Wishes Come From the Heart and Wisdom Comes From Dafa

Li Zijian

PureInsight | April 1, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Currently,
there is a battle between good and evil. The old forces try to impose
their arrangements on us and ignore the safety of the universe and its
sentient beings. Master is rectifying the Fa and at the same time
clears away all obstacles that interfere with the Fa-Rectification. We
as Fa-Rectification Dafa disciples are having an opportunity to assist
our Master in saving sentient beings and eliminating the evil forces.
There is no word to describe such a great honor.

We are all created by the Fa of this universe. When the universe is
renewing, our Master is rectifying the Fa in order for us to assimilate
into the Fa and obtain a new life.  Meanwhile we are going to
fulfill our historic promises to assist our Master. In other words, the
purpose of our existence is for Fa-Rectification. During the
Fa-Rectification period, I feel that when wishes arise from our hearts,
Master will bring about the wisdom within us. Mankind's knowledge is
the manifestation of Fa at its lowest level, thus the existence of
mankind's knowledge is also for the Fa.  The wisdom brought about
within Dafa disciples is the best and it surpasses that of ordinary

I have no formal training in writing but I often want to share my
experiences in validating Dafa.  I intend to write more articles
to expose evil. I believe that the power of words is unlimited. I also
think that writing helps to support the Dafa disciples' media and
enhances the effect of shaking up the evil forces, thus accomplishing
Fa-Rectification.  In the beginning, I felt that it was not easy
and I failed to express clearly what I wanted to say.  Slowly my
articles started to appear on the websites and my confidence began to
increase. As a result, my [ideas for] topics seem to come quite
readily. When I shared my progress with fellow practitioners, we felt
that when our thoughts were righteous and pure, Master will help expand
our thoughts, thus the so-called inspiration flies.  In reality,
our inspirations do not come from better writing skills, but come from
the fact that we are on the path of Fa-validation.  This path has
never been presented to the world before, and this path will stay for
the generations to come.

Master has told us through question and answer in the Atlanta Conference in 2003,

"Question: My brother and I are
English writers. We'd like to know whether we could select certain
people from history as examples of traditional work. Shakespeare had
quite an influence, as did the ancient Greek writers. Can we write in
styles similar to theirs? Are we setting our standards too high by
doing so?

Teacher: You're setting it too low. (People laugh)
You are Dafa disciples, and there's never been anyone like you. You are
what all other beings want to be but can't. You are creating new styles
for the beings of the future--isn't that something "high"? You may draw
on the positive aspects of some historical figures, but I think Dafa
disciples still need to walk their own path, right? Only then is it
pioneering something.(Applause)

A classmate of mine, who is also a Dafa disciple, majors in technology
and, for some time, he was quite proud of his knowledge.  Whenever
he did Dafa projects and ran into difficulties, he relied on the
knowledge he learned from formal education but often failed. Later on,
he realized that only if he would step out of the thought process of
ordinary people, could he gain a lot of understanding. His technical
skills soon improved drastically. He eventually realized that his
wisdom came from Dafa.

Minghui.Net has published many articles about the experiences of Dafa
disciples. Those articles are very moving, and quite often they were
written by practitioners who have never written before or practitioners
who have little education, no education, or even are illiterate. Why
are we moved by those articles then? It is at least partly because
those articles are about the magnificent acts of Dafa disciples who are
assisting Master in validating Dafa and people are touched by the great
compassion and tolerance of us cultivators.

Meanwhile Dafa disciples have expressed that their experiences and the
wisdom coming from Dafa go hand in hand. If we can get rid of the Party
culture, what we write could be quite easily understood. Of course, I
do not want to overlook the beauty and elegance that can be brought to
an article by good writing skills. Here I only marvel at the
magnificence of Dafa and the boundless wisdom that has been brought to
life in Dafa disciples due to their cultivation.

No matter what we do, as long as we do it to save sentient beings and
as long as we have such a wish, we can use our abilities to accomplish
tasks beyond our imagination.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/3/22/42901.html

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