Clear Understandings Enable Us to Catch Up with the Progress of Fa-Rectification

A Dafa Disciple in Toronto

PureInsight | January 28, 2007

[] Once the four
performances of the Chinese New Year Spectacular were over, many fellow
practitioners who were involved and who watched the performance
gathered at night on the following day.  We shared our
understanding of the Fa.  Many fellow practitioners realized the
seriousness of cultivation during the work and performance of the
Chinese New Year Spectacular.

First, many fellow practitioners shared that when they saw much content
related to Dafa during the performance, they were a bit uneasy. 
Some were worried that it would cause troubles or that ordinary people
wouldn't be able to take it.  Some became quite nervous. 
These fellow practitioners said very openly that after the performance
ended, they realized that they hadn't caught up with Master's
Fa-Rectification progress.  In fact the bad behavior of the local
ordinary media prior to the performances were reflections of our not
catching up with the Fa-Rectification progress in this dimension.

In addition, Master said in his lecture:  "The performances have
the direct effect of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.
Their impact is thus quite significant, and their effects are quite
good. If we could keep doing this non-stop, instead of having just a
few shows, like at present, if we could put on more shows, then think
about how many sentient beings would be saved! Do you realize, when
those who have watched the Gala walk out of the theatre, any and all
bad thoughts they had have been dissolved? All of their bad thoughts
are gone. That's why people found it so powerful." ("Teaching the Fa in
the City of Los Angeles")  Fellow practitioners shared that they
found that their faith in the Fa and Master wasn't a complete faith
when things happened suddenly.  Therefore, they tried hard to send
righteous thoughts for themselves and press down their own worries.

Fellow practitioners discussed for a long time at what stage the
Fa-Rectification was now and how we could catch up with its
progress.  We realized that Master's lecture published at the
first day of the New Year was already directly teaching the Fa to
sentient beings including humans.  Master is now directly
rectifying the Fa in the human world.  

The Foretelling (Hongyin Volume II)

"Autumn still lingers

yet spring has arrived

What humans doubt

all now comes forth

The sky cracks open

and the earth burns

The evil tries to hide

and the wicked ones to flee

As gong surges forth

evil spirits wail and scream

The Dafa disciples

ascend to the highest heavens

And, presiding over Heaven and Earth,

rectify the human realm"

Everything in the poem will manifest soon.  The climate change in
the human world this year is actually telling us the urgency of letting
sentient beings know the truth.

Fellow practitioners recalled what Master taught us in the lecture
"Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference:"  "Along with
those two reasons, there is actually another factor at the most
fundamental level that is behind the many governments and almost all
the major media around the world not taking a stance. And that is, the
old forces' factors in the old cosmos have been blocking off all of the
world's people who haven't obtained the Fa, not letting them get
involved in this affair. Their goal is to have the Dafa disciples be
'tested' in certain locales. If the world's people did get involved,
then the 'tests' of Dafa disciples wouldn't be that wicked or reach the
goal of determining, through the harsh, cruel 'tribulations' that they
designed for them, whether Dafa disciples are up to par. That's the
ultimate reason why they have done this."

We came to understand that as the Fa-Rectification has reached today's
stage, Master has completely cleansed all factors of the old universe
that suppress and interfere with human beings.  That's why the
Chinese New Year Spectacular has adopted such a direct approach to
clarifying the truth to open the long-time-covered memories of sentient
beings.  This is the manifestation of the immense grace and wisdom
of the Lord Buddha.  Those predestined hear the truth in a
relaxed, pleasant environment and learn the truth via the most
beautiful artistic forms.  At the same time, they hear Master's
compassionate call to them.  Offered such compassion, if people
cannot wake up, then they have made their ultimate choice.

We shared that clear understandings of the Fa were very
important.  Otherwise, when something unexpected happened with the
ordinary sponsor media, our heart followed the situation.  We were
anxious.  Especially when we couldn't quickly improve on the Fa,
such troubles would happen one after another.  So everyone's being
clear-headed on the Fa is the utmost.  

In fact, three weeks prior to the performances, we were told to clarify
the truth to all sponsors.  However, we were hindered by many
notions such as timing constraint, difficulty to make appointments, and
don't know how to start telling them about Falun Gong.  

When sponsor media wanted to withdraw their sponsorship, we hurried up
to clarify the truth to them.  Although we avoided some loss, we
still faced the situation of many media giving the Chinese New Year
Spectacular negative coverage because they didn't know the truth. 
Therefore, we should first be clear on the Fa:  what is the
relationship between Falun Gong and the Chinese New Year
Spectacular?  How do we clarify the truth to more people by
utilizing the opportunity of having the media's attention on the

In fact studying the Fa well is the guarantee of catching up with the
Fa-Rectification.  The process of cultivation comes with solid
step by step.  Otherwise, we will not catch up and will not
understand many things during process of the Fa rectifying the human
world.  Currently reports on our media are not synchronized with
the process either.  In fact, the Chinese New Year Spectacular
reveals so much of the heavenly secrets.  All people in the world
are waiting for this day.  Our own human notions are hindering us
and sentient beings.  

Through sharing, we shared our views on how to wisely talk about the
relationship between the performances and Falun Gong.  We hope
that readers can measure these opinions against the Fa and point out
any inappropriateness because this is directly relevant to whether
sentient beings can learn the truth as soon as possible.

First of all:  the Chinese New Year Spectacular represents a brand
new human culture.  The center of the culture is
Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.  The Spectacular displays the
panorama of a society full of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, harmony,
beauty, colorfulness and pleasure.

Falun Gong gathered the inner meanings of the kindest, most truthful,
tolerant, and elite of all Chinese traditional culture, such as the
meanings of loyalty, piety, etiquette, righteousness and kindness and
displayed them in the Spectacular programs.

Fully 98% of the audience gave us positive feedback praising the beauty
and success of the Spectacular.  The popularity of the performance
precisely shows that the artists are truly a group of people who think
of society and everyone else and contribute to the peace and prosperity
of our communities.  Shouldn't they be respected?  If these
people are Falun Gong practitioners, then they of course deserve
respect from the society.

Fellow practitioners have also mentioned that we should encourage the
audience to call media and provide feedback on the performance. 
They could tell media how much they liked the show.  If disciples
don't take actions, human beings won't either.  Therefore, we
should call media more and ask them to report truthfully and accurately.

In addition, we should also pick up the phone and call all Chinese
Embassies and Consulates in the world and tell them the truth about the
Spectacular's being persecuted and interfered with.  We understand
that this is the best promotion of the Spectacular and a good cleansing
preparation for the Spectacular to be able to save sentient beings more
broadly in the near future.  We also encourage everyone to write
about your feelings about watching the Spectacular and publish your

The above is sharing of some disciples in the Toronto area. 
Please kindly point out inappropriate or inaccurate things as you see

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