Master Is Watching Over Us

Xiao Ming

PureInsight | June 10, 2007

[] We are
cultivating in the maze and we may look just like everyday people but,
in reality, we are different. Cultivators have their Master watching
over them, so many events look like coincidences. Many things have
happened to me that way.

One year, I tried to go home for the Chinese New Year.  Three of
us went to the train station and found out that all the tickets for the
next few days were sold out. We had no other choice but to stay with a
relative who lives there.

The following morning around 4:00 AM, I stood in a long line.  I
finally understood the saying, "Don't think that you are early, there
are more people earlier than you." Six hours later, I heard the
announcement that the tickets were sold out again.  I went back
and was quite depressed.  What was I supposed to do then? In two
more days, I needed to go back to work and a friend of mine, in
particular, would have several hundred yuan deducted from his salary
for missing a day of work.

My friend decided to buy airplane tickets, but the earliest tickets we
could get were for three days later. On our way to buy the airplane
tickets, we passed by a place that was selling train tickets.  I
went up and said that I would like to buy two tickets. I was so
surprised to find out that there were two tickets and they were even
tickets for the sleeping car. I paid 5 yuan extra for the
administration fee and everyone looked at me with an envious look in
their eyes.

It was a miracle! If I had gone there a minute earlier or later, I would not have gotten the tickets!

Did someone just return these two tickets? I wept: Master is watching over us! Master is right next to us!

Miracles like that have happened to me many times.  One year, our
company was in the red, so my salary was reduced to 50 % of the normal
amount. A friend of mine needed money to start his business, so I had
to repay him what I owed him. Since I had used the money to repay my
friend, I had very little left to pay the rent. I thought that I needed
to move to a place that cost less.  I went to the website and
found a room which was cheaper, better, and quieter than my old place.
I put down the deposit for the room. I also needed to tell the landlord
my plan.   The deposit for my place would not be returned
unless I could find another renter to take over.

I did not find anyone and days went by. It was almost the time that I
had to move out. If I could not find someone to rent my place, I also
had to pay the rent for the following month. I was in a real dilemma at
that time.

Two days before I moved, a couple came to look at my place over. 
They immediately agreed to rent my place.  I was so relieved that
I could get my deposit back!  I not only had money to pay the rent
for my new place but also saved money in the months to come. I was very
excited and felt that everything was arranged by the immortal beings.

Actually, it is Master who has been watching over us!

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