Rectifying Abnormal States by Studying the Fa Well

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | January 7, 2007

[PureInsight.Org] Teacher said in "To the Australia Fa Conference:"

"That is because the Fa is the foundation; it is what's fundamental for
Dafa disciples; it is what ensures everything; and it is the avenue by
which a human being journeys toward godhood."

I come to realize that any abnormal state happening to Dafa
practitioners is to do with the problem of studying the Fa and is the
root of the problem. When we solve the problem to do with the Fa study,
all abnormal condition will be rectified.

The state of cultivation of Dafa practitioners will be reflected in
their daily lives. For example, some fellow practitioners behave
frivolously. It must be that they have fallen into studying the Fa as a
formality and are missing what they are reading. If we really study the
Fa solidly, our behavior will be stable. If any fellow practitioner
exhibits this behavior, he or she will need to pay attention to it and
study the Fa solidly. As we assimilate to the Fa, we will want to study
more and learn more. When we learn more Fa, our condition will become
better and better.

I remind those practitioners who are accustomed to only listening to
Teacher's lectures that it is better to read the Fa and allow the Fa to
really enter your mind. 

We need to pay attention to our cultivation state. As soon as an
abnormal state appears, quickly find the reason and rectify it. Not
only do we need to pay attention to our own cultivation state, but also
the state of fellow practitioners. When we observe an abnormal state
appearing in a fellow practitioner, ask the fellow practitioner about
the situation to find the problem in order to rectify it from the
root.  The person in charge in each region needs to take this
problem seriously. We must be concerned and remind one another to study
the Fa well and walk the path well to the end!

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