Mini Stories of Cultivation in Past Lives: 1. The String of Affection

PureInsight | February 5, 2007

I have cultivated several times in my past lives.  Once upon a
time, I became a Buddhist monk and cultivated in a temple.  For
the time in that life, I had been cultivating for many years. 
Sometimes, I was required to roam among everyday people for cultivation
purposes.  One day, I went to beg for alms in a city.  A girl
greeted me in a refined and courteous manner.  She said, "Are you
hungry or tired? Please have a seat."  I was a bit surprise, but
had no time to attend to the matter.  After the alms, she left and
I did not take it to heart.

Some years passed.  At last, I reached consummation.  At that
moment, I was rising up to the air while I was sitting.  On my
way, I suddenly thought of the girl who offered alms to me several
years ago.  The moment when I was wondering whether it was
something that I had been a concern, the girl's smiling face appeared
in my mind.  Then, in a flash, a string appeared behind the
mind.  "Beng"! In a cracked sound, I found myself falling from the
air to the earth with a thump.

On dear! I ended in vain after having painstakingly cultivated for many
years, because I was perturbed by


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