Scenes from Other Dimensions: Gods Are Recording Everything that Dafa Disciples Do

A Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | March 25, 2007

[] Before I
cultivated Dafa, I had many illnesses. I weighed only 86 pounds. For
thirty years, I could not smell the corn gruel. I always threw up after
I ate it. I went to temples for help. Instead I became mentally ill.
When the illness was serious, I had to stay in bed from morning to
night. In 1997, I was very lucky to obtain Dafa. After I practiced
Falun Gong, all my illnesses disappeared. Dafa gave me a second life.

My celestial eye was opened after I started to cultivate. Now, I just
want to share with you the scenes I saw in other dimensions. I wish
that this would remind our practitioners not to be numb and relaxed in
the final stage of the cultivation and Fa rectification.

One time, when I was doing the sitting meditation with another
practitioner, I saw that the practitioner's hand position was not
straight when she held her palm erect. This was caused by evil beings
that were shaking the practitioner's hand in another dimension. When
the practitioner held her hands in the lotus position, if her fingers
were closed, the evil beings on each finger will jump around to control
the practitioner's hand.

The gods are recording everything each Dafa disciple does even though
it is a little thing. I saw that the disciples who were on their knees
when they study Fa were on one level. The disciples who were in lotus
positions with both legs were on another level. After them came the
disciples who were in lotus positions with one leg, the disciples who
were not in lotus positions, and disciples in all different positions
when they study Fa. All these details are recorded. They even record
the number of times that Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts. How
much effort did the disciple give?

I found out that many practitioners' hands are not in good positions
when they send righteous thought. They do not concentrate. They do not
sit in good positions when they study Fa. All these are self-indulgent

Every practitioner should follow what Master told us. We should be full
of great aspirations while minding minor details. We should respect
Master and respect Dafa. We should be strict with ourselves in the
final stage of cultivation and Fa rectification. In addition,
cultivating of speech is very important. If you say things that you
should not say, you actually make a mess in the dimensions where Master
has already cleaned up for you. The evil beings will seize the
opportunity to take advantage of the gap.

These are the scenes I saw at my current level. Maybe some of them were
related to my current cultivation state and Master wanted me to see
them. By sharing these, I hope that our practitioners will pay
attention to these problems. Let's cultivate together, reach
consummation, follow our Master and return to our true home.

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