What I Saw and Realized from Attending the DC Sharing Conference

A North America Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | August 6, 2007

[PureInsight.org] During the
rally supporting quitting the CCP on Friday, I found several clouds
floating in the blue sky, when I looked up casually. The one in the
middle was multicolored. It was the first time I have seen such a
beautiful and colorful cloud. I thus told fellow practitioners around
me to take a look. Every one was amazed. I thought that it could be
gods were with us.

When Master was giving lecture on Sunday, I anxiously wanted to
remember every word Master said. All of a suddenly, I understood many
Fa principles. In the mean time, many of my human notions have

Master told us clearly the importance of saving sentient beings.
Although clarifying the truth to the local communities is important for
the overseas practitioners, but we shouldn't overlook saving Chinese
people, especially those in Mainland China, as they are being poisoned
most deeply by the Chinese Community Party (CCP). Besides working on
our regular projects, overseas Dafa practitioners should spend at least
half an hour each day calling China to clarify the truth to them. We
can also use fax or the Internet to clarify the truth. Actually, doing
these things will not interfere with us doing regular projects. We can
just make one or two phone calls when we are busy. We can make more
phone calls when we are not busy. The crux of the matter is that we
recognize the importance of saving sentient being in our minds and
activate our minds to do it. We can then make a breakthrough to having
more than just thirty to forty thousand people quitting the CCP. If we,
as a whole, do not recognize the urgency of saving sentient beings,
there won't be any major change.

Master has mentioned many times that the success of Fa rectification is
unstoppable. I do  understand, being a Dafa practitioner, that
whether we persist with determination or not, the Fa-rectification will
definitely succeed. But that is not to say that we do not cultivate
diligently. On the contrary, because the success of Fa rectification is
unstoppable, doing the three things are not for Master or for Dafa.
Instead, they are for us. In other words, a Dafa practitioner who still
does not step forward, or still holds onto human notions and does not
cultivate diligently, will only be hurting themselves in the end. For
an ordinary person, whether he or she is willing to be saved depends on
him or her self. Whether a Dafa practitioner can reach consummation
also depends on him or her self.

A few months ago, I got up at five o'clock every morning. After I
finished doing five sets of exercises, I would memorize the Fa for one
hour. But after a while, I often felt tired. I had some doubt in my
mind: Was my condition not so good? Should I just get up at six? Master
had thus arranged for me to meet several fellow practitioners when I
went to DC to attend the sharing conference. I met a practitioner from
Germany in the airport. He told me he used to sleep 7 - 8 hours but,
because of working on projects like technical support for phone calls
and making phone calls to clarify the truth, he started sleeping only 3
- 4 hours and, subsequently, he was afflicted with inflammation of the
tonsils and discharge of bodily fluids. He didn't pay attention to it
and continued to study the Fa, do the exercises and the three things.
The symptom persisted for one month and disappeared. He sleeps very
little but feels energetic. We need to keep our righteous thoughts to
deal with these symptoms or during a bad situation. We cannot use
everyday people's mindset to think. Persistence in cultivation
shouldn't be a burden for a cultivator. Instead, a cultivator should
feel at ease with himself.

I want to disclose my one bad thought: I am hoping that
Fa-rectification arrives soon, because many Dafa practitioners in China
are being severely persecuted. On the other hand, I hope that
Fa-Rectification does not come too soon, because I still have many
attachments, not to mention that I can't even sit in the full lotus
position. How wrong is the thought! After listening to Master's
lecture, I have come to understand that only through diligent
cultivation and doing the three things well can I reach the standard.
Otherwise, it's still useless even if I am given ten more years to
cultivate. It is because we are cultivating our minds. If we think that
we can reach consummation only through casual cultivation, then we'll
never get there. Because we will be slack and concur in our minds that
we can be cultivating not so diligently. Cultivating diligently is our
only way.

My wife also pointed out a wrong concept in me during the trip. She
wanted to do exercises in the hotel's lobby. But I told her: "Don't do
that. People will feel so strange if they saw us." My wife told me
later: "We only do our exercises quietly. What is the difference from
reading there? We are not affecting other people." I thought: How can I
introduce Falun Dafa to others if my mind is not righteous? We need to
see clearly and solemnly what is the source of our thinking. There
won't be righteous acts if there are no righteous thoughts.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/7/28/45019.html

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