Sharing Experience about Fa Study in the Morning

A Dafa practitioner in North America

PureInsight | April 1, 2007

[] I would like
to take this opportunity to thank a fellow practitioner who has helped
me to set my regular Fa study as the first important thing to do in the
morning.  For the past two months, I have benefited a great deal
in my cultivation from the daily Fa study with tranquil mind.  

At the very beginning when the fellow practitioner invited me to join
his Fa study in the mornings, I was reluctant and thought, "We are old
practitioners (referring to the length of practicing).  We don't
need other people to supervise and urge Fa study on us."  When I
saw how serious and sincere he was, I found it embarrassing to reject
him.  I thought that at least it was a good thing to accompany a
practitioner in studying the Fa.  I thought that if I just moved
my Fa study at the other times to the mornings it would not affect me
too much.  Sometimes, I was so busy that I only slept for three
hours at night.  But I insisted on getting up in time to study Fa
with the fellow practitioner through the telephone or computer. 
We read one chapter of Zhuan Falun every day.

Unexpectedly, I found that the morning Fa study has greatly helped me
in cultivation.  I am more clear-headed in the mornings before
getting into daily matters and it helped my mind be more concentrated
without interference.  Before that, I had experienced for a long
time that I was unable to maintain a tranquil mind and was
absent-minded at group Fa study.

I have also seen many attachments in myself, such as being lazy in
cultivation.  I did not realize my laziness, because I was covered
by my attachments.  I was busier than anyone else and did not
spend much time on my personal matters.  I was too busy to eat,
but I was not hungry.  I grabbed any food that I could find to
fill my stomach when it was time to eat.  I did not think much
about myself.  I thought that being busy meant being diligent in
cultivation.  In my daily life of cultivation, when I came across
a chance where I was required to improve my xinxing
(character), I would subconsciously find an excuse to get away from
cultivating  my mind nature.  I thought I had been working
very hard to cultivate myself.  I became numb about my own

Not long ago, I was responsible for promoting Gala tickets for the
Christmas and the New Year shows.  I was in high spirits although
I only slept three or four hours every night.  My motivation came
from the pressure and responsibility for the promotion.  However,
the pressure was gone after the two galas were finished.  I did
not want to get up early in the morning.  Several times, I was
awakened by the alarm clock, but went back to sleep again.  In
recent two days, I suddenly realized that this was something I needed
to break through in my cultivation.  I was wondering why I was so
relaxed when there was no pressure on me.  This was because of my
attachment of seeking for comfort.  

I was happy to exchange opinions with those fellow practitioners who
had cooperated well with me in Dafa work.  However, I was
reluctant to communicate with those whom I believed to be less
diligent.  I did not show my perfunctory manner on my face, but
thought that I had achieved "tolerance" in terms of cultivation. 
Now I've realized that this is an attachment of "feelings."

I became indifferent to everyday people's fame and wealth and never
envied other people's success.   But recently, I scraped out
my feelings of unfairness when a fellow practitioner took charge of
some projects.  I did not believe he was capable enough to work on
these Dafa works.  I wondered why he was offered the task.  I
carefully looked into myself and found that it was the attachment of
jealousy that haunted me.  I was shocked when I clearly realized
the attachment.  I warned myself to immediately remove every
single bad idea when it appears.  

At the FA study the day before yesterday, I read a paragraph in the fourth chapter of Zhuan Falun
It says that when other people make trouble to us or treat us badly, we
must sincerely thank them.  I was touched when I read the
paragraph, which I had read many times.  Before that, I did not
think that I could make it.  Most of the time, my mind was
perturbed when it came across the chance to cultivate my xinxing
Only once or twice out of ten times was I not perturbed in mind. 
Even then, I never thought of thanking the person who had provided the
opportunity to improve my xinxing
When I read the paragraph this time, I laughed to myself that I was
very silly to be upset about the opportunity to improve my xinxing
I have four gains from the opportunity.  Once upon a time, other
fellow practitioners reminded me of the four gains, but I thought they
were boasting.  At that time, the realm of cultivation that I
achieved was not high enough to understand the Fa.  

I also found that a small progression in the realm of cultivation shows
little difference in the human space, but shows great difference in
cultivation.  This is the reason why we do not see much of the
good and well-cultivated sides of the fellow practitioners. 
Instead, we see more bad sides of the others.  I misunderstood it
as that it was me who had cultivated better than anyone else.  I
warn myself that at any time when I feel I am doing quite well, I
should urge myself to be more diligent in cultivating my xinxing.

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