Things Realized in the Maze: Do What You Want to Do

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | May 20, 2007

[] Several years ago, Mei Xiang had a very clear dream. This dream was so clear that it still comes to her mind.

She was tied up in a high garret. This garret looked like the place
described in the English novel "Old Antique Shop." It was an old, dark
and gloomy place. No one had lived in this place for a long time. Mei
Xiang was bound and hung up. But she did not feel any pain. She just
desperately wanted to escape from the fetters. By looking at the other
end of the street from the window, she saw a Falun Dafa parade. She was
burning with impatience when she saw the practitioners passing by. She
shouted out: "I want out. I want to join the parade." No one could hear
her. It seemed that there were sound blocking insulation which locked
her there firmly.

In reality, she always felt that she was tied up. There were many
things that she wanted to do. She had many good ideas for writing.
Somehow, the invisible wall blocked her so that she could not do it and
could not write it.

At the 2007 New York Fa Conference, Master's lecture resounded strongly
in her soul:  "Right now, one important thing that needs to be
attended to is the matter of how to save more sentient beings, and it
is something Dafa disciples are to accomplish during their current
process of achieving Consummation. This is Dafa disciples' mission, a
duty that cannot be shirked, something that they must do and must

Mei Xiang thought, Master has clearly told us what we should do. Why do we not do that? How bad his xinxing
is that he did not do anything when he saw someone was walking to his
death. Where should this person be put?  Mei Xiang felt that she
was not qualified to listen to Master's lecture. How could a person
with such low xinxing sits in
such a sacred place listening to the Lord of Buddhas' lecture? She
decided to break the "Sound Blocking Wall." It does not matter what it
is. It just cannot stop her from doing what she wants to do.

Mei Xiang had many things she wanted to do. The one thing that she
wanted to do most is to directly clarify the truth to people and to
save them. She could not remember that how many times that she did that
in her dreams. But in her waking life, there were all kinds of
obstacles stopping her from doing that. Lately, she just had contact
with her best friend in China. Mei Xiang did not know how to persuade
her friend to withdraw from Community Party.  She thought that,
since they had not talked to each other for many years, maybe they
should talk about the daily family stuff first. But, on the second
thought, she thought that it would waste too much time to spend a lot
of time chatting about the daily things. So she thought about it back
and forth without any action. One day, Mei Xiang suddenly
realized:  "If my friend can not be saved because of my obstacles,
how could I still live here?  Not even to mention following our
Master to return to heaven. She was deeply shaken by that thought.
Isn't saving people from fire or water a major compassionate behavior?
Why can I not tell her directly?"

Mei Xiang called her friend who told her that she was selling health
products.  Mei Xiang suddenly interrupted her and said: "I ask you
one thing. Do you know that a lot of people are withdrawing from the
Communist Party?"

She told me: "I know that. I always see the notices put up by the Falun
Gong practitioners on the streets. They talked about things such as
gaining safety after withdrawing from the Communist Party and that God
will destroy the Chinese Communist Party. Please tell me. Is Falun Gong
good or bad?"

Mei Xiang said:" Of cause, Falun Gong is good. Many people the around world practice Falun Gong."

"Why did the Falun Gong practitioners want to go to Tian An Men Square to set themselves on fire? "

Mei Xiang said" How could you did not even know that? The Tian An Men
Square immolation was just a setup.  They cheated people. Just
think about it. There are so many people around the world practicing
Falun Glong. Why is it only the Falun Gong practitioners from China who
set themselves on fire. If everyone wanted to self-immolate, why do so
many people come out to clarify the truth?"

"Oh, I understand it now. But I never joined the Communist Party. Don't
you think that is political? What's the use to join the party?

Mei Xiang said, "You are right. The evil Communist Party tries to get
all Chinese people involved in politics. It forced you to join the Hong
Xiao Bin, the Hong Weibin, the Communist Youth League, and the
Communist Party. If we withdraw from them today, we will break away
from the politics."

"But I am not part of it since a long time ago. A person my age has already withdrawn from it long time ago."

"That did not count. You have to go to a global website to declare that
you want to withdraw from the Communist Party. After that, you will get
a number.  On the day when the God punishes the Communist Party,
you can use that number and say: ‘you see, I have already broken away
from the communist party.' In this way you will be safe."

My friend was very happy when she heard that: "Please come up a fake
name for me and withdraw me from the Communist Party using that name.
That is great!"

The next day, Mei Xiang's friend's family also withdrew from the Communist Party.

Mei Xiang never thought that saving people's lives was so easy. Why do
I always think about the difficulty? That was an invisible obstacle set
by myself. As long as you determine to do what you want do, all
obstacles will be broken right away. It will be as simple as that.

Mei Xiang really wanted to tell those practitioners who use all kinds
of excuses to not come out to save lives. Please do not forgive
yourselves by using the excuses of being busy with some Dafa projects.
This is your responsibility to save those people who have a
predestinated relationship with you. No matter which kind of
spectacular work you did before, your xinxing will be at the level of
"seeing someone in mortal danger without lifting a finger to save him"
if you can not break through yourselves to save people. In fact, how
much time will it take you to make a phone call? I think that the real
reason is that you do not want to break through yourselves.

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