Brush Off the Enshrouding Dust (Part 4): Further Understanding of the Vow


PureInsight | April 1, 2007

[] We often talk
about the word "Vow." Teacher has also reminded us many times in his Fa
lectures. What we are doing now is executing our previous vow: "You
resolved to save sentient beings, And assist Master as he journeys this
human world" (Hong Yin- the Grand Verses: Assisting the Fa) My personal
feeling is that Master wants to awaken our divine thoughts. He does not
wish us to become attached to the pre-historical vow itself.

In the far away pre-historical era, many gods were able to see the end
results that the universe will face in the future and they were very
much worried. Later on, when the Master God wanted to come down to
teach the Fa and rectify the Fa, they signed vows with Master God
promising to be Master's disciples when Dafa starts to be spread and
help Master to spread Dafa. They also promised to tell the truth and
eliminate evil during the Fa-rectification period and so on. At that
moment, the action touched all the gods in the universe and many of
them burst into tears.

However, do we ever realize at this moment that what we vowed at that
time was also the understanding of the old universe? Even though, at
that time, our thoughts and vows were pure and kind, can they reach the
standards of the new universe? What gods say is not the same as what
humans say since their simple words don't contain lots of details. For
example, when a god made the wish to save human beings during the
period of Dafa's being widely introduced, everything was arranged,
including how to live in the human world and how to save beings when it
is time to do so. But at that time the universe has already deviated
from Dafa, just like 16K or 18K gold is not 100% pure anymore. How can
they arrange their future without any impure notions?

Not a single being in the universe knows how Master is going to rectify
the Fa. No one can escape being rectified by the Fa. In addition, there
are influences and interference from the living beings who wish to have
a negative effect on the Fa rectification process. Therefore, a
complicated situation occurs. That is why some interference or even
damage appears among Dafa practitioners now and then.  If we don't
rectify all those factors based on the principles of the new universe,
the old forces and the remaining factors will have excuses: that's what
you said at that time and a god can not be irresponsible with his/her
words. If we can have a clear understanding of our "pre-historical
vows," then at least the evil will not be able to find the loopholes
from this aspect. So we will get less interference and be able to save
more people.

What I just said is maybe a little too vague and abstract. Let's take a
vivid and detailed example to illustrate my point. A very high level
god is extremely merciful ever since he was born. After a long period
of time, he suddenly realized that many deviant concepts or notions had
appeared in his world and his people also developed self-centered and
self-serving elements. When he looked down on the worlds below his
level, they had become even more impure. At this time, many gods at the
same level also found this phenomenon. So, together, they discussed how
to return the universe and living beings back to their original state.
Some gods said that they would like to come down to endure hardships in
order save people.  

During that period of time, some gods thought that there should be
negative factors because there are positive factors according to the
principle of synergy and antagonism. Only by doing this can the
successful accomplishment of the enormous project that determines the
life or death fate of the universe be ensured.

When Master went down through different levels, many of those gods came
down with him no matter whether they would have positive or negative
effects on the future events. They all wanted to "assist Master in
Fa-rectification." However, many gods arranged tests and interference
due to their deviant concepts and notions. For example, when a god
wanted to come down, many other gods would say: "Don't you have
compassion? Then you need to endure the worst hardships in the human
world to accomplish the task. Or you have to carefully test those
practitioners who cultivate firmly so that they can elevate their
levels rapidly. You will also reach consummation." Such comments went
on and on.

From Master's Fa lectures we know why Master agreed to some of these
arrangements made by the old forces. It is for those live beings who
came down to make the right cosmic relationship and not to miss Master.
Thus, many living beings arranged detailed events during the Fa
validation phase under the conditions of false understandings. Of
course during the process of coming down, especially entering the Three
Realms, it is very easy to commit karma. Thus life becomes even more
complicated (all kinds of mind karma, bent notions, and karma, and all
the good and bad relationships with beings at various levels and so
on). After they obtain the Fa in the human world, some cultivate very
diligently whereas other are less diligent. After the persecution
started, some encountered huge difficulties and were even beaten to
death. Some went to the opposite side and became "Judas." Some are very
diligent but have financial problems at home. Others are not so
diligent yet are never short of money. In addition to the differences
in everyone's karma and environment, the other factors also play a role
in these cases, don't they?  

Let us think about it calmly. In the Fa-rectification period, how many
Dafa disciples are needed to validate Fa and how much money is required
to clarify truth? Because a Dafa disciple was beaten to death and there
is a shortage of funds, how many sentient beings would lose the
opportunity of obtaining Dafa. Shouldn't we deny such an arrangement?
There ought to be suffering and hardship in cultivation. This is
arranged for converting the cultivator's karma and raising the xinxing
levels. But these cannot be excuses for the evil forces to use! Master
wants to save all beings! But what those gods want and the things they
arranged in history are for destroying some beings! Isn't it the
deviation of the old universe and an evil arrangement?   

The principles of the new universe are wiser and more powerful than
those of the old universe. In addition, the new universe is not built
on top of the old universe. It is created brand new, not rebuilt from
the old one. It is like a piece of clothing got old and you buy a new
one from a store made by a different manufacturer. It is not like
washing the old one and wearing it again. There is a fundamental
difference. Thus, during the period of harmonizing to the new universe,
we definitely can not accept the arrangements from our pre-historical
vows! We need to re-think and rectify what we said (no matter to whom)
from the surface to deep inside, completely, according to the
principles of the new universe.  

This article is like a sharing of understanding. But I think that I did
not go off the track of the main topic of this series. They all belong
to one main topic, but each article can have a different writing style
and flavor. It can't be all the same.

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