Path of Life Series (4): Compassionately Facing Fury and Violence

Qi Zhiping

PureInsight | June 7, 2007

[] As an
intellectual who has deep a understanding of the concepts and history
of the evil CCP, since beginning the practice of Dafa, I felt that this
regime wouldn't be able to tolerate the existence and growth of the
"Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" group. Falun Dafa is the
truth in the universe. It is so broad and deep, and so wonderful that,
of course, it is totally incompatible with that most absurd theory,
"Marxism." Also, this evil party is most narrow-minded and will never
tolerate other theories and groups that are different from it or who
don't worship it. In all of the history of this world, it is indeed
very difficult to find anything that is more narrow-minded than it.

But I never feared. I just kept thinking deeply in my heart: "How will
the evil CCP face Dafa eventually? It has to face Dafa at some point."
I felt that, one day, it would have to make its stand public.

In 1996, Guangming Daily
published articles and slandered Falun Dafa as "pseudoscience." It
attempted to promote the persecution and suppression of Dafa. But,
because of fellow practitioners' efforts in rationally clarifying the
truth, the incident got mostly quieted down. At least the evil force
temporarily hid its machinations.

In 1997 and 1998, the evil regime was interfering with Dafa more and
more. As a practitioner, of course I sensed the pressure. But we were
all thinking: "Falun Dafa is so wonderful. Who can do anything to it
and who would dare to do anything to it?"

In April of 1999, Mu Jun, who introduced Dafa to me, called me and said
that there had been an incident in Tianjin City where Dafa was
violently persecuted and many people wanted to go to Beijing to clarify
the truth. He asked me whether I wanted to go. He was not very clear.

I was still thinking about it when, in two or three days, I heard about the peaceful appeal in Beijing on "April 25th."
My feeling then was that the evil Party's force was getting more and
more intolerant of the existence of the "Truthfulness, Compassion and
Forbearance" group.

On June 19th, the evil party's State Appeals Office published a report
to deceive the people of the world. They declared that they didn't
oppose anyone's practicing any form of qi gong, but they "wouldn't
allow any people with ulterior motives to use qi gong to interrupt the
stability and unity of the society" and also many other things like
this. As someone who knew the evil Party's unscrupulous nature very
well, from this report that is full of "analysis of classes" and
"distinguishing the two conflicts with different types of nature," I
could tell that it was preparing to act. This report was for supporting
the later suppression with a theoretical prelude.

When it got to July, the situation seemed to be getting worse and
rumors were everywhere. But we were still thinking that no one would
want to commit the biggest crime in the universe by suppressing Dafa,
because it is the truth of the universe. It is the best and its
practitioners are the best people in the society.

Despite all the rumors, we still held a Fa-conference according to the
normal ways of Dafa. In the process, some plainclothesmen from related
branches of officialdom came. Some declared their identities and
investigated us openly. Of course there weren't any issues. Thinking
back on the Fa-conference, we are all very proud that we held it
successfully. It was the last public Fa-conference in our region. What
a memory! We will continue working hard and, in the future, in this
miraculous land, we will definitely hold Fa-conferences of Dafa with
dignity. That day will come.


On July 20th, 1999, we heard that the evil Party had begun to arrest
practitioners. Around 3 PM on the 22nd, a fellow practitioner told me
that the CCTV was playing its proclamation of suppressing Dafa. When I
turned on the television and saw it was indeed on the television, I
still could not believe what was happening. Although I was mentally
prepared, but knowing Falun Dafa is so wonderful, I just couldn't
believe there existed such evil, irrational, and ignorant people in the

I watched the slanderous broadcasts on the television but I was not
moved by it at all. I was fully aware that in order to oppose an
individual or a group, this evil Party is willing to make up anything.
Liu Shaoqi worked so hard for the evil Party for several decades. He
made great contributions to it and was also a very careful person. He
was all the way up to the second highest position in leading Communist
China and was the PRC's chairman. However, after one night, he suddenly
became a "blackleg, spy and traitor" that was "hidden in the party!"
Don't they praise "Chairman Mao" as someone who was "forever and always
wise, great and correct?" Then how come he totally lacked the ability
to know another person's character? He couldn't even notice a "traitor"
that had been hidden for decades, and he put the "traitor" in such a
high position? I felt that the evil Party is filled with totally
irrational people - really, the most full-of-nonsense-type people. For
people who have even a little sense will not say the kind of things
that oppose their own words. At the same time, the evil Party is most
shameless. It dares to say anything and it never feels shame. When it
says something, it is like some wind blows away and it is gone. It does
not accept any responsibility for what it says. Weren't those
nonsensical words said by the evil Party? But which Party member feels
ashamed of them today? Now, in order to persecute Falun Gong, it is
also making reckless lies. If the evil Party still exists in future
years, it will not feel shame about these lies it said.

What I couldn't really understand at the time was: how could the
sentient beings, who were created by Dafa, oppose Dafa? Can't the
characteristic of the universe - "Truthfulness, Compassion and
Forbearance" control and govern them?

So I thought: "Perhaps they just don't know the truth about Falun Gong.
They don't know how wonderful Falun Gong is. That's why they are
suppressing it. If they knew that Falun Dafa is the truth of the
universe and is the hope for all sentient beings, then they wouldn't
treat Dafa like this. Master taught us that cultivators must search
within when we encounter things and look for shortcomings in ourselves.
Maybe we still have gaps that caused this disaster. Master also taught
us to love our enemies. Disciples of 'Truthfulness, Compassion and
Forbearance' will not ever hate or complain and will always be
compassionate to everyone." Thus, in response to the evil Party's
violent persecution, I never hated them. I really never hated them. I
just kept thinking in my heart that they were doing this only because
they didn't know. If they knew that what they will face is going to
hell for their retribution, then they wouldn't dare to do these things,
even if they were threatened to be beaten to death otherwise.

Sometimes I just simply cannot believe it. How can there be such
foolish people in the world? They are foolish, first, in the sense that
they are choosing the most horrible futures for themselves. Second,
they are foolish because none of the persecution methods they've been
using can be effective - using those experiences the evil Party had
accumulated over the years to treat Dafa practitioners - how absurd!
Those things would for sure be effective to use against ordinary
people's groups who care about benefits. Thus the evil Party was used
to going against freedom movements and international forces of human
rights groups, and had "won the victories" again and again. But this
time, from the beginning, it was doomed to fail.

Sometimes I also feel a kind of anger in my heart. How can there be
such bad beings in the universe? How can they be so bad? At those
times, I really want to destroy all this persecution system with one
hit of my fist. But no matter what, no matter how crazy and violent
they are, I've always followed "truthfulness, compassion and
forbearance" and been one who "… always has a heart of compassion. With
no discontentment or hatred, taking hardship as joy" ("Realm" from Essentials for Further Advancement).
Thinking back on everything, I don't feel regret toward Master, Dafa,
the people in the world or the sentient beings. Because no matter what
kinds of unfair treatment I encountered, I've always loved everyone. I
feel no regret for the path I've taken.

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