The Path of Life (5): Trials and Hardships

Qi Zhiping

PureInsight | June 3, 2007

[] Dafa teaches us
that the principle of mutual generation and mutual inhibition belongs
to the old universe.  If we cultivators want to cultivate to
achieve righteous attainment we must experience trials and hardships. A
magnificent being always acts with righteous thoughts and will not
permit other elements to exert an influence. The reverse is also true:
if other forces can affect a being, this being will no longer be
considered  magnificent.

We Dafa disciples, however, are noble beings that Dafa has created. No
matter how severe the trials and hardships are, we always have
righteous thoughts and act righteously.  Interferences from other
factors should not be an excuse for us to do poorly.

Dafa, the magnificent! Only a being you have created can have such a strong will and unassailable faith.

From the beginning of the persecution to the present I have been
arrested, detained, been under house arrest, threatened, harassed, had
my house ransacked, and was fired from my job. Everything and anything
that the evildoers could think of has been tried. However, what are the
results?  Their deeds endowed me with mighty virtue and wisdom,
and nothing else.

I had initially thought of negotiating with the evildoers because of my
concern for comfort, but I did not feel quite right about that. Deep
down inside I knew that I was not only fooling others but also myself.
I have never wavered, and my belief was firm. I did not change my mind,
no matter how many lies I heard, and I have never had any doubts about
Dafa. I have been very clear-headed in regards to Dafa which is so
deeply rooted within me that nothing could change my mind.

When I must choose between survival and justice, I can choose justice
without hesitation. When I face losses and gains, I can choose to be
selfless without a trace of doubt. That would have been impossible for
me in the past. A being can really become so pure and so noble!

I believe the evildoers did their deeds from ignorance. I want to do my
best and clarify the truth to them. Even though they usually returned
kindness with evil, I did not really care. I just wanted to do what I
should. After learning the truth, many have eased up or even stopped
the persecution completely. The purpose of the evil [in other
dimensions] is to push them onto the path of destruction by crimes of
their own doing. If they will not learn the truth, what horrible
futures will they face?

The misunderstandings of my relatives worried me, but I already knew
that I should treat them with compassion and explain the truth to them,
just like any of the other countless beings. Some accepted the truth
and some did not. Over time, they, too, slowly came awake.

I chose to be kind to those who harbored hatred toward Dafa because
they have been deceived and their minds poisoned.  Their hatred
resulted from ignorance and not from their own minds.  Actually,
they are the most pitiful; if they do not wake up fast, their evil
thoughts will prevent them from being saved.

While I was in prison under the most severe persecution, my mind was
the broadest. Sometimes I felt I could no longer stand the hardships on
the cultivation path and, at times, I made mistakes and almost wanted
to negotiate with the evildoers. I was mentally quite clear and
constantly thought how to tell the truth to people. Even the inmates
accepted Dafa and, of course, cultivators did not treat them any
different from other ordinary people.  I have tried many different
ways to tell the inmates the truth. Many of them could tell from my
words and actions that Falun Gong is good. I know they have chosen a
bright future for themselves.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross there were two thieves by his
sides. One of them laughed at him, but the other was sympathetic. Jesus
said, “Today you will be with me in paradise." That is the difference
between good and evil thoughts.

Dafa is invincible. After many years of being behind bars I have not
changed one iota of my belief. How could the persecution harm me
physically and mentally?  There is no way, because I am a
cultivator. If I were not a cultivator I would have suffered from
various ailments and become very depressed; instead I have become more
mature. I recall the universe's principles of opposition. The odd thing
is that the evildoers do not know of that principle. As a result, their
choices of unintentionally persecuting Dafa disciples become their path
to hell. They did not have to make such a choice. Dafa has bestowed
numerous bright paths on countless beings. What a pity they did not
even pick one.

During the time of my most severe persecution I recited the Fa
continuously and practiced being kind and considerate toward others. My
mind has broadened because of those years.  As a result, time went
by quickly and several years were like one day.

Others admired me for that, including the guards.  I wrote a couplet* to express myself:

My physical body confined in a tiny cell,

The vast universe contained in my broad mind.

Because my mind was open and broad I had the appearance of good
physical health, a rosy complexion and high energy. The only mark the
persecution left is my gray hair. I have walked the journey of trials
and hardships and have turned out better instead of worse. I harbor no
resentment  for being persecuted and the path I walk on is

What have those trials and hardships left me with?  It is like a
dream, but Dafa has become more and more deeply ingrained in my
mind.  Is there anything everlasting? Yes, there is: my firm
belief in Dafa.

* A couplet is a form of Chinese poetry in which the characters in two
lines, long or short, have the same length, parallel form, and
harmoniously connect together, to present a clear image.

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