger sister. In the dead of the night a thief broke the window
and entered.  All I saw was a black shadow moving toward me. I
awoke with a start and was just about to yell, but the thief quickly
grabbed my throat, preventing me from making a sound.  He savagely
tied me up and kidnapped me (at the time I was young lady).  He
took me off to a secluded location where an old man gave me a shot from
a foot-long needle.  Because they didn't want me to die easily,
they tormented me.  They pricked me with twin needles in each leg,
knee, arm and buttock  I used all my strength to survive and pull
out these fatal needles.  The old man at my side, who was wearing
a Chinese style shirt and jacket and long black robe, spoke up,
quivering, as he said:  "Young lady, don't pull them out. If you
pull more out, the lives of my family and I will be forfeit. That thief
will kill me."  As I listened I stopped my hand, so that he might
not suffer at the hand of the thief, I gave up my instinct to
survive.  Two tears ran down my cheeks and slipped off.  I
hurriedly asked the old man, "When will I die?"  He responded, "In
two to three days your blood will be exhausted and you will die. 
I closed my eyes and was silent; I felt my life was over.

It was just then that I heard a "whiz," and a shadow appeared on the
ground.  The son of a nobleman dressed in a silver gown and a
white Chinese style shirt flew and landed in front of us. 
Standing at his side was a tall servant girl, looking at me with a
gentle smile.  I only saw the servant girl rush past the nobleman
saying "Quick, let's get her untied."  When I opened my eyes I
hurriedly thanked the young nobleman's kindness and asked him his
family name.  The young nobleman responded with heroic spirit and
a loud laugh, "You don't recognize me. Am I not Wang Liang?"  I
looked closely... wow!  He really looked exactly like the Wang
Liang of this life. He was a touch more valiant then, but he didn't
lack the erudition of this life.  The servant girl at his side
came over and comforted me, "Not to worry, my master will definitely
take good care of you."  At this point I woke up.

After I awoke I remembered that time is pressing.   It was
this Wang Liang who, in the past, was my savior.  Teacher was
hinting to me that I could not hesitate any longer. Kind predestined
people are waiting to be saved.  I eliminated all interference and
human thinking and finally told him about the evil Communist Party's
savagery.  I had him make the three withdrawals and clarified the
truth to him secondhand.  I sent him a truth clarification VCD
that had been brought back from abroad.  I thus settled my debt of
gratitude, repaid him for saving my life in the past.  After he
understood the truth about Falun Gong, the joy from the bottom of his
heart rose to his face in a big smile.  In my heart I quietly
wished that he might have a wonderful future. 

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