Thoughts about Life: Heaven Bestows Being Safe and Sound on Good People


PureInsight | April 16, 2007

[] As a saying
goes: "There's a constant threat of bolts from the blue sky and man's
fate is as uncertain as the weather." A person without faith will not
be protected by gods and will not know what kind of harmful event will
happen to him the next day. A well-off family that is often envied by
others may not be admired any more if illnesses or accidents happen to
them one after another. Many people will gain an advantage in the
present, thinking they are shrewd, deceive others by doing evil things,
or do things that cost others. But they will lose their sense of
security not knowing the unexpected disaster that will happen to them.
It is because Heaven will only protect good people and those who
believe in it. Being safe and sound is a blessing; it is the greatest
gift Heaven will bestow upon them.

People were honest and kind in the village where I lived when I was
little. Although they lived in poor circumstances, they made a clean
and honest living. Everyone was healthy and enjoyed longevity. They
died peacefully without suffering. When the economics improved later,
the morality of people started to slide downward. Various kinds of
contagious diseases and cancers started to torment many people such
that they would rather die than live. Decent people and cultivators are
open-minded and they honor Gods and Heaven. They do not pursue fame and
gain and comfortable material lives. Their spiritual lives are happy
and rewarding. They have benevolence in their hearts and belief that
the Gods will protect them. They have inner peace and have no illness
and tragedy.  

A peasant who lived in Nanshatan Village, Yuanshi County, Hebei
Province, had an esophageal tumor. He went everywhere seeking medical
help but didn't find any cure. His condition gradually worsened. He
couldn't swallow anything. He vomited blood and bled in his stool. His
whole family worried all the time as he got weaker. His wife looked
after him day and night and was tearful all day long. One day his
family obtained some truth-clarifying material about Falun Gong and he
became aware of the facts about Falun Gong being persecuted. He felt
agitated upon knowing the truth. He cherished an amulet he had received
from a Falun Gong practitioner and kept it in his pocket. When he
chatted with folks about Falun Gong, he would tell them not to believe
the propaganda from TV and newspapers. He told them that Chinese
Communist Party always uses the same means to persecute its citizens in
numerous political movements. He told them that Falun Gong
practitioners were good people. In a few days, his health improved and
could eat things and regained his weight. Doctors all said it was a
miracle. Because of his treating Falun Dafa kindly, gods bestowed
happiness and peace on him.

A twenty-some-year-old grain depot worker in Tonghua City, Liaoning
Province, for the last three years helped Falun Gong and his
sister-in-law, who was a Falun Gong practitioner. Once, while he was
putting the cover on a grain bin, he fell from the top of the bin,
which was over four meters above the ground.  Every one was
petrified. His father became unconscious when he saw what had happened.
When the father woke up, he saw his son wasn't harmed. Instead, his son
patted him and said "Dad, wake up. Nothing has happened to me!" The
father sat up and looked at his son and patted his son's shoulder. He
told others at the scene: "My son must have done something to
accumulate such great virtue that Heaven granted him safety."

I want to offer a bit of advice to people to not forget righteousness
and consciousness for a pittance of a profit, and to treat others
sincerely and kindly. One will be far from disaster. Money cannot buy
inner peace. Gods will protect good people; bad people will not escape
from Heaven's punishment.

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