A Miracle that I Saw with My Own Eyes

PureInsight | June 7, 2007

A Miracle that I Saw with My Own Eyes

[PureInsight.org] The day when Master's speech "Fa Teaching at the 2007
New York Fa Conference" was published happened to be the same day as
our group sharing and Fa-study. Before the meeting, fellow practitioner
Xiaoshi told everyone: "Zhenzhen cannot hear anymore." We asked about
what happened. Xiaoshi said: "Zhenzhen had suffered from otitis media
before. Recently, it happened again. Her family told her to go to the
hospital and she went. She also had the medicines they prescribed for
her. But she still could not hear. The other day she came to tell me
about it, and I told her: ‘As a cultivator, you did not follow the
requirements. You cannot do whatever ordinary people tell you to do.
You should search within yourself.'"

Zhenzhen was also there, but she couldn't hear we were saying.
Throughout the Fa-study and sharing, we sent forth righteous thoughts
(SFRT) twice. Every time we SFRT, we helped her to clear her
dimensional field. The second time we SFRT, she felt in her ears there
were two forces that were expanding toward the outside from inside. Her
pain was relieved, but she still could not hear anything.

The next day, we continued studying. There were a total of twelve
fellow practitioners. We were studying Master's new speech "Fa Teaching
at the 2007 New York Fa Conference." When we began reading, Zhenzhen
shook her hands and said that she could not hear. So we let her read
and we listened.

She began reading it. As she read, tears fell from her eyes. We wanted
to alternate readers, but she insisted on reading it. Her tears kept
falling. Gradually she could hear sound. She said that Master was
cleaning it for her and all her sensory organs were opening up.
Gradually, she could hear and she was able to communicate with fellow

Zhenzhen said: "The reason for the interference was mainly that I was
not studying the Fa diligently. The other afternoon when I saw the
coordinator, I told him I wasn't going to go to the evening group Fa
study anymore. That same night I got the otitis media. I listened to
ordinary people. I went to hospital and took medicine. I forgot all
Master's words. Last night I was going to come, but my husband was like
‘what the heck?' So I decided on not going. I woke up around 3 PM and
thought that I wasn't going to go anywhere anyway, so I went back to
sleep. Then, at 4 PM, I heard someone tell me: ‘You should go. The
energy field there is very strong. You should go.' And, also, my ears
were hurting more and more."

Zhenzhen said it was Master who told her to come to the group Fa-study.
She realized that cultivation is a very serious matter. Zhenzhen
kowtowed to Master and said: "Thank you, Master, for saving me. Thanks,
fellow practitioners, for helping me."

In the afternoon, Zhenzhen's hearing was getting clearer and clearer.
She told us about her past experience: "During the Great Cultural
Revolution, tricked and poisoned by the evil Party, I instigated the
Red Army to carry the Buddha statues in the temples outside and burn
them. Thus I received mountains of bad karma. Before obtaining the Fa,
I had many diseases, such as Meniere's disease, otitis media and
hyperglycemia. Also my skin was very dark and rough. It looked like it
was full of fish scales. After I obtained the Fa, my skin turned much
nicer and the diseases were gone. But I didn't cultivate diligently. I
did not attach great importance to cultivation. I was still doing
things in my own ways and quite casually. This lesson taught me many
things. Master taught us to search within and I really need to search
within. In the past I was affected by atheism a lot, but through this
lesson, I'm getting a better understanding of the existence of divine

Master is so compassionate. He, again and again, gives disciples
another chance to do better. He protects us at every moment and in
every step in cultivation. It was because Master gave Zhenzhen another
chance that Zhenzhen was able to get out from under the interference.

Through this incident, we all deeply felt the power of the Fa.

"Disciples' righteous thoughts are strong

Master has the power to turn the tide."("Master-Disciple Grace" -- Hong Yin Vol. II (Translation Version B) ).

At the same time, we realized that there are still many people who have
been tricked and poisoned by the evil Party. It is very urgent to
clarify the truth to them and urge these people to quit the CCP. We
will stick to the cultivating path and cultivating environment that
Master created for us and be diligent in studying the Fa and complete
cultivation in this environment. When there are hardships, we will
resolve them together. When someone is lost, we will SFRT together. We
will use the Fa as our guidance and frequently remind each other that
every thought of ours must be on the Fa. We will truly cultivate

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/5/27/44106.html

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