A Spontaneous Healing

Carol Bowman

PureInsight | July 1, 2007

[The Epoch Times] In 1999, when
I was lecturing on children's past life memories at the Edgar Cayce
Foundation in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a mother tearfully recounted
her son's story. 

After hearing me speak of similar cases, she was convinced that her son
Edward's congenital health problem was healed when he remembered his
past life.

As a baby, Edward always had trouble swallowing. When he learned to
talk, he would point to his throat and complain, "My shot hurts, my
shot hurts!" His parents assumed that he was comparing the pain in his
throat to that of a shot in the arm - probably the only other
physically painful sensation he knew. 

At age three, his parents were alarmed when they noticed a large growth
in his throat. The specialist told them that Edward had a thyroglossal
duct cyst - a congenital abnormality - which had to be removed as soon
as possible. So they scheduled him for surgery.

The surgeon first required Edward to have a tonsillectomy, and then he
was to return for another surgery to remove the tumor a few weeks
later. But, after the tonsillectomy, young Edward informed his parents
that he didn't need the other operation because his shot was gone. They
assumed their son was a little delirious from the surgery and the
anesthesia, so they let him babble on. 

Then, his uttering became even stranger:  Edward told them that
when he was big before, he had been a soldier in France named James. He
said that he had really been too young to fight - he was only eighteen
- (a strange comment for a child, now four-year-old!) - and that he had
been cold, hungry, and lonely.

One cold and rainy day, while he and his soldier buddies were trudging
through the mud, a shot hit him from behind and lodged in his throat.
Four-year-old Edward then gave his physician-father an accurate
clinical description of what it is like to die with a bullet wound in
the throat.

He repeated his story over the next few days. Edward's parents were
baffled by the realism of his story. And they were shocked to find that
within a few days the tumor had completely disappeared.  

Edward's surgeon was most surprised by the spontaneous remission of the
tumor, and fully expected it to return. For more than ten years,
though, it hasn't. 

Source: Carol Bowman's book, Return from Heaven, HarperCollins, 2001, reprinted with permission.

Ms. Bowman is a past-life therapist. Her first book, Children's Past Lives was published by Bantam Books in 1997.

Editor's Note: Carol Bowman is one of
a growing group of past life therapist, who believe that therapy should
include all of the patient's lifetimes. Awareness of these traumas,
especially the trauma of death, can help heal a person's psychological
and physical problems.

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