Good or Evil Comes From One's Spontaneous Thought

Guo Weiyan

PureInsight | January 21, 2007

[] In Zhuan Falun,
Teacher said: "Good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought,"
and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.
These five words can apply to both cultivators and ordinary people. I
feel deeply that it's such a gratifying and beneficial axiom.  

Every thing is this world is superficial and an illusion. Human affairs
are ever changing and are hard to predict. "Nothing good lasts forever;
all good things must come to an end." Human life has ups and downs and
each moment can become good or bad. It is essential to always maintain
pure and compassionate thoughts and do good deeds.  

The human world has positive and negative, good and bad. Buddha and
demon natures coexist. Whether a person's journey strolls upwards or
falls down depends completely on one's mental attitude in dealing with
life, whether it is optimistic and open-minded or pessimistic and
dispirited; whether it is active and open hearted or negative and
opinionated; whether it seeks to follow the natural instincts or
indulge in demonic lusts and cravings. "One sees the same flower but
has two emotions."  When he looks at the stem of rose, an
optimistic person loves very much this part of the beautiful flower,
but a pessimistic person detests its loathsome thorns

Blunders and defeat come from tier upon tier of bad thoughts; the
results they create will be hard to bear so we need to be more
cautious. It is said: "Three feet of ice is not due to one day's
chill."  If we let a bad thought to grow, we will be soon
regretting it.

Whether dealing with things or people, good or bad comes from one's
spontaneous thought. If we think righteously and face it seriously, the
thing will fulfill one's desires and change disharmony to harmony.
"One's absolute sincerity can make metal and stone crack." Amidst
surrounding elevation and winding roads, a gleam of hope in a desperate
situation will turn bright, just like: "After passing the shady willow
trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead."

Cultivation of the body is to strictly discipline oneself. One needs to
adhere to ethical standards and cultivate one's speech and not impose
one's personal likes or dislikes or  concepts on others.
Cultivation of mind is not to let bad thoughts, even a single thought,
appear. If we always think of others in dealing with all things,
everything will become good and everyone will become a good
person.  In our cultivation, we need to use righteous thoughts and
righteous actions and continue to make steadfast progress.

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