Between Haves and Have Nots

Guo Weiyan

PureInsight | May 20, 2007

"The colossal firmament illuminated by the Fa's light." In this
universe, something may come from nothing.  It may look like
nothing and yet it may be something. It's so naturally formed.
Countless layers in the universe continue to exist through formation,
stasis, degeneration, and elimination to endless time. The lives in the
universe are too numerous. Human beings are very minute particles that
have descended to the maze of the Three Realms for reincarnation
lifetime after lifetime.

The secular world is a delusion.  Every life comes for Dafa. The
haves may be the have-nots and vice versa. Some people have a fortune,
live a good life in prosperity and are in misery and poverty
spiritually. Others have no interests in fame and wealth, yet are happy
and carefree. Some seem to be smart but, in reality, lack intelligence
and wisdom. In order to gain, one must lose. In losing, one has already
gained. Losses and gains are truly separated by only a thin line.

Actions may not be bad. Persistently searching for the essence of life,
the truth in the universe, cultivating steadfastly to return to our
true selves, and diligently doing the three things well are the best
actions and deeds. Cultivators emphasize non-action. However,
cultivators also apply extraordinary principles to measure matters of
actions.  Master said, "Have the desire to cultivate, without the
desire to obtain gong." Cultivation is a continuous process of letting
go of sentimentality, selfishness, fear, and attachments.

Every being has a different origin, oath, level, and path of
cultivation as well as realm of the cultivation. Thus, we have to take
the Fa as a guide, walk our paths, and strictly require ourselves to
improve our xinxing during cultivating.


The great way is miraculous and mysterious. As a result, human beings
in the maze have no way to know the principles. However, the great way
can also be simple and easy. The key is to firmly hold onto the
righteous system and learn it well. To experience, understand, and make
sure that your understanding and your xinxing
are improving consistently. Doing but without pursuit.  If we
follow the natural course to understand the truth of the universe, we
will gain without pursuing.

When we run into "trials," "tribulations," or "conflicts," we should
understand them from the principles of the Fa. With righteous thoughts
and firmly believing in Master and the Fa, we will correct our thoughts
and actions and solidly cultivate ourselves.

Be kind to others and think of others first. Be selfless,
compassionate, amicable, harmonious, and tolerant. Be kind to all lives
and save all sentient beings. Be calm, look inward, and purify
ourselves. We should act according to the requirements of cultivators
and the Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

Whether we are coordinators, assistants, and someone in charge or not
should not make any difference. We are all Dafa disciples. During the
tidal wave of Fa-rectification, we need to focus on how we study and
cultivate, walk well on our paths, assimilate to the whole body, and
elevate higher and higher.

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