Interview with Leading Actor Wei Liu from "Creating the World": Feeling the Meticulousness of the Lord of the Buddhas in Saving People

YouZhi Ma

PureInsight | March 18, 2007

[] The New Tang
Dynasty Television (NTDTV) had seven Global Chinese New Year
Spectacular shows, starting Feb 14, 2007 at the Radio City Music Hall
in Manhattan.  "Creating the World" was the opening program of the
show. It tells the story of the merciful Lord of Buddhas leading the
gods to come to the human world to save people. This program actually
reveals the origin of the Chinese Culture that was passed down by
Gods.  Leading actor Wei Liu played the Lord of Buddhas. He talked
about his understandings of the programs "Creating the World" and
"Enduring Humiliation to Save the World". He said that he could feel
the mercy and painstaking efforts of the Lord of Buddhas to save people.


Wei Liu said that, he felt the mercy and painstaking efforts of the
Lord of the Buddhas to save people. Before each performance, he has to
take some time to control himself so as to hold back his tears.

Mr. Wei Liu described the story depicted in "Creating the World." It
shows Paradise where the white clouds and mist surround the beautiful
towers and pavilions. The world is full of bright lighting and
everything is pure and clear. All the gods have radiant looks. They
look happy, peaceful, solemn, holy and pure.

Suddenly, they sensed radiant lighting coming from the high distant
place. When the light comes closer, they saw a great enlightened being
coming from a higher place. The great enlightened being used hand signs
to tell his purpose in coming down there. He wanted to go to the Triple
world to spin the Falun, to rectify the Fa and to save people.

The great enlightened being is the King of Kings. He is the Lord of the
Buddhas. He used the hand signs to point to the world below and asked
the gods who would like to come down with him to the Triple world to
save the sentient beings?

Gods Coming to the Human World with the Lord of the Buddhas

Mr. Wei Liu said that, even though facing great danger, many gods still
came to the human world. Because the human world is a maze, they can
only return to the heaven by obtaining the Fa, cultivating themselves
and reaching consummation.

The King of Kings leads the gods to come to the human world and create
humankind's culture. The program "Creating the World" shows the Great
Tang. Why does the program choose the Great Tang? It is because the
Tang dynasty is the most glorious and prosperous dynasty in ancient
China. The emperor is ShiMing Li and the background is the imperial
Ming Dynasty palace.

Mr. Wei Liu said that he is also a cultivator. He played the great
enlightened being who came from a higher place down to Heaven and,
then, to the human world. He felt the mercy of the Buddhas. In order to
save people, the Buddhas suffered many hardships and endured many
humiliations. The great enlightened being came from such a holy and
pure place and down to this muddy and dirty Triple world. He can only
feel it from a cultivator's perspective. During the performance, Mr.
Wei Liu always felt strong respect for the Lord of the Buddhas from the
bottom of his heart. He also hopes that many people can be saved and do
not miss the extremely rare opportunity.

"Enduring Humiliation To Save World" Is the Realm of the Cultivator

 Mr. Wei Liu said that in "Enduring Humiliation to Save World," he
played a monk who finally reaches consummation after he endured
humiliation and had Yi behaviors. Even though the monk’s cultivation
and the great enlightened being's saving people are at different
levels, it still shows us the characteristics of forbearance and
compassion in the cultivators.

This is a true story from the Tang dynasty. An abbot accidentally
rescued a young lady who had a baby before she got married and wanted
to kill herself by jumping off a cliff. The monk adopted the baby after
both the young lady and her mother piteously entreated him.  But
evil persons defamed him.  Rumors and slander were spread around.
People misunderstood and despised the monk.

In ancient China, people valued De as a very important thing. An
unmarried lady having baby is a big thing. A monk having a baby is an
even bigger thing. But the monk was not bothered by this. He did not
even explain or complain about it. He was not moved after the father
came back to get his son after he had achieved success. The monk
returned the young boy to his parents. A cultivator does not complain
after enduring humiliation. They just endure it silently. When the
parents took the young boy away, monk was not moved either. Finally,
the monk reached consummation. This is the realm of cultivator.

During the performance, Mr. Liu let himself enter into the role and
live in the realm of a cultivator, exhibiting the characteristics of
mercy and forbearance.

It is Happening that the King of Falun Is Coming to the Human World to Save People

Wei Liu said that the Buddhist scriptures predicted that the King of
Falun would come to the human world to save people. Gods and human
beings will exist in the same world. That is happening right now.

People do not know that saying bad things about cultivators means that
they do not understand cultivators. People will never understand
Buddhas and cultivation if they look at gods using their human minds.
It is a crime to defame and disrespect the Lord of the Buddhas. It is
the mercy of the Lord of the Buddhas that he is not bothered by this.

The real Chinese Culture is the culture passed down by the gods. It
does not include the Communist Party culture. Both ancient and modern
Chinese culture respect the gods. Only after the Traditional Chinese
Culture is rectified, can the moral standard return and humans be
saved. Many gods who came down to the world with the Lord of the
Buddhas are actually in China right now and can leave the Triple world
and return to their paradises.

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