Miracles During the Guiyang Fa Teaching Class

A Dafa Practitioner in Guiyang

PureInsight | June 7, 2007

[PureInsight.org] On August 15,
1993, a Falun Gong class was held in the auditorium of a city hall in
Guizhou Province.  Someone I grew up with informed me about the
class.  He told me, "The unique thing about this gong is a Falun
rotating in your abdomen around the clock and it will be the gong
cultivates the practitioners. In this way, one cultivates very fast." I
was really happy and immediately registered to attend the class. I
thought, "This class is great because I don't really have that much
time to practice."

I saw Master in the class the first day. Master looked
twenty-something, young and handsome, and was candid and easy to
understand.  After the first lecture, Master adjusted our bodies
while veteran practitioners taught us the exercises. I had injured my
right foot two months earlier and had been limping and could not raise
my left arm over my head due to arthritis. I saw Master grab something
and my right foot healed immediately and I was able to lift my left arm
over my head. I was very excited. I had learned many other qigongs
before but none had helped me. I thought that this qigong Master was
exceptional and I should practice this gong.

Just like it states in Zhuan Falun,
"From today on, some people will feel chilly all over their bodies as
though they suffer heavy cold, and their bones may ache as well," the
following day I had high fever and pain all through my joins. However,
I felt pretty good and worked as usual. Before I left for work, I
decided that, no matter what happened, I needed to attend the lecture
that night. During the lecture, my fever disappeared.

In the beginning, I did not understand everything that was being
taught, but I understood why people got sick, had tribulations, and
should pay attention to virtue and do good deeds. After attending ten
lectures, I felt light and energetic.  My arthritis, chronic
stomach problems, low blood pressure, chronic pharyngitis, chronic
prostate problems, and other problems all disappeared. What a wonderful
feeling it was to be disease-free!

At that time, there were six of us from the same unit attending the
class. One of us had a walnut-size tumor, but the tumor was gone after
a few lectures. Another levitated at night while sleeping along with
the quilt. When he woke up, he thought that he needed to come down and
he came back down. He was very excited about that experience.

The last day of the class, Master had his picture taken with all of us.
Group after group had its picture taken with Master under the sun in
the afternoon. After the picture session was over, it was late and
Master started to answer questions for us and did not even have
supper.  Immediately after the question and answer session, we
started our sharing.

There was one couple in our class.  The husband was a retired
professor and suffered from hemiparesis and had to lean against his
clutches while he listened to the lectures. The wife could not raise
her arms due to severe arthritis. After Master adjusted our bodies on
the first day, the husband threw his crutches away and the wife could
move her arms. Both of them walked around on the stage and shouted,
"Long live Master Li!"

During the eight-day class, we did not want to leave after the lecture
every day. We just wanted to linger for a little longer by Master's

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/6/2/44190.html

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