Cultivation Diary: The Miraculous Green Card

Chiao May

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] Today is
Master's birthday and it is also World Falun Dafa Day.  From the
bottom of my heart, I want to express my gratitude to Master. The best
celebration would be truly following Master's Fa diligently, but I have
not done well.

Today is also the anniversary of our family becoming permanent
residents in this country.  It was a miracle that happened three
years ago.

Like many immigrants, we wanted to live in a free country. As
cultivators, we can have freedom of belief here and will not be
imprisoned because of practicing cultivation.

My husband Yan spent a lot of time and effort and got all the paperwork
ready to apply for permanent residency   I am sure that
anyone who has gone through this knows how much effort that was. For
people with special education and skills, they need several strong
letters of recommendation.  After the papers are in order, the
lawyer then takes them to the immigration office.  What follows is
the long waiting.

Unfortunately, many people in similar situations have been rejected for
the same reason. The immigration office requires the university to
provide a letter indicating that the applicant has a permanent job. But
the university is not able to do that. Both the president and vice
president of the university stated that even their jobs are not
permanent and so they can not say that about other people's jobs.
Obviously, the immigration office is making an effort to limit
permanent residents. Knowing that, Yan lost most of his confidence with
only a tiny bit of hope left. Every day he went on the website and
checked the progress.  Soon, our lawyer notified us that since the
university was not willing to provide the letter, she was going
withdraw our application.  My husband was very depressed since
that was not any different from our application being denied. 
After that day, he no longer went on the website to check the progress.

During the second half of May, we were trying our best to forget about
the green card (permanent resident status).  One day, a Chinese
co-worker of Yan's suddenly had an impulse and insisted that my husband
go on the website to check the progress of our application for green
cards. My husband thought that was a joke because his co-worker knew
our situation well so he ignored his co-worker.  But this guy was
determined to have my husband get on the website or Yan could not have
his lunch break.  Well, my husband did it reluctantly and he found
his case. He could not believe his eyes that it was approved.  How
could this be possible?

Yan called our lawyer immediately and asked what kind of trick she
used.  She said that she did not know and we needed to ask God.
When she told the immigration office to withdraw our application, the
officer pulled out the file and said, "Such good talent! Why shouldn't
I approve his application?"  The difference of this one notion
changed our approval from "no" to "yes".  Now, let's see how this
notion got to this immigration officer. I think that we really need to
ask Heaven.

The news about us quickly spread among the Chinese community. Some
people speculated, "Why are they so lucky? Is that because gods are
protecting them? Perhaps, because they practice Falun Gong, they are

No matter what others said, when we looked at the date of approval, we
understood immediately.  That date was May 13, 2004, World Falun
Dafa Day.

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